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Ruined(Eternal Monarch)

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An orphan raised by the omegas of the pack, her mate got her pregnant and started to abuse her until she lost her wolf and became mute. Her mate took a chosen luna and left because she couldn’t shift into a wolf. After she had lost everything, they threw her back out on the streets. The streets were where she came from in the first place. However, when Juno leaves the pack, she curses her mate. Will the moon goddess have mercy on her? What would happen if her true identity was discovered? What course of action will she take when she discovers that the person she believed to be her mate is not, in fact, her mate? When the king discovers that Juno is mute, will he still accept her as his mate? And what about when he discovers she has given birth to a child by someone else? What will happen when Alex finds out that Juno’s curse lived? Will he go looking for his luna or will he remain childless with his chosen mate? What will Alex do when he finds out that Juno is now the queen of all supernaturals? Will Alex Fight the King to win his Luna back or will he meet his death before he can even try? Find out more on this twisted fate story

Chapter 1

Author’s note:

Ruined (Eternal Monarch) contains details about the following subjects:

Abuse, loss, trauma, suicide, and recovery from trauma and emotional relapse.

If you are easily triggered by any of the following subjects, do not read ahead for your mental health.

Throughout the novel, there are a lot of strong languages.

If you are not comfortable with all the foregoing, please do not enter.

This is not a novel for the faint of heart.

There are numerous triggers in the book.

Those of you who have decided to read the book:

This book is full of emotions, yet it ends on a positive note.

You’re going to cry.

You will be enraged.

You will sympathize.

You will hate

Finally, you will be at ease knowing that everything will fall into place. As you read, keep in mind that no condition is permanent.

I hope you’ll stick around until the end to see how Juno discovers who she is after years of torment at the hands of her mate, or rather, of the man she thought was her true destined mate.

~Juno’s POV~

Much like every other day at the boarding school, the sun shone brilliantly, and the sky was a brilliant blue. It seemed as though the water had awakened from its sleep. And put in a high new abode before being shrouded with the appropriate quantity of clouds. There was a gentle breeze in the air that kissed my face every now and again, causing my long black hair to drift as the wind blew. It was time to go home. Home, a place that never felt like home. I got behind the wheel and drove to a place that was my home, yet it didn’t feel like one. While staring at the vehicle in front of me, I brushed my hair back out of frustration. The driver was moving at a snail’s pace. I sighed and brushed it off. Turn on the radio and listen to some music. It’s been great having some wolf instincts. I can now hear and see things from a distance. Though I haven’t transformed yet, I have discovered that I am not human, which is a plus in my book. I left the pack because I was human and was never treated like I belonged there. The pack taunted me for not being powerful. I was assigned to learn about and live among humans. I haven’t shifted. I’m not sure whether I’m a wolf, but my parents think I am. The vehicle in front of me remained still. I waited for him to move, but the person did not move. I poked my head out the vehicle window once again. I closed my eyes as I felt the air. I could feel my hair bouncing as a result of its contact. I sat in my vehicle, staring at the vehicle in front of me until it moved. I grinned as I looked ahead at the road.

F*ck*ng traffic!

I drove until I arrived at the pack. It was already nine o’clock at night. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing my parents, but they told me about the moonball at the castle. It was just me and myself. I took my luggage inside one by one. I despise the thought that I will be stuck here forever now. Werewolves are cruel creatures. They are all about rankings, while people aren’t concerned with how much money you have in your bank account. I carefully drew the curtain aside from the window and glanced out onto the street. The moonlight had obliterated the solitary side path. My breath froze the glass in front of me as I breathed deeply. I wiped it with my hands to improve my vision so I could look farther. Then I saw them, golden eyes gleaming in the darkness. I opened the window to have a better view. Then I heard my wolf, whom I had just acquired today, yell “Mate!” As of today, I could always feel and see things from afar, yet my wolf never spoke to me. And here she is, our very first communication.


I chuckled at the notion of how amazing my pathetic life was. I was once human, but now I’m a wolf, or whatever the heck I am, as I can’t even shift. Isn’t it customary for her to introduce herself to me? Whatever the case was, I gazed at the wolf. I can’t tell what color it is, but I can see its eyes, which are golden. When I closed my eyes and utilized my so-called wolf focus and vision, I saw a large gray wolf with gorgeous yellow eyes. From his vantage point, I suppose he can see my eyeballs gleaming. Then I saw him striding away with authority.

Who is he? Is it okay if I keep my window open? Juno, what are you thinking?

I slammed the window shut immediately. I swear I had a crush on that beast. I wanted him to come back to me or us since I have a wolf. Maybe coming back here wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Why am I so wet, and why are my breasts so resolute? What’s the matter with me? Why is my body behaving in this manner? What kind of wolf was he? Did I just glimpse him with my wolf? What was I thinking? Was it really crucial?

I strolled back and forth in my room, trying to make sense of what was happening to me. I finally went to my bed, which was still pink and filled with the teddy bears I used to use before I left the pack. Everything stayed unchanged. When I went into the closet, I found some of my old clothes. I giggled at the possibility of seeing some little clothes that no longer fit. I grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom to shower. I went to bed after taking a shower. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I fell asleep in bed. I dozed off without wasting another second. However, an hour later, I woke up. Sleep was eluding me. After seeing my mate, I couldn’t sleep.

Is he truly my mate? He must be. After all, what was the cause of the fluid that escaped from my s*x?

I tossed and turned my bedsheets on the bed I was going to sleep in for the rest of my life from now on. Sleep refused to come to me. I shifted to the right side of the bed, most likely as a result of my thoughts about the golden-eyed wolf. I focused my attention on the alarm clock. It’s midnight. I shifted to my right side in the hopes of getting some sleep once again. I moaned as I was unable to sleep, no matter what I tried. I got out of bed and walked back to the window, expecting to see the yellow-eyed wolf, but there was no one there. I was standing there, unable to sleep, frozen in one spot. Where is my wolf? He didn’t come back. I then went back to bed. It was already morning when I eventually fell asleep.

“Wake up, Juno.” Someone was calling my name. I gradually opened my eyes and realized it was my mother. I scented her and leaped at the chance to embrace her.


“John, she’s awake.” My father raced inside, and we hugged.

“I cooked your favorite breakfast.” I raced into the bathroom, wiped my eyes, washed my hands, and brushed my teeth, then went downstairs. The table was already ready for breakfast, so I sat down. My mother stepped in just as I was about to serve myself.

“There’s a moonball in the palace today, so eat something light and get dressed.” I went out and bought you a dress while you were sleeping. I sighed as I gazed at the cooked bird. I gave her a puppy look, but she didn’t budge. After that, I ate some toasted bread.

“Mom, why is there a roasted turkey on the table? Is it to lure me into going to the so-called moonball?”

I’m a turkey-eating monster. She just stared at me. I considered skipping the ball, but I knew my mother would drag me there herself. I left the table and went back up to my room. I grin as I examine the gown my mother has bought for me.

Is this woman planning on having grandchildren soon?

That thought made me smile. I went inside to take a shower. I sat down and put on makeup. I changed into the gown my mother bought for me. I stared at myself in the mirror. Then I heard a faint voice, the same one I heard the night before.

“You look wonderful, Juno.” I had a quick glance around. I was certain I was going insane, but then remembered that I had gained my wolf, or whatever that was. Should I ask her what her name is? I brushed it off and headed downstairs. When my parents saw me, they both smiled.

“You look lovely, sweetie,” my father murmured.

“Can I ask you guys a question?”

“Yes, sweetie, go ahead.”

“When I arrived yesterday, I heard a voice speaking to me for the first time. She screamed, 'Mate!' I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes outside my window.” My mother and father exchanged a grin. I continued,

“Then, just today, when I was putting on make-up, she complimented me on my beauty. I’m assuming she’s my wolf, but why doesn’t she introduce herself? When we spotted the yellow-eyed wolf last night, she made my eyes glitter, but I still don’t know what her name is.” My father sat me down.

“Every wolf has a name, yet some individuals are given wolves who do not have names. I think your wolf doesn’t have a name. The first thing your wolf does when you gain it is to introduce itself to you. And they tell you what their name is. If they don’t give you their names, it’s likely that your wolf doesn’t know either. You should name your wolf; if she doesn’t have one, I’d suggest asking her and then naming her if she doesn’t have one. There are scenarios where only your mate knows your wolf’s name, but that was for the queen and King of the supernatural, but legend has it that the King never gave his Reina her name when she passed on.”


“Yes, our king is a Lycan, powerful, and some say he is a god. Legends say that he cannot be killed, and he is also more than just a Lycan. No one knows how true that story is.” The story made me cry, especially the part where the queen died before he could name her. Why do I feel like I somehow know this story, but where did I hear it? My father continued, “Now go to the ball. Maybe you’ll run into your mate again.”

That story made me emotional, it was as if the story was about me.

Chapter 2

~Juno’s POV~

I dragged my a$$ to my truck, knowing that anything might happen today, even the rejection of the golden-eyed wolf.

‘No, he will not; he desires us.’

"How do you know that?"

‘Last night, he followed us home. He was probably expecting us to show up at the ball today. We look stunning. He could not possibly reject us.’

"You’re exuding confidence right now."

‘Juno, we are stunning. He can’t stand up to us.’

My wolf’s statements made me chuckle. In my brain, she was like a lecturer. It makes me think of the obvious.

"How come you didn’t give me your name?"

‘Because I don’t have a name. ’

"Would you want me to give you a name?"

‘As soon as we meet our soulmate, we’ll have a name. Only our mate knows what we’re called. He is the only one who knows our name, just as his wolf does not know his. He’s waiting for us to name his wolf.’

"What if


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