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Rise Of The Phoenix Queen

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A devil should be punished for his every crime before he repents. Freedom to some people is the ability to skirt through opportunities. To some, it was the ability to live over the hedge and confines but to Rachelle, Freedom was the ability to breathe—a chance to live! He's an Alpha. She's a Rogue or something more than that. One can't be too sure with figures from the past and some little spirits who wouldn't let her go. One thing is certain for Rachelle; things are about to get real messy and she is well set for it—for behold, a new dawn had come and it is set for the rise of a phoenix Queen!

Chapter 1

Rachelle’s POV

It was one thing to be abandoned at birth by your biological parents who think you won’t be a great addition to their family, and it was another to be dumped at a pack-house where they don’t know your parents. I had so many questions I wanted to ask my parents when we eventually met; I wanted to ask why they hated me, why they didn’t abort me when they found out they were having a child, and mostly why I was dumped in a pack where the occupants don’t care about anything other than themselves? They could have left me in the bush and left me to die, and we would all be at peace.

My name is Rachelle, and this is my story. I was dumped at birth by my parents, who don’t belong to this pack, and then Alpha handed me over to the Monastery, and I was being taken care of. I was an altar girl, and not too many people attended the church here because the majority of the nuns were humans. They believe in something different other than the moon goddess, part of what made them hate me more. When I turned fourteen in the monastery, the Alpha granted us permission to attend schools with other pups in the pack. This new development didn’t sit well with most wolves, but there was nothing they could do about that. At least we didn’t get pushed around and bullied. We were fourteen girls from the monastery, all dumped at birth, and there’s always a short rosary around our neck, and the nuns would tell us to pray to the holy Mary.

When I turned sixteen, the alpha got killed in a battle against another pack and our future changed. The alpha bloodline was angry with us because our God couldn’t save the alpha despite him being nice. We were converted into omegas, and the new alpha sent us to the omegas quarters. The nuns were ordered to leave the pack, but they couldn’t go with us. We were twelve in total and we had to join other existing omegas. That was when our woes started. I didn’t want a life like this but we had no choice.

The bullying started but the new alpha didn’t care, his son was the leader of those bullies. We would get bullied everywhere, even in school. It was something we couldn’t take anymore. Two of the girls took poison and we were shocked when the alpha ordered for their bodies to be burnt and he said poison should be provided to everyone who wanted to die. The younger wolves would tease us for weeks and talk about us having a choice to either die or accept fate. No one cared about how they died or the lives of those of us remaining. That seemed like a go-ahead to the other wolves to intensify the bullying. The wolves started bullying us in public and they started a petition that omegas should be banned from attending school with them and it was granted.

Clara, another girl from the monastery turned twenty and she found out the beta’s son was her mate. He had bullied her multiple times and each of the bullying ended with her getting marks upon marks. The whole pack pleaded with her to forgive him and she refused to be married to him. She insisted she was content being an omega than spending the rest of her life with him. They stopped bullying us for a while since most of their kids are coming of age and finding their mates among omegas. Clara took her own life and the beta’s son wanted to die. I kind of feel so good about it, don’t misquote me. I don’t mean that Riyadh’s death is good but seeing beta Graham’s son suffers till the moon goddess takes on him. I picked up my tired body and approached the Alpha’s son's suit. Today is Monday, and I dare not get there by 9 pm. The beta’s son has stopped bullying everyone that comes his way, but the Alpha’s son is still a worse bully. He hates me significantly since I told them I can’t shift and I can’t do anything yet. I turned twenty recently and nothing changed, except I got more bruises on my body, though.

They host a game every time, and it’s for the omegas. You are forced to fight against each other, and the winner gets one week of freedom while the loser does the work of his opponent and his portion too. The bullying of the loser is extreme, considering he still has bruises from the games. The new generation of wolves in this pack is vile, and they are all the same—big bullies with messed-up fantasies of people bowing to them.

I knocked twice before I pushed the door open at his command. Kylo sat on the chair, and the wall was stained with alcohol, and the floor had particles of broken bottles. No doubt he flung the alcohol at the wall; oh sh*t. I’m done for tonight. I might die, and I might not; either way, the night is about to be bloody. Let me tell you a secret about Kylo, it’s an inside joke, but I know you won’t tell anyone. He can’t command his alpha wolf; His wolf is relatively weak. He covers that with his anger issues. For someone who gets angry at even the most minuscule things, he deserves a weak wolf who can’t argue for five seconds. He never shifts in public because his wolf is tiny compared to his sister’s wolf, and it’s slow too.

“Crawl on those shards of glasses now,” He ordered with a snicker, and my heart dropped. I can’t believe I stared at those broken glasses too much. I looked back at him to see if he was joking or not, but the snicker on his face told me he was not. The b*st*rd really meant every word. I took a deep breath and tried to come up with something. I saw him stand up from where he was sitting, and I knew he was coming at me to hit me maybe or drag me over the shards himself.

His door opened and his sister came in, between Kylie and Kylo I don’t know who is worse. Kylie was more brutal when it came to making omegas suffer and she was the one always coming up with the games in the omega’s games. I wonder how a sociopath like her would get mated to someone because she never runs out of ideas on how to make people suffer to death. I’m not the only one that hates her though, Kylo hates her too. I mean knowing that she’s likely to overthrow him because she was stronger and she made perfect pack decisions. If I had a sister who’s likely to overthrow me, I won’t be a fan of her either.

“It’s time for your spirit training and your father is waiting with the master. If I were you, I wouldn’t keep them waiting. The omega can wait till morning.” She said before turning on her heels swiftly and she made sure to bang the door extra hard and I flinched where I was kneeling. He pretended as if she didn’t just come to tell him that his father was waiting for him in the training hall. They always scheduled the training for the night because of people finding out that their future alpha is a weak one. He muttered some things under his breath before his eyes landed on me and he approached me with fury. He was going to take out the anger he felt for Kylie on me.

“You heard me b*tch” He screamed in my face, and what followed was a slap that made my neck shift sideways. He continued hitting me before he started pulling me towards the wall; I knew he was going to pull me over the shards himself. I was done having his sh*t and I mustered what was left of my strength and I shoved him hard. He landed on the glass and I dashed out of the room before he could stand up from the glasses.

Heading to the omega quarters meant I was going to be punished badly tomorrow morning and It means I wanted to remain in this hell hole for life. I made my decision on that spot and I turned before running so fast towards the borders. No one knew what I wanted to do so they stared at me and when I got closer to the borders, I jumped before shifting in the air and landing on the next territory. I was an omega so they can’t chase me right there. I didn’t look back and I kept on running further. No one would find me, I was worthless to them and this was my reality now. I tore through the wind like an Australian horse and I felt it, Freedom for the first time in years.


Someone rudely pulled me awake from under the tree I was sleeping and I opened my eyes to see who dared do such. For the past three days that I’ve been on the run, rouges avoided me because I looked kind of big and they don’t know I‘m a girl. I’ve not shifted since then and even when I shifted once at a river, I made sure people weren’t around to see me shift. I made sure I swam to my fill and when I was tired of the water, I shifted back into my wolf and I continued my run.

“Shift Rouge” The person commanded and I stared at him. I wasn’t expecting him to command me like that. I didn’t even know I had entered another Alpha’s territory. I didn’t want this, I enjoyed my freedom moment so well and I had no idea that life as a rouge was this amazing. I maintained eye contact with the man who ordered me to shift. He reeked of power and I could tell he was either the beta or the delta.

“You seem harmless and I would advise you to just shift now and prevent yourself from getting killed. You could shift and we would have a civil conversation and everyone’s good. Allow me to remind you that you’re in the Shadow Rock Pack and my alpha doesn’t tolerate rouges”. He said and my eyes widened. I had no idea I had journeyed this far. The alpha of the Shadow Rock pack was the most brutal alpha in this realm and we have heard different stories as kids of how he single-handedly took down a whole league of werewolf hunters making him the Alpha King. My bones start to crack as I shifted slowly.

“Oh sh*t!” He turned around fast and everyone else did the same as soon as he saw that I was a girl. He removed his shirt revealing a perfect set of abs and he threw it at me. I understood immediately and I wore it to cover my nakedness. I was tiny compared to him and the shirt looked like a gown on me. He turned around after confirming that I was dressed. One of his boys stepped forward and he cuffed my hands. The handcuff had little streaks of silver in them so they burned but not enough to cause damage but enough to make me weak. We all walked and I knew we were heading to the alpha’s office. It usually happens in my pack too. I wanted to explain to him that I don’t want to stay here and I want to keep running. It’s not my place to decide that, the alpha would decide for us first. I really hoped he wasn’t like the Alpha douche-bag of my previous pack. Ha, I loved the sound of that; My previous pack

Chapter 2

Alpha Everett’s POV.

I went back to my seat since Theodore mind-linked me that the rogue that crossed our border was a female wolf and she looked dirty and bruised. I guessed that maybe she escaped from an abusive alpha or maybe an evil mate. I have a lot of them here in my pack, starting their life afresh because their mate decided to move mad. Most times when we get female rouges, that’s always the case. I mind-linked another female wolf to prepare a room for her and help her feel comfortable till I’m done working then I would come to see her.

I wonder why some males would hit their mates and maltreat them to the point of running away? I guess some people have things and they don’t value them. This was my tenth year of being the Alpha King of the werewolf realm and for once I’ve never gotten a mate. Some are lucky to get another mate after their previous ones died. I’ve never gotten anyone before, not even one that has had a mate before. It was sad for me because I w


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