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Euphoria K

  • 👁 3.1K
  • 6.5
  • 📚 5


Alpha Liam and Luna clara
  • 👁 280
  • 7.5

When Liam, a young respected alpha of his pack is mated to a human, he finds he is unable to control his urges and plays along to them. Months later he manages to open up to her but she pushed him away. Now she is in trouble and her best friend, also a werewolf has no one else to turn to but Liam. What how dare those low scumbags? First it was Isabella who fell in love with Liam, next Clara his fated mate and now Ariana? Why does every woman I care about run over there tell me? What do they see in Liam, that scumbag of a man that they do not see in me? I am way more handsome than he is, my territory is bigger than his. Why do they all leave?"

Our Undesirable Love
  • Author: Euphoria K
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 210
  • 7.5

Slap. "Where the hell is your mother? Answer me, girl. I am your father." "You were never a father to us. We want our mother." "You worthless child!" He slapped me. "I am your father! What I say goes." "Do not touch my sister, you monster." She tried hitting him, but she knew she was not strong enough.  "Enough of this nonsense, you want your mother? Fine, go, get out, leave my house, and be with that whore you call your mother." "She's not a whore, we'll leave, and you will never see us again."  "Fine, I don't want to see your fucking worthless face," he said, slurring, then left. We packed our stuff and went to look for our mother. It's been three days now, and we can't find her, we have searched everywhere we know but still can't find her, people are starting to notice us like we are helpless little orphans who shouldn't be on the street at this age, we were not even up to fourteen yet, and we were already on the street begging for food while searching for our mother she was all we needed and wanted. This life is just so hard. I hope we find her soon.

The Witness
  • 👁 1
  • 5.0

"Find her, make sure she didn't escape, fine her!" That was Alfredo commanding his boys to go after Akina. Akina was still shocked after witnessing how they cruelly murdered a man without any mercy. Akina, a 19-year-old orphan who did everything to secure herself a great Future, was coming back to school when she saw Alfredo and Sergio, the most populist Mafias in all over Mozambique murdering a man, who's happened to be also one of the Mafia's Carlos, they killed him because he betrayed them and killed Sergio's father as Alfredo told him. Been the witness of that event changed her life, her dreams and even her future forever, receiving dead threatening messages every day and escaping death every time her life was crushed and was turned upside down, she met Ricardo, a soft hearted simple guy and a brother to Sergio who hated everything about the Mafia's because been a Mafia means blood, weapons, hard drugs, bad connections, and breaking the rules, he tried all he could to change his brother's mind about inheriting his dad's Mafia's legacy but it never worked out, he promised to protect Akina at all cost. When the life-threatening messages became too much for Akina, she run away to Nairobi Kenya but it wasn't for long as she was almost killed and was saved by Ricardo. Sergio, Alfredo and even Antonio, the son of Carlos who was murdered by Sergio and Alfredo began the mission to search for her, "THE WITNESS" knowing that if Akina meets Antonio first, their secrets will be leaked and that can affect their reputations. With Antonio, Sergio and Alfredo searching for Akina the witness, will they ever succeed in finding her or Ricardo will keep his promise of keeping her safe and away from them.

Rise Of The Phoenix Queen
  • 👁 2.2K
  • 7.0

A devil should be punished for his every crime before he repents. Freedom to some people is the ability to skirt through opportunities. To some, it was the ability to live over the hedge and confines but to Rachelle, Freedom was the ability to breathe—a chance to live! He's an Alpha. She's a Rogue or something more than that. One can't be too sure with figures from the past and some little spirits who wouldn't let her go. One thing is certain for Rachelle; things are about to get real messy and she is well set for it—for behold, a new dawn had come and it is set for the rise of a phoenix Queen!

The Billionaire's Ex Wife
  • Author: Euphoria K
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 428
  • 5.9

Raven Daisy Richards, accomplished fashionista and former runway model after suffering a cold rejection and divorce from her ex-husband who accused her of infidelity, got over her past and moved on with her new life as a single mother. Suddenly, one day her present close-to-perfect life was upturned when the same ex came back, and this time when he realized what a fool he had been in the past, was willing to do anything to gain back the forgiveness of his ex-wife including suffering her rejection and horrible words. The question remains: Is the tenacious fashionista willing to abide by her words of not allowing her ex-husband back into her life? Or will old flames be rekindled and ruin her five years of determined detachment? Let's journey together on this love story born out of hate, and rejection and finally led to forgiveness.


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