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Revenge Of A Powerful Luna

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The bullying by her pack and her uncle’s family The rejection by her mate The fighting against of the schemes of her fake family The battle to destroy her pack The confusion on which guy to choose The war that was incited by her uncle A mysterious story about a teen girl who lost her parents at a young age in a car accident. When her parents died in the mysterious car accident where only she survived. Her uncle took over her upbringing and he began to treat her badly , like speaking down to her etc. Which made her a maid by her relatives. Because her uncle and other relatives believed that she was the one who killed her parents because of her spiritual power and her childish act. Also every other person in the pack abused her because her parents were dearly loved and were important leaders in the community. A rumour that she was actually the daughter of a rogue and not their real daughter didn’t help her case either. The only person who treated her with kindness was the most ironic of all, the Alpha’s son Arron who gave her some bread when she was being starved and threw her a blanket when her aunt kicked her out some time. It didn’t count as a surprise that she fell in love with him, he was the epitome of her fantasies. But Adeline knew she could never be with him, she was the pack’s social outcast after all. Then came his initiation rite, where he would be ordained the new Alpha and where he would find his Luna as well. The ritual revealed that his mate was Adeline. In front of everyone, he rejected her Coldly at the secret order of his father and took her cousin, Cecelia, as his Luna instead. Everyone is relieved knowing full awareness and not caring that a rejection brutally injures the wolf of a person, talk less of Adeline, whose wolf, Addie, is very weak. She literally crumbles and Adeline stumbles to the woods in pain where she is abducted and taken to a secret warehouse..

Chapter 1

Chapter one

I tried not to cry again. This was something my tear ducts were used to, it was almost a routine to watch it dry up and so I s*ck*d in the tears and thought happy thoughts. Thoughts that comprised of the good old earlier days.

Looking back to the sequence of events which brought me to that house of brooding mystery, of sinister undercurrents and disturbing echoes. I sat on a wooden bench I had found as I became lost in thought all alone in the dark night.

The happier days weren’t that long, in actuality they were six years ago. Six years ago when my parents were still alive.

I woke up hazily, my eyes springing open by the glimpse of sun passing through dark pink curtains. Then my eyes cleared and joy passed through them, I jumped up from the bed in Glee. It was today!Today was my 18th birthday, the day when I was old enough to watch some movies.

Old enough to be a teenager. I stopped my movement of jumping on the peach sheets, mom hadn’t come to wake me up which was highly unusual. She always came to my bed five minutes before my alarm,even on holidays. Then I will scowl and hide my face deeper Into my pillow. Was she and dad not around? Had they been summoned to another pack meeting?

The thought dampened my glee, dousing it in ice cold water and my face dropped. Those meetings usually lasted for hours, the latest one being up to almost the whole day. Was this how I was going to celebrate my birthday? Stuck in the house waiting for the meeting to end?

I shuffled out of the bed, almost slipping on the glossy sheets. My bed was a bit too large for one person to sleep on. The bed could contain seven growing kids and counting.

When my feet touched the floor, my alarm rang off signalling that it was eight am. A knock on the door at that same exact moment which drew my attention from the clock and my face lightened up.

“ Miss? It’s time to get up” A hesitant voice called gingerly from behind the closed doors and I recognized the voice immediately as Mrs Milly, our maid.

My face deflated again, like an over pumped balloon .

“I am already awake” I bellowed out petulantly. Then chewed on my lips at the side.

“ Is … my parents around?” I asked, holding my breath slightly when Mrs Milly didn’t reply for a moment.

“Yes miss,” her voice sounded lowly.

My breath came out in a whoosh of relief after hearing about my parents present.

They were here and this birthday was still happening, I propped my hands up jerking it forward in a mock dance,

“ But uh.. Mr. Jerome and his family are also here” said Mrs Milly with a cool smile on her face I could feel. my smile stretches even wider after hearing that from her.

I got up from bed immediately and went directly to the bathroom to wash my face. A moment after washing my face I held on to the sitting room with a smile pimping out of my face.

I pause at the third step, smelling distinctly the sweet smell of apple pie. Aunt Rosa! It permeated the whole house, clouding my nostrils and bringing jittery feelings. For only Aunt Rosa could make pie so great like this. I'm really glad to see some of my family in our house that day.

"Happy birthday Adeline" They all greeted me in excitement. I'm really surprised because I wasn't expecting something like this.

I quickly move closer to Aunt Rosa who I have seen for a while.

“Aunt Rosa!” I yell out jumping the other remaining steps and almost topple down on my face.

“Careful dear” Aunt Rosa says, holding my arm to steady me from almost getting a concussion.

“You should have let her fall,” my mom said jokingly as Aunty Rosa pulled my hands and scolds me harshly. Everyone laughed.

“Be careful Adeline, you are no longer a child" mom said to me as I moved closer to her and she held my hand.

“Yes mom” I replied with an excited step away from her painful hands and my eyes landed on the huge blossom frosted cake. It’s the kind that spills with frosting and sprinkles. They are all my favourite snacks in the world, there is Oreos, Snickers and a handful of tart.

I squeal loudly, my eyes widening and my arms going around my mom.

“ Thank you, thank you so much mom. I love it, I love it lots and lots” I say, tightening the hug, smelling her familiar scent of sugar and spices.

“Don’t be so dramatic dear, it's your day" Mom said in an excitement as she hugged me tight, I felt distinctly the warmth of her love.

“Where is Dad?” I ask, drawing back from her hold, my eyes searching curiously for my old man’s sweet smile. I turn back to catch mom’s face drop slightly and sigh, she rubs her face worriedly.

“He was called into an impromptu meeting by the Alpha. There are some troubles at the borders” she states cautiously peering at my rapidly down turning face. My energy suddenly feels zapped and I feel so depressed for not seeing my dad around on my special day.

Indeed I love my mom but my love for my dad is on a different level. My dad is my pal through and through, he always comes for me in any situation.

It was in front of him when I had my period last year, my stomach had knotted in pains and I was hunched over my chair during the moon goddess festival.

“ Um, Cecilia” I stared at my cousin who was close to age with me. We sat beside each other during the festivities.

“ Yes” she droned out, seeming to be looking annoyed. I had interrupted her from her reverie. Previously I had caught her, she had been shooting glances at a guy at a drink stand.

“I think I might..”

“Sorry, excuse me” she interrupted, leaving me to walk to the guy and my hand fell flat in its attempt to grab her.

I was sweating profusely now, and sure that the icky feeling between my thighs was definitely not sweet. I struggled to get up and prayed that the cover of darkness could hide my probably soiled dress as I tried to push my feet forwards and almost stumbled.

“ My cousin?” I heard Cecilia call out and through my blurry vision, I saw her pointing towards me with a set of people and a boy that looked very similar to Aaron. The Alpha’s son.

Who was approaching me with some people from class. Uh-oh!

What the heck was Cecilia trying to prove by doing this, I wondered despondently as I backed away gingerly from the approaching trio.

She smiled at me , waving her hands forward and all I could see was the evil glint in her eyes and the smirk curling her lips. My heart pounded erratically, she must have known I wasn’t feeling too good. I wasn’t good with pain, so I was more than ninety percent sure I had been moaning my head off in that seat over there.

It couldn’t be she had gone to seek help, seeing that she was approaching with three boys. I scurried away, my stomach punching me in disapproval. There was a lot of gurgling going down there and I was pretty sure I was going to die. There had to be an exit here or at least a grownup, but all I could see was the swarms of decorations tiled onto the cream wall and an empty hallway.

I was yet to tap into my inner wolf, so I could barely communicate with anyone. In essence, I was officially screwed.

“ Hold on, Adeline. Stop walking so fast, Aaron wants to ask you something?” Cecilia yelled, her voice echoing and quickening my footsteps instead.

I wondered absently, what she said to Aaron to make him also come after me. I walked straight into a closed off wall in a hallway and I backed up a step to avoid hitting my head. Dang it! I was trapped!

“ Adeline!” Cecilia’s annoying voice rang too close for comfort. Unconsciously, I felt my cousin might not like me as much as I thought. I mean wasn’t it obvious I was avoiding them? But seriously though, I paused, grabbing my stomach feeling a bit angry at myself. Why was I running away? This was a natural thing that happened to women every month. It meant I was a woman, it wasn’t like they could use it to embarrass me since they all knew who my father was.

All this passed through my mind, strengthening my resolve to stand straighter and look forward to them arriving. I would also give Cecilia a piece of my mind too.After waiting for a few minutes, no one came to where I was. Then I heard an unmistakably familiar voice and a head poking out from the wall ..

“ Pumpkin?”

The sheer amount of relief that crashed into me almost made me buckle down.

“ Daddy!” I cried in Glee, but my stomach clenched harshly shutting me up. He rushed towards me speedily grabbing my hand and peering at me in worry.

“ What’s wrong?” he asked. I didn’t manage to choke out a reply before I fainted.

Yes, that happened a year ago, but was still fresh in my mind. Apparently, young females experience excruciating pain in their first period, mine just happened to be in the festivities. But Dad had been there, and everything turned out alright. Later on I found out from my Dad that he had sensed a weird feeling and he went back to check up on me.(That’s how close we are!)

Then he saw Cecilia and the guys coming after me. He had known something was fishy, so he reprimanded them and sent them on their way. My Dad was the ultimate definition of my hero.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I seriously feel so disappointed about my dad missing on my special day. After a few minutes of lost in thought, my mom drew my attention as she realised that I was a bit silent.

“ Stop being all sulky, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. He will still come back and join us here soon” mom said to me emotionally as she noticed my mood.

My mom's voice sounded a relief for a while as we both sat on a dining table which was already set with some foods, snacks and fruits.

Mrs Milly, who noticed the feelings on my face did not even show concern but instead was smiling. I had been purposely ignoring her many times and looking at her where she was seated beside the coffee table slurping on some juice, her tanned legs crossed and peeking out from her ivory white flowery dress.

I had still not gotten over what she did to me for some reasons. My past experiences with her had led me to the impregnable belief that she had it out for me. She wo


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