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The bullying by her pack and her uncle’s family The rejection by her mate The fighting against of the schemes of her fake family The battle to destroy her pack The confusion on which guy to choose The war that was incited by her uncle A mysterious story about a teen girl who lost her parents at a young age in a car accident. When her parents died in the mysterious car accident where only she survived. Her uncle took over her upbringing and he began to treat her badly , like speaking down to her etc. Which made her a maid by her relatives. Because her uncle and other relatives believed that she was the one who killed her parents because of her spiritual power and her childish act. Also every other person in the pack abused her because her parents were dearly loved and were important leaders in the community. A rumour that she was actually the daughter of a rogue and not their real daughter didn’t help her case either. The only person who treated her with kindness was the most ironic of all, the Alpha’s son Arron who gave her some bread when she was being starved and threw her a blanket when her aunt kicked her out some time. It didn’t count as a surprise that she fell in love with him, he was the epitome of her fantasies. But Adeline knew she could never be with him, she was the pack’s social outcast after all. Then came his initiation rite, where he would be ordained the new Alpha and where he would find his Luna as well. The ritual revealed that his mate was Adeline. In front of everyone, he rejected her Coldly at the secret order of his father and took her cousin, Cecelia, as his Luna instead. Everyone is relieved knowing full awareness and not caring that a rejection brutally injures the wolf of a person, talk less of Adeline, whose wolf, Addie, is very weak. She literally crumbles and Adeline stumbles to the woods in pain where she is abducted and taken to a secret warehouse..


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