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Revenge For My Destined Mate

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He palmed a bare boob and massaged it with a hint of pressure and a tinge of urgency. He had the burning desire to rip off my dress and make me explode by blowing apart all my defences. I rubbed all my squirt on his abdomen with the intention of making him go wild, I was grinding and rubbing my cl*t while moaning loudly close enough to his ear so he could listen to the words that run down my lips. "You're acting like you've been starved. I'm sure he hasn't made you feel this way then why think about a man that can't give you estactic pleasure? all you should be thinking of is revenge for betrayal" I stared at him with utter confusion, I didn't expect him to find out. Maliha is the daughter of a high ranking wolf. Her mate is an omega and if she stays with him, she takes his rank as females normally do and becoming an omega would be dishonourable. She must choose between her mate and her kingdom's honour, what happens next? find out in this novel revenge for my destined mate.

Chapter 1: Please don't kill him

Maliha's POV

I stood on the frosty ground shaking as my father Alpha Alex and his men narrowed to where Ansaldo knelt with his hands locked behind and a chain tied round his neck. Looking up in fear as I heared a sword being pulled out.

"Father please don't kill him, I love him" I cried begging him but my pleas didn't get to him.

" You're a disgrace to the Alpha bloodline. What will people say if they find out the daughter of a high ranking wolf is in love with a lowly Omega and wants to be with him. You can do better Maliha, what's worse than the shame you've brought upon me. I wish you weren't born" I looked at him and knelt beside Ansaldo.

" But father he's my mate"

" Shut up! I don't want to ever hear you say that. He isn't your mate, I can never accept this relationship. Never! And for this abomination to end your lover needs to die, you will be the cause of his death. I warned you to reject him right but it seems your love is more important than the image of your kingdom"

" Guards" he yelled out and almost immediately four guards came into view

" Father please I beg of you don't do this to me. You always say I'm your favourite child then why do this to me please spare his life I'll die without him" I screamed out with tears rolling down from my eyes, I looked at Ansaldo who knelt on the ground without saying a word he looked lifeless. I looked at my mother but she looked away from me. I looked at my siblings but none of them seemed to understand me. I get it now no one is in favour of our relationship.

I looked pleadingly into my father's eyes but he looked away.

"Fine I'll give you one more chance to reject this son of a b*st*rd as your mate. You must choose between him and your kingdom, I'll spare his life so it's up to you to decide what you want but he'll serve another punishment till your mind is made up. Remember your lover's life is in your hands. Lock him up in the prison yard without food nor water and he shouldn't in any way escape. He'll only be released when I give my orders"

Immediately he made the statement. I burst out in tears with my heart aching I never knew that the person I call my father will have to put me in such a trickish situation, how do I choose between my love and my kingdom they are somethings we can't just choose over.

My father has always been a man with so much pride and he never let anyone trample on his pride. I know he doesn't wanna be mocked by his rivals and that's his main reason behind his disapproval for my relationship with Ansaldo.

"Take him away" He ordered and Ansaldo looked at me. I saw him being dragged aggressively towards the prison yard and I couldn't do anything.

"How is he meant to survive without food or water I must think of a way to get him out of there. It's such a horrible place" I thought inwardly as I ran to my room.

" Maliha Maliha come back here my child. You better not do anything stupid if not you'll face the wrath of your father he"ll forget that you're his daughter" I could hear my mother scream but I didn't stop I kept running I just want to get away from here.

Waking up with a blurry vision and a swollen face. I opened my eyes but everywhere was dark I could only see the dim lights of the candles which was melting away. My mind drifted back to the undeniable painful moments of today. Ansaldo has been locked up inside the prison yard without food or water, how can my father be so cruel. I was always present when he gave orders for people to be locked in there and I thought it wasn't that bad and they deserved it for being traitors but when my love is being put in there it got to me and that hurts me a lot. That place is meant for criminals, why does he have to be there? Is loving me a crime?. I closed my eyes as I thought of the possible things they'll probably do to him. He has always lived a miserable life because he's an Omega, I felt completely useless despite being the Alpha's daughter I couldn't save the man I love.

I laid down like a stature and a plan jolted into my brain.

"I know what I have to do, let's end this once and for all. Moon Goddess, I hope I'm doing what's best for us. This is the only way I can be with my mate I entrust our fate into your hands.

I ran towards my door and unlocked it gently without having to make a noise as I stepped out from my room, I didn't forget to close the door. Everyone must be asleep since it's so late I tiptoed to make sure no one hears my movements I can't risk getting caught. I let my eyes glow in the dark and it was much easier for me to get to the prison yard because of my strong sense of hearing and smelling. I mean all wolf's do have it.

I made my way to the prison yard but I stopped right on track when I saw a guard pacing up and down. It was foolish of me to think they've all slept, I thought of ways to get inside then my eyes darted to Ansaldo. It seems he has been separated from the other prisoners. I needed to look for a way to distract the prison guard, I grabbed a stone and threw it on the turf.

Ansaldo looked at me but I gave him a sign to keep mute. The guard came towards my direction, I grabbed a big stick as I timed him closely when he was about to move back inside I hit him on his severally knocking him unconcious and he fell to the turf.

I searched his pockets for the key to the prison yard but I couldn't find it. My hands started to tremble, I got scared and my hopes died. If I don't get Ansaldo out of here as soon as possible my father will kill him and they won't spare me for trying to help him elope.

"Goodness! am doomed for sure" I muttered in between my breath.

I searched his back pocket and I felt my hand touch something which was cold. I removed it and it was the key I've been looking for, I found it.

I hurriedly rushed to Ansaldo and opened the prison yard.

"Maliha what are you doing here?

" Don't ask me any questions for now. Just come out and follow my lead I'll explain everything to you on our way"

" What do you mean by our way" Ansaldo asked while looking around worriedly.

"We can't waste anymore time here. My father won't accept our relationship, forget about our relationship he won't accept you and he will kill you that's why it's best if we run away, In that way we will be saved my love" I cupped his chin with my hands.

" I couldn't pack our things they wasn't anytime left for me once we've reached our destination we'll settle all that.

We sneaked out of the prison yard as we made our way into the forest. I saw a guard in the post but I'm glad he's fast asleep and I doubt he'll wake up soon. I grabbed Ansaldo's wrist and ran as fast as we can. Ansaldo was panting hard and he stopped also making me stop.

"What happened? We can't stop they might catch us" I said as I kept dragging him to move.

" Wait Maliha, please let's hold on for a moment. I'm out of breath" He said while trying to catch his breath. I forgot he can't run as fast as I can but I still decided to tease him a bit.

"I wasn't aware of the fact that you aren't a fast runner. Since you're a man so I expected more from you, don't blame me it's just what every girl desires from her man"

" You're teasing me right but how can you run so fast?"

I sighed and placed my hand on my forehead.

" Have you forgotten I'm a wolf and I can also shift"

" Yes I know but you run way too much, I mean your speed. Wait what's that glowing in your hair?

Ansaldo asked then he shifted my hair and he got to see the mark beside my neck.

Chapter 2: A wolf's mark

Maliha's POV

"This is a wolf's mark but it's incomplete. Where is the other mark?and why does it glow? He asked while shifting my hair so he can get a closer look at it.

"I've had the mark since I was little which my parents know about but when I clocked eighteen it started to glow and no one knows about me except you and I. 

"But where is the other mark? He asked curiously

"How I'm I supposed to know it's been like that since I was little. I really don't have the faintest of idea on where the other mark is, no more questions that's all I know. We have a long journey ahead of us and don't forget we're still in the packs territory" he nodded and we ran away. I'm mesmerized there wasn't any wolf lurking around.

We were out of the packs territory and we slowed down. I glanced around and I got to notice we are still in the middle of a dark forest who knows where this route


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