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Rescued By the Alpha

Rescued By the Alpha

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"Why did you choose to save me?" I uttered the words with my teeth gritting. Tears went down my cheek as I saw the muscular man in front of me. Just when I thought, I had lost it. He appeared from no where to rescue me from the hands of my tormentors. I was banished from the white stone pack and I had no where to go. I committed a grievous sin that no one should know about. "You will know soon," he answered and lifted me to his shoulder. Alpha Maveric is the leader of the blood moon pack. He is the most feared werewolf in that territory as he controls the most powerful pack. No one wants to step on the toes of the Alpha who killed his father in cold hands. He is wicked, ruthless and cruel but only few people get to see his sweet side. Going in a ride through the woods, he noticed a gang of bad wolves harassing a she-wolf who he later discovered was his mate. After saving her, he noticed she was an Omega. His intention towards her changed and he vowed to do something to her. Will he reject her or take her in as his Luna?

Chapter 1

"Run away, they are coming after you," Molly's mother shouted at her at the top of her voice. Tears filled Molly's eyes as she saw her mother hiding behind a tree and urging her to leave the pack's territory. She has committed a grievous offence and now, the Alpha of red crescent pack has got to know of it.

"Momma," she muttered in between tears and bit her lips. How is she going to survive without her mother? Suddenly, there was silence in the forest where her mother took her to so that she will be able to run away faster.

"Momma," she called out but there was no response. She heard a grunt and the leaves in the forest moved. Someone was coming! Molly looked sideways, as she was not ready to be caught unawares. Her eyes moved up and she saw a black wolf with red eyes resting on a tree. He revealed his sharp teeth and growled heavily at her.

Molly shifted back as the black wolf jumped from the tree to the ground. Her eyes widened as she continued moving back with her heart in her mouth. Suddenly, her leg kicked something. It was hairy and when she turned to check what it was, she discovered it was another wolf. This time, it was a gray wolf which had blue eyes.

Going round a turn in the woods, she halted to a stop. In front of her were two of her attackers and she breathed heavily and turned to another direction. Her leg hit a stone and she rolled over.

"No, not now," she muttered to herself, looking around quickly. The wolves were close to her and there was no one to help.

"Arrrgh…Grrr….," the wolves growled towards her and their steps increased, causing the leaves to shake vehemently as they stepped on it.

"Momma," she called out with tears dropping down her face, but no one came to her rescue

Molly glanced at a hill over her and she got up immediately. She already knew that the wolves would catch up with her sooner. If they do, she will be a toast to them. There are no two ways about it.

Muttering some words that she doesn't know what it meant, she jumps over the hill and her shirt bursts open causing her to shift into her wolf immediately. This was the price she had to pay for poisoning the Alpha's brother who was lusting after her.

She ran with all her might, cutting through all the sharp woods. The woods with thorns scrapped her back but that was her least worry at the moment.

"Grrrrrr," the wolves growled and they circled round her. It was then she discovered that she was not only surrounded by wolves but was surrounded by five wolves.

They rushed to her and she tried climbing a tree, the only thing she was able to do was to scratch the tree with her sharp claws. Each of the wolves pounced on her one after the other, causing her to spin around and making her face fall flat onto the ground. She let out a sharp cry and tried to get back on her feet but nothing was working.

It was about getting to midnight and the moon was getting visible. The crickets in the forests made their house and moved about freely, undisturbed, not caring if someone was about to get killed.

It was as if her heart was pumping more blood than ever before and if care is not taken, her heart may come out of her chest.

"Maybe, I was destined to die here," she said to herself.

Just when a wolf wanted to tear her skin apart, a bike came running towards them. The bike's light shone so brightly that it almost blinded the wolves and Molly used her hand to cover her eyes.

She didn't know when the wolves scampered away, leaving her alone in the wolves.

She shifted back to human and before she could open her eyes, a huge figure appeared in front of her and she could feel herself being grasped away by strong arms. She wanted to let out a loud shout but on a second thought, that would be of no use.

Suddenly, her legs left the ground and she was flying in the air. Her body rested on a firm body covered with thick clothings.

After moving away for some time, she was dropped on the floor and she blinked continuously to check if she was still able to see.

Behold, standing in front of her way the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. A man with broad shoulders, muscular structure and who looked like someone in his late twenties. He had amber eyes that complimented his black hair that fell backwards.

The man stretched out his hands towards her and let out a thin smile. She was not sure if she should accept it or not.

"Are you okay?" He asked her and she stammered.


"You don't have to say something if you can't talk," he said with a smirk and he ran his hand through his hair. He was putting on leather trousers and jackets and his eyes constantly moved to his bike which was parked beside them.

"Thank you," Molly finally let out a word.

"For what? I did nothing," he shrugged and pulled off his thick hand gloves.

"Who are you?" Molly asked with her eyes widened. She was still trying to recover from what happened earlier and this man in front of her was only making things more complicated.

"Your saviour," he answered and sat beside her. Molly could perceive a sweet smelling savour coming from the man sitting with her. Everything was too much for her to handle. From the wolves attack to her almost death experience, no one would have thought she would get rescued By anyone. At least not this way.

"Who are you?" she asked again, not finding the right words. This man has to be something she doesn't know about.


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