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Rejected by The Future Alpha

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The silver fur of the rogue slowly vanished, and its four legs turned into a pair of hands and feet. Hair emerged, flowing from the top of its head and cascading down to its chest. The hair was beautiful, a silvery blonde, like a waterfall kissed by sunlight. Scott was stunned as he gazed upon the naked body lying before him. The rogue was... a woman? * Scott hates women. All because at seven, he witnessed his mother cheating with the Beta of Silvercrest, a pack led by his father. Since then, all that’s on Scott’s mind is how to give the best out of him as the Future Alpha. He never has time, nor cares, for love and a mate. However, when his father requires him to have a mate as a condition to become Alpha, he has no choice but to accept the arranged marriage set by his father. Scott thinks everything is settled until a rogue named Ciara comes into his life and claims him as her mate. Can Scott face Ciara, who is so possessive of him? And who Ciara really is? * Throughout her lifetime, Ciara has never known what it feels like to be part of a pack. Until an incident forces her to break into Silvercrest territory and leads her to meet Scott Griffith, the future Alpha who drives her wolf crazy. He wants her... but Scott rejects her. The only thing he wants from her is knowledge of her past. Yet Ciara won’t give it to him if all she gets is expulsion from his side.

Chapter 1 - The Arranged Marriage

“Alright, I’ll accept it.”

“But you have to—wait,” Hugh was stunned in his chair. “What did you say?” He leaned forward, sitting at the edge of his seat, unsure of what his son had just said. Did Scott just say that he accepted the arranged marriage that Hugh set up? Scott, his only son who despised women?

“I accept it. I will perform the pairing ritual with Ashley.”

“Hayley. Her name is Hayley,” Hugh corrected. “You know her, right? She’s our Beta’s daughter—”

“Yes, yes. I know.” Scott stood up from his chair and placed both hands on the edge of the table. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. There’s something urgent I need to take care of. The Alliance has been trying to reach me since yesterday.”

“Ah... The Alliance,” Hugh nodded. “Forgive me, Scott. You’re not officially Alpha yet, but there’s already so much work for you to take over.”

“It’s fine. Rest up. Now, you’re needed more within the pack. I’ll handle the external tasks.”

Hugh nodded, looking slightly annoyed. “Yes. Thank you.”

“I’m leaving.” Scott grabbed his jacket draping on the chair’s backrest and walked out of his father’s office.

To be honest, lately, Scott had been somewhat frustrated with his father, Hugh. After years of preparing to become the Alpha, replacing Hugh, just three months before the coronation, Hugh suddenly imposed an unreasonable condition.

He told Scott to find a partner. A Luna.

Even though Hugh knew Scott despised women.

When Hugh said that, Scott got angry, and they had a heated argument. But after Scott left in anger, he received news from their Beta, Gordon, that Hugh was seriously ill.

Hugh had been sick since he found out about his wife’s affair with their former Beta years ago. And the fight with Scott only worsened his condition. Despite being an Alpha, who should be the strongest wolf in the pack, the betrayal of his life partner made Hugh weak. And that added to the list of reasons why Scott didn’t want women in his life. He didn’t want to become weak because of them.

Scott put on his jacket and walked towards his car parked in Hugh’s driveway.

Last night, the Wolf Pack Protection Alliance contacted him, but Scott was in a meeting with the Alphas from the packs around Silvercrest Territory, his pack, and couldn’t be disturbed.

The Alliance’s call seemed urgent as they left a message for Scott to come to their headquarters as soon as possible. Scott only read the message this morning, and he planned to go there when Hugh called him here.

Little did he know that Hugh would propose such a ridiculous arrangement between Scott and Gordon’s daughter. Hugh wouldn’t stop if Scott refused, so he said yes just so he could get out of there as soon as possible.

Scott opened the car door and was about to jump in when someone came over and held his arm. “Scott.”

Scott jerked and shook his arm to free it from the woman’s grip. “Don’t touch me,” he growled, glaring at Gordon’s only daughter. “Ashley.”

“My name is Hayley,” Hayley replied with a sigh. She looked annoyed that Scott got her name wrong, but why should he care?

Hayley crossed her arms and brushed back her long black hair. “I heard you accepted our arranged marriage?” she asked. Her face lit up with excitement.

“Yes,” Scott replied shortly. He tried to get into the car again, but this time Hayley stepped forward and blocked his way, standing between Scott and the open car door.

Hayley puffed out her breasts and pursed her lips. Her long eyelashes fluttered gracefully, a sight that might tempt other men in their pack, but not Scott. Her behavior now only increased his dislike for her.

“Well then, we should spend more time getting to know each other,” Hayley said in a coquettish tone. “Where are you going? I’m coming with you.”

“Get the f*ck out of my way.”

Hayley looked surprised at Scott’s harsh tone. She touched her chest and made a shocked sound that disgusted Scott. “What did you say?” she pouted. “I’m your future mate. I will be the Luna standing beside you, leading Silvercrest!”

Scott pointed his finger at her, poking her so she winced in pain. “Just so you know. I accepted this arranged marriage only to secure my position as Alpha. Don’t dream that we will spend time together. I won’t even allow you to touch me, not even a finger.”

Hayley groaned and pushed his finger away from her shoulder. “You hurt me!” she exclaimed.

“Good, if you realize that,” Scott retorted. “Now get out of my way.”

Hayley quickly jumped aside, moving away before Scott could attack her more painfully. “I will tell Father!” she threatened as Scott got into the car and was about to close the door.

Scott stopped, his hand gripping the car door handle. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at Hayley. “Go ahead, Ashley. But remember, your father is just a Beta. And I am the future Alpha.”

After saying that, Scott slammed the car door shut and started the engine. He let Hayley’s threatening screams drown in the sound of his car’s engine. Scott accelerated the vehicle and left the place.


Scott’s frustration did not subside even after a journey of approximately two hours. When he arrived at the Alliance headquarters, he was greeted with relieved sighs from all the gathered members.

“By the Moon Goddess!” Mila, the Alliance leader and the Luna of the Blood Moon pack, exclaimed. “I thought something happened to you!”

Scott pulled an empty chair near Mila while greeting the members of the Alliance who were present there, then sat down and leaned forward. “What’s up? Why didn’t you just explain it through a message if it’s so urgent?”

“This is not something I can talk about over the phone,” Mila said. She massaged her temples and sighed. Her face looked tired. “Is your pack still regularly patrolling around?”

“Yes,” Scott replied with a shrug. “We do it every night.”

“How many people?”

“Two people each time.”

“Increase the members,” Mila commanded.

“Can you explain to me why I have to do that?” Scott started feeling uneasy.

Mila looked at Scott’s face, as if searching for the right answer. “I received a report last night from the pack in this city that a rogue attacked their members and killed them.”

“A rogue?”

“Yes.” There was a momentary pause. “That rogue is very dangerous. They said he is incredibly strong and uncontrollable.”

“So, what does it have to do with increasing my patrols?” Scott’s uneasiness grew.

“They were chasing the rogue, and he disappeared in the middle of the forest. Around the Silvercrest territory, your pack.”

Chapter 2 - The Deadly Rogue

Scott accelerated his vehicle at high speed. He repeatedly called their patrol team leader, who was also the Beta of the pack, Gordon, but there was no answer. Mila’s words still echoed in Scott’s mind. The dangerous rogue, responsible for killing several members of a pack in the city. If Scott were to be late and something happened to his pack members...

The thought made him grip the steering wheel tightly.

It was overcast outside, and it seemed like rain would fall soon. Despite the poor condition of the road through the middle of the forest, Scott pressed the gas pedal, as this shortcut led to the Silvercrest territory.

Suddenly, something crossed in front of his car. He jerked the steering wheel to the right, causing the car to skid and nearly hit a tree.

Scott widened his eyes, not because of the accident he just experienced, but because of the figure that had just passed in front of him, causing this situation.

A werewolf.

Scott knew all the


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