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Rebirth: The Forbidden Luna

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Rejection means death for the low-ranking werewolf like Diana. After she learns that her mate is the alpha of the Crescent Pack, she foolishly believes in love and fate—only to be smacked by the cruel truth that everything is schemed by her beloved best friend. In the throes of Diana's dying breath, she pleads for a second chance to take back what has been stolen and to fix what has been broken. One chance, one more chance. The next thing she knew, Diana is back to the time when everything is yet to begin. Now given a second chance, Diana sets off for her bloody revenge. To do that, Diana seeks the aid of the Blood Alpha—Alpha Dylan Cain of the Blood Claws Pack, the largest and most influential pack led by a ruthless alpha. The cunning omega meets the ruthless alpha. Who will dominate who? Will Alpha Cain's peculiar bond be able to pull the vengeful luna? Will Diana be able to believe in fate and love again the second time around? Will Diana be able to fix what is broken and take back what is stolen from her?


Katrina Bradley

Review after half of the novel

Half way through this novel, enjoying it, but am getting worried that it will be dragged on too much, which, for me, can make a book far less enjoyable. Love the premise, but it's taking a bit too long to get to the point, that is, where the ass holes get their just desserts! Hoping to see it become less scattered soon. Also, if she has such strong witchy powers in both lives, why was she such a wimp in her first life? Just a thought..

February 16, 2024

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