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I love writing and I love my readers as much as I love my works.


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Talia grew up without trusting anyone but herself to live. With no father figure to look up to and a clinically depressed mother who keeps on betraying her, Talia crawls her way to the top of the social chain to survive. But upon one drunken night, she meets her terrible end. Just like that, Talia loses all she worked hard for, or so she thought. When she wakes up, she becomes a duke’s eldest daughter in a medieval era where alliances and conspiracies dictate a noble’s future and where love is a luxury that will lead anyone to ruin. No matter how twisted the world she is pushed into, Talia is determined to live long. She realizes that she is given a second chance to live – or not. Reality slaps her hard when she learns that she is now inside the body of a sixteen-year-old villain character of the Netflix series that she binge-watched, “Thorny Crown”! Talia, who is now the infamous Lady Victoria, entered a popular yet twisted Netflix series two years before the plot started. And in that plot, the character of Lady Victoria is meant to die like cannon fodder for the female lead! Talia refuses to die again. And this time, she is going to extend her helping hand to another side character, the second prince of the story, Prince Cory. She decides to be the queen and defy the plot called destiny with the king of her choosing. In an era of deceit and conspiracies, will she be able to keep her head as she walks the thorny path of a villain? With her head on the line, will she be able to control her blooming feelings for the pawn that she has chosen?

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With growls and howls, two opposing races divided the Truvan continent into the Kingdom of Cithen ruled by the werewolves with absolute hierarchy and the Vashille Tribe ruled by the lycans with raw strength. After thousands of years of war, peace has been finally obtained—or so they thought. Tess is a powerful transcendental blessed by the moon goddess herself. As the only heir to the Cithen Kingdom, she vowed to use her claws and canines to protect her homeland only to be slapped by fate when the next moment she knows she already becomes a wanted criminal with a hefty bounty for her head all over the Cithen Kingdom. As the son of the Vashille Tribe’s chieftain, Callum, comes to the south from the grasslands in order to plunder and to take the rightful power for the Vashille Tribe under the pretext of peace talks to the Kingdom of Cithen only to learn that his Enra—a lycan’s beloved—is the so-called princess. The turmoil of the inner circle in the Cithen Kingdom shook the stability of the mighty empire. The Vashille Tribe took this opportunity to run amok within the outer parts of the wolven territories. With the murder of her parents as her birthright taken away from her and the brewing war between lycans and werewolves, the last thing Tessa wants is to get in tangled with a lycan prince. But what will she do when everywhere she goes, his addicting minty citrus smell lingers? The stakes are high in order to seek the justice which her parents deserve while protecting her beloved land. Will she be able to do the right thing now that when her own mate is standing at the enemy’s front lines? Will she be able to stand against the thread of fate created by the moon goddess in order to seek the justice she longs? Will being his Enra and him being her mate are enough to forget the thousands more reasons he should reject her?


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