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Rebirth: Alpha and Me

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I was a famous designer in Oclana Country. I had a perfect life. I was born into a wealthy family, and I had a very handsome fiancé named Noah. However, there were two things I hated the most: my stepmother and stepsister. They were like parasites sucking up my father's wealth. Noah and I had an accident that made me wake up in an unfamiliar place. In that place, I met a very annoying, arrogant man named Xavier. The only good thing he had was his handsome face. There was something strange about Xavier, namely his blue eyes, which seemed to be able to make people who looked at him unable to move. I couldn't even make a sound when our eyes met, so I often averted my face when facing him. This place is a place of mystery. They kept calling me Luna, even though that wasn't my name. And the strangest thing was that Xavier claimed me to be his. I really can't accept it. "I don't care about your fiancé. You are now my Luna, and no one can have you but me." I screamed as he gripped my arm tightly. His blue eyes flashed with anger. Why was he like that? Why was he behaving as if I belonged to him? "Let me go! I don't recognise you. I don't know who Luna is, and I don't want to be her! I have my own life, and you can't interfere with it!" I tried to break free from the man's grip. He was completely insane. How could he say I was his when we had just met? I screamed again as he pulled me until our bodies were pressed together. I was really scared of what he was going to do to me. One hand gripped my arm, and the other pulled my waist until the front of my body was pressed against his chest. "Moon Goddess has destined us to be together. We will stay together, whether you like it or not."

Chapter 1

The voice of a group of crows sounded so loud tonight. The night looks so thick because of the thick fog. The sound of wolves calling each other made the night even more tense.

The sound of a little girl crying was heard from a corner of the house. A girl, who was older than another had been trying to calm the younger girl so she wouldn't keep crying.

The atmosphere in the house was dimly lit because there was only a bamboo torch in the corner of the room. An adult man was seen preparing as if he were going hunting.

"Dad. Do you have to go tonight?" The older girl asked the adult man, who turned out to be her father. There was a look of concern on the young girl's face.

The father, who was draping a spear-like weapon, stopped his hand movement. The man's shoulders slumped again, along with his breath. There was hesitation in his eyes as he left his two children behind.

"I have to go together with the other villagers. We can't keep letting that beast unsettle this village." Gregory, the father, tried to explain to his daughters why he had to go.

For the past few months, Wellwood Village has been terrorised. Every night, one of the villagers goes missing. No one knows why, but the next day the missing person is found in the forest, dead and drained of blood.

Some say it's because of a pack of wolves that live at the top of the mountain. Although it's a bit improbable as there were no injuries other than bites on the victims' necks,. If it were a wolf, wouldn't it have ripped their bodies into pieces?

"Can't you just stay at home? I don't want anything bad to happen to you." Evelyn, Gregory's eldest daughter, tried to dissuade her father. There were only three of them. If anything bad happened to Gregory, Evelyn wouldn't know what to do. Their mother had been dead since giving birth to Lucy, the younger sister.

Gregory took a deep breath and turned to his two children. "I have to go with the villagers. All the men in the village go there. I can't hide."

As a true man, Gregory certainly didn't want others to call him a coward. He couldn't possibly hide while the others hunted the beast. Indeed, what they were about to do was a gamble with their lives, but he couldn't stay silent either.

There was an ancient legend that there was a tribe of wolves at the top of the hill. They were a tribe cursed to turn into wolves. No one has proven the truth. So far, no one has dared to climb to the top of the hill because of that legend. However, tonight, the whole village is determined to hunt down the wolves so that they don't kill any more villagers.

Lucy's sobs grew louder when she heard Gregory's insistence on leaving. She let go of Evelyn's embrace and ran towards the grown man, still holding the spear.

"I don't want you to go."

Gregory's heart stung like a knife when he heard Lucy's words. He was also reluctant to leave his two children at home, but he had no other choice. Gregory wanted to soothe Lucy's heart, but the sound of the door banging made him undo his intentions.

"Gregory! Let's go! All the villagers have gathered in the field!" A man's voice rang out after the banging on the door.

"It's Jacob. I have to go." Gregory whispered to Lucy and kissed his daughter on the forehead. He waved for Evelyn to come closer. Gregory hugged them both before finally saying goodbye.

"Take good care of your sister, Evelyn. I trust you."

Although his face was smiling, there was a sense of insincerity in Gregory's eyes as he left Evelyn and Lucy. Both were teenagers and already motherless.

Both Evelyn and Lucy wanted to get in the way, but Gregory quickly removed their hands. The two girls escorted Gregory to the doorway.

Gregory waved his hand again before finally turning around and walking with Jacob. Evelyn and Lucy hugged each other while crying as they let their father go.

"Evelyn. What if Daddy doesn't come back?" Lucy asked. Evelyn thought about it, but in order to calm Lucy down, she had to say kind words.

"Daddy will come back." Evelyn's voice sounded shaky, but the girl wasn't crying yet. She didn't want to appear weak in front of Lucy because it could make her sister feel even more devastated.

Evelyn took Lucy inside when Gregory's back disappeared into the night. She hurriedly locked the door for fear of the beast entering their home. She switches off the torch and invites Lucy to go to sleep. She hoped it would be morning soon and their father would return.

After crying for a long time, Lucy fell asleep, hugging Evelyn. Evelyn could not fall asleep. She was still thinking about her father's safety. If it was a wolf pack they were going to face, it wouldn't be easy.

As Evelyn fought with her thoughts, she heard several knocks on her window. She quickly disentangled herself from Lucy's embrace and walked towards the window. She was scared, but she opened the window anyway out of curiosity.

Something jumped through the window the moment it was open. But Evelyn didn't scream or feel shocked by it at all. She just stroked her chest and closed the window afterwards.

"Lucas! Can't you come through the front door?" Evelyn spoke while glaring at the young man currently in front of her. She made her voice as quiet as possible so as not to disturb Lucy.

The young man named Lucas only smiled when he saw Evelyn ranting like an old woman. Before Evelyn could open her lips again, he pulled her arm and kissed her lips.

"I missed you so much, Eve." Lucas said between their kisses, then he kissed the girl in front of him again. "I'd go crazy if I didn't smell your scent for a day," Lucas said again after their long kiss.

Lucas was like a man addicted to Evelyn's body scent. He even felt at home, hugging the girl for a long time. Evelyn's body scent was like a source of strength for him.

Evelyn pushed Lucas' body, and she took a long breath after Lucas made her out of breath. She punched Lucas in the chest because she was annoyed by his sudden behaviour, which often made her heart feel like it was going to fall out.

"Go home; I'm not in the mood to talk to you. My father went to the top of the hill to hunt wolves with the villagers. I can't possibly let you inside our house right now." Evelyn walked towards the table. She lit a candle to make the house less dark.

"To the top of the hill?" Lucas's handsome face could be seen, although it was faint. He pulled the chair next to Evelyn and sat there. "Why do they want to hunt wolves?" Lucas's handsome face turned pale. One hand was on the table while the other squeezed his thigh.

"They have killed many villagers; we need to exterminate them."

"It wasn't the wolves who did that!" Lucas unconsciously shouted in refutation of Evelyn's words, making the girl frown strangely at him.

"How do you know that?" Evelyn grasped Lucas' hand that was on the table. She pulled Lucas' hand closer to her when she felt something strange on the man's fingers. "What's this? Since when have you been wearing it?" Evelyn's eyes narrowed when she saw the strange ring on Lucas's finger. A large ring with a wolf's head engraved on it.

Lucas hurriedly pulled it off and hid his hand inside the robe. "This is nothing!" The man got up from his seat. "I must leave immediately."

Evelyn could not make Lucas stay. The man's movements were so fast that sometimes Evelyn thought Lucas was not human. Even Lucas' shadow was out of sight after he jumped out.


What was that dream again? For the past few days, I've been dreaming of something I don't understand. Evelyn, Lucas, Lucy, and Gregory? Who are they exactly? Do they have anything to do with my past life?

That's not possible. I don't believe in such things. Humans only live once and can't possibly be reincarnated.

I should stop thinking about it. I'm going to be busy these few days because my fashion show will take place in a few days. It must have been just a dream that had nothing to do with me. Maybe it came from the effect of me watching a film with an ancient theme. Yes. It must be because of that.

Chapter 2

"Flora! I want everything to be perfect! Tonight, there will be some celebrities and some important people in the government. Don't make any mistakes!"

Flora just nodded at all my orders. She was my assistant, my right hand. I liked her a lot because she never disputed any of my orders. She was so neat and dexterous that I could never throw her away.

I was calming down while Flora and the other workers were busy with the models who would be performing tonight. They're fitting dresses from some of my latest designs. Yes, I'm Ester Baylee, a well-known designer in Oclana Country.

I'm really nervous tonight. Not because this is my first fashion show. I've done many fashion shows in this country. It's also not because it's celebrities and government people. I'm used to interacting with them. There are even some who are my regulars.

But what made me really nervous was the person who was coming tonight, someone who


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