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Black Unicorn

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Aku harap kalian menikmati buku-bukuku. Terima kasih.


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I was a famous designer in Oclana Country. I had a perfect life. I was born into a wealthy family, and I had a very handsome fiancé named Noah. However, there were two things I hated the most: my stepmother and stepsister. They were like parasites sucking up my father's wealth. Noah and I had an accident that made me wake up in an unfamiliar place. In that place, I met a very annoying, arrogant man named Xavier. The only good thing he had was his handsome face. There was something strange about Xavier, namely his blue eyes, which seemed to be able to make people who looked at him unable to move. I couldn't even make a sound when our eyes met, so I often averted my face when facing him. This place is a place of mystery. They kept calling me Luna, even though that wasn't my name. And the strangest thing was that Xavier claimed me to be his. I really can't accept it. "I don't care about your fiancé. You are now my Luna, and no one can have you but me." I screamed as he gripped my arm tightly. His blue eyes flashed with anger. Why was he like that? Why was he behaving as if I belonged to him? "Let me go! I don't recognise you. I don't know who Luna is, and I don't want to be her! I have my own life, and you can't interfere with it!" I tried to break free from the man's grip. He was completely insane. How could he say I was his when we had just met? I screamed again as he pulled me until our bodies were pressed together. I was really scared of what he was going to do to me. One hand gripped my arm, and the other pulled my waist until the front of my body was pressed against his chest. "Moon Goddess has destined us to be together. We will stay together, whether you like it or not."

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Brian Pradipta's life was perfect. Many men were jealous of his life. At the age of 35, he was already a very successful CEO. He lives happily with the woman he loves, Azzura Wijaya. Azzura Wijaya was the daughter of Antony Wijaya, the biggest investor in his company. The reason they got married was not that, but because they loved each other. From that marriage was born a beautiful daughter named Kyra Wijaya Pradipta. Bearing the big names of two families, Kyra's life is a dream for many girls of her age. Even during her eleventh birthday celebration, Brian presented his daughter with a helicopter. Kyra transformed into a socialite at a young age. Brian was so grateful for his perfect life that a request from Azzura shook his self-esteem. "Honey... I want you to get married again." Like being struck by lightning, what Azzura said that night sounded like a joke to him. After their hot night, even the mixed feelings of tiredness and sweat haven't completely disappeared. Azzura uttered a sentence that Brian had never expected before. Or maybe Brian never thought about it at all. "What do you mean, Zura?" Brian was an ordinary guy who would probably be greedy for love, but not once did he have such thoughts. No matter how much money he had, no matter how handsome he was, he had no intention of looking at other women. Why be ambiguous if what he wants he has already gotten from Azzura. "I want you to get married again."


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