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Mated To My Alpha Brother

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Macy is a music teacher who owns her little studio and lives a quiet life, she has a boyfriend, Derick, who she loves so much, and he loves her too. But things start changing when Derick’s elder brother Liam returns home.“Mate” his wolf screamed in his head the moment he stepped foot in the building, he walked inside to find out whom this sweet alluring scent was emanating from. Then he saw her, the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on, he walked further inside to meet her when Derick held her in his arms and immediately claimed her. Liam stilled in his track watching, his wolf howling in his head to go over and snatch their mate from their brother’s arm, “Liam, meet my girlfriend Macy,” Derick introduced. Without saying a word, Liam turned his back on them and left.“What do you mean she’s yours, Liam!” Derick screamed, “Because she’s my f*ck*ng mate!” “What do you mean,” “What I have just said Derick I smelt her at the party, but I just couldn’t tell you, and now I can’t let you have her because she’s my chosen” “But she’s human she doesn’t even know about us! That we’re werewolves Liam,” “It doesn’t matter Derick, I want you to let her go because I’m not giving up on my mate.” “I love her too much to let her go, Liam.” “So, you are going to stand here and challenge your Alpha!” What happens when Macy finds out her boyfriend who she loves is a werewolf, and now she’s the mate to his brother, who’s not willing to let her go? A story of Love, heartbreaks, building trust, forgiveness, and standing strong for your family.

Chapter 1

It was a Monday morning, and the sun stood high in the sky. Unlike other Monday mornings, this one was different. Today, Macy’s students would start their exams, which meant it would be a hell of a busy week for her.

After parking in the car park, she entered her studio's building.

Okay, let’s make a proper introduction of myself. My name is Macy Brooke, and I am 23 years old. I own my music school, where I teach music and hire musical instruments. I have loved music from a young age, so it's only fair that I do what I love.

“Good morning, Macy.” my secretary Lori greeted,

“Morning Lori, how was your weekend?”

“Went well.”

"Zara just called to cancel this afternoon's meeting, and then you have an appointment with Mrs. Jake concerning her husband’s birthday party musical by noon today.” she announced, reading from the pad in her hands.

''Okay, Lori, thanks, and please ask class one to prepare for their presentation.”

''I'll do that.'' Lori responded, and walked away.

After a stressful day, I got home exhausted and quickly showered. I made dinner for myself, and while I was eating, my phone rang.

“Hey babe.” I heard his husky, manly voice over the phone,

“How was work today?”

“It went well but was tiring as usual.'' I responded with an exhausted sigh.

''I'm so sorry. Have you had dinner?'' he asked, concerned.

“I'm on that right now.” I responded, taking a spoonful of food into my mouth.

“I miss you, baby, a lot. I can’t wait to come back home.'' He grumbled over the phone.

''I miss you too, my love, and I can’t wait for you to come back home.” I responded with a smile.

That was Derick Torres, the second son of the Torres family from the Waterfall pack, who fell in love with a human girl who was not his mate, Macy and Derick had been together for a year and were deeply in love with each other. Well, not for long though, as things would soon change.

Derick does not believe in the mate bond and believes that the moon goddess cannot control who he spends the rest of his life with, meeting Macy seemed to prove it all as he fell head over heels in love with her simplicity.

A week went by in the blink of an eye, Macy was done with the day's work and headed home, her apartment was close to the office, so it was only a few minute's drive.

She got to her door and realized it was open, she waltzed into the room. A smile crept to her face as she took in her boyfriend Derick in an apron cooking in her kitchen.

“ Welcome home baby,” Derick says with a smile on his face,

“ So much for a welcome, huh?” Macy responds as she walks over to her boyfriend.

“ I wanted to surprise you,”

“ Well, I am surprised babe. Thank you.”

They both had dinner and after chatting went to bed. Macy woke up to Derick kissing her legs, She stared down at him with her sleepy eyes and her lips tugged up in a sly smile as he kissed his way up to her face.

“ Come on we have to get ready fast,” Derick says as they both finish breakfast, they are now seated on Macy’s kitchen counter.

“ Ready, are we going somewhere?” Macy asks with a furrowed brow.

“ Babe do not tell me you forgot,”

“ What's happening Derick, what did I forget?”

“ It's Mom's birthday tomorrow and my brother is coming back too. So we are going to Waterfall. We talked about this two weeks ago, baby I cannot believe you forgot.” Derick explains, his face looking a bit of hurt after his last lines.

“ I'm sorry babe, It escaped my mind. You know work has been so stressful.”

Derick chuckles at her explanations, he stares at her lips in a seductive way, and unexpectedly pulls her in for a kiss, he sucks on her lips passionately. “You can always make it up to me baby,”

Macy blushes at his words, Derick hauls her with him toward the room before shutting the door. In a few minutes, her moans of pleasure filled the room.

The drive to Waterfall is an hour's drive, After going shopping, the couple headed to Derick's community called Waterfall. Derick never told Macy about what he really was, she believed he was human, just like her.

“ What is your brother like?” Macy speaks up, breaking the silence in the car, Derick turns to look at her with a surprised look on his face,

“ Liam is different from me, you can say he is a strict type of person, however he is the most loving and caring person I know,” Macy simply nodded her head at Derick's words.

“ You seem nervous baby,”

“ Well, maybe I am worried,” Macy says as she takes a deep breath. It was not her first time going to Waterfall, Derick had brought her over countless times, and he even introduced her to his family, who also loved and accepted her. However, she was anxious because she was going to meet Liam Torres, the brother of her boyfriend, for the first time.

Macy stared out the window of the car, for an unknown reason, she felt restless.

Chapter 2

Derick packed the car in front of the pack house, and Leon, the Pack's gamma walked up to welcome them both. After exchanging pleasantries, they walked into the mansion. Mom and Macy hugged as soon as they lay eyes on each other.

Derick pulled Macy to his room to freshen up, and they came down for dinner later, “This is super tasty, Mrs. Torres! It’s been a while, and I can’t believe I forgot how good your food tastes.” Macy declares while eating,

“ Do not mind my son for not bringing you as often as before.” Mom says as she gives Derick a playful glare.

“ Mom, I have been really busy, it’s not my fault. And Where are Dad and Liam? I haven't seen them since we arrived.”

“ They had some business to take care of in the neighboring Pa… Um, I mean community.” Mom stutters for a second before clearing her throat, she almost slipped there, Derick hands her a glass of water as they eye themselves, however Macy did not notice a thing as she was simply engro

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