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Night of Passion

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I, Justin Larson reject you worthless, low-rank omega, as my mate and future Luna” Justin spoke out boldly in front of everyone. Nita an omega, the lowest rank of her pack was boldly rejected by the prince of her pack, because he felt irritated by her status, and picked someone else of a higher status as his mate. Nita feels humiliated, battered, and heartbroken and she goes to the bar and gets herself drunk. Being in a drunk state, she had a one-night stand with a stranger that she met in the bar. The next morning, she discovered that she slept with a stranger and decided to escape before the stranger could wake up. Unfortunately for her, the stranger already marked her scent and was coming to look for her, for he discovered through their lovemaking that she was his mate. Unknown to this, Nita sneaks back to the pack and continues to pretend everything is alright while trying to hide what happened between her and a stranger. But can it be hidden? A few weeks later, Nita starts to throw up, and in front of everyone, she discovers she is pregnant. As the crown prince began to hit her, he stepped in, the stranger she had a one-night stand with. Nita found out shocked, he was not just a stranger, he was the mighty, powerful Lycan king, and he was her second chance mate. Richard, the Lycan king, was here to take his mate home. Would Nita follow him, and would the crown prince of her pack allow her to, especially when he finds out she is a special kind of werewolf? Why don't you delve in with me, and find out?



“I, Justin Larson, reject you, worthless, low-rank omega, as my mate and future Luna,” I heard the crown prince say, and I fell to the floor in a loud yell, feeling my heart cracking, resulting in excruciating pain.

“Meanwhile, I choose Gia Armstrong as my chosen mate and Luna, for she is more worthy of the position,” Justin, the crown prince added, and everyone gasped. Some people threw me on the floor with pitiful looks, while others mocked me and said I deserved it.

“What did I do wrong?” I wondered. I was an omega and an outcast. Mistreated, humiliated, and belittled by everyone.

I was always taken advantage of and bullied. My feelings were never cared for; instead, I was trampled upon and became everyone's slave.

Tonight, which happens to be the full moon festival, for the night was a full moon. I was supposed to be happy and rejoicing, but no one allowed me to.

I stood in a corner, admiring the moon when I perceived the most delicious scent ever, with my barely alive wolf flipping in excitement.

I knew instantly my mate was nearby, and I had to find him. I started chasing the scent and made my way deep into the crowd to see everyone dancing happily and rejoicing.

Suddenly I bumped into someone, and from the pleasurable scent I was perceiving, I knew I bumped into my mate. 

I was excited and raised my head to know who it was. I was left speechless, for my mate turned out to be none other than the arrogant, prideful crown prince and soon-to-be Alpha of my pack. I was happy, but knew deep down inside I should be expecting rejection. 

I knew and had the feeling he was going to reject me, and like I thought, he did.

At first, he froze, probably realizing I was his mate. The next thing I knew, he, or should I say his wolf, released a loud howl before he turned to glare at me furiously.

I shivered at the intense hate I witnessed in his eyes and could feel my heart crumbling into pieces. “How could the moon goddess be so cruel?” He growled, attracting everyone's attention, and I trembled.

Just then, my nemesis, Gia, who never failed to make my life miserable, came and instantly wrapped her arms possessively around Justin while glaring daggers at me. “Baby, what is wrong?” She asked, and I think I saw a look of fear flash across her eyes. 

“The moon goddess has betrayed me,” Justin yelled, earning whispers from everyone who was probably wondering what was going on. “What do you mean, my love?” Gia asked, confused. “Please stop speaking in parables and explain,” she pleaded. "I just found out now that this little, unwanted tart is my mate,” he growled. I felt tears at the brim of my eyes at his words and what he called me.

“My mate called me unwanted,” I thought, as I scoffed in disbelief while looking into his eyes, filled with hatred and disgust for me.

I was used to this bale-filled look from everyone, but the fact that it was coming from him, it was coming from my mated mate, hurt like hell.

“Impossible!” Gia growled, turning to look between her boyfriend, Justin, and me.

Yeah, Gia, my only nemesis in this world, my boyfriend turned out to be my mate. The moon goddess sure works in wondrous ways, I thought.

“It can't be,” Gia muttered, trembling. Justin, who noticed this, immediately went to her and wrapped his arms around her protectively while whispering something into her ears. This sight hurt as hell,' I thought.

The trembling, almost tearful Gia came back to life instantly and threw me an evil smirk before walking away majestically with Justin toward the stage in front of the crowd.

I wondered why and began to have this feeling that something was going to happen.

"I am standing here before you all to make you all my witnesses for what I am about to do,” he began, and I knew instantly what he wanted to say. He rejected me without remorse and crushed and broke my heart into a million pieces. I lay there on the floor, unable to move, as I shed silent, pain-filled tears.

A few minutes later, everyone began departing; the festival had finally ended. Meanwhile, Gia came to where I was lying on the floor with her minions to make fun of me. “How does it feel to be rejected?” she mocked, and her minions burst into laughter while I lay there, not answering her nor looking at her.

Guessing that p*ss*d her off, for she dragged me up roughly by my collars, and 'smack,' hit me badly on my face. Yeah, Gia was far stronger than me and had a powerful bloodline, while I was a useless, weak omega. “How dare you ignore my question, you worthless piece of trash?” she yelled before flinging me furiously to the ground.

I winced at the pain as my body hit the floor harshly. A nail on the floor pierced my left arm, and I gasped in agony.

Gia, who witnessed this, smiled with satisfaction.

“Serves you right, b*tch, for trying to steal my man,” she said to me, with a piercing glare. I just laid there, too weak to do anything or retaliate. All I could do was sit there and allow her to bully me. Gia threw me a look filled with disgust before spitting on my face and departing.

I struggled to get up a few minutes after she and her minions left. I tore a piece of my gown from the tip and wrapped it around my bleeding arm. I could not heal, for I was an omega. My healing rate was just like that of a human. I unconsciously made my way to a bar, determined to get drunk and try to forget my pain for that night.

I sat at the bar and downed a large glass of hot vodka, which pierced my throat and made me feel so hot. Just then, I felt someone sit in the chair beside me. I turned curiously to look at who it was and gasped in amazement, almost drooling. A drop-dead gorgeous guy, with huge, powerful arms.

My eyes were too blurry to sink into his features, but I bit my lips seductively at his rock-hard chest, which looked like it was about to pop out of his t-shirt.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked with a smirk, and I nodded.



I woke up the next morning with a banging headache. I tried to use my entire strength to get up, and I did, only to find myself in an unfamiliar room. I was stunned and looked around hastily, to find myself in an enormous bedroom.

This is not my room, I thought shakily, and looked down at myself, to find myself completely naked with just the duvet I was clinging tightly to my body.

Now I was panicking. What was I doing naked in an unknown room?' I wondered. 

I never sleep naked. Just then, I heard a loud groan, and froze, before deciding to turn and look at who was beside me, only to find a completely, dashing, handsome stranger.

I shrieked from shock, but not too loud, and covered my mouth, so as not to wake up the stranger, who looked like he was still having his sound peaceful sleep.

What happened? I wondered. Just then, I felt a tingling pain between my legs, and instantly raised the duvet and saw blood on my lap, and som


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