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My Taboo Obsession

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Diana Wills has a thing for older men. However, she has never had to act on it. Not until she meets Lucien. Her new History teacher with a beautiful smile and a sexier voice. The pull between them is undescribable, but Diana knows it's forbidden. In her high school, at least. She tries hard to resist him, but soon, he sweeps her off her feet and an illicit romance starts. When her father comes back with a shocking revelation and an even more shocking request, Diana finds herself in the arms of the man she's slowly growing obsessed with. Lucien has some secrets of his own, and with Diana thrust into a world she doesn't understand, will they be able to fight all odds and save their desire for each other or will the taboo between them cause an ill-fated end? ***** “You know we can't do this,” I said, trying hard not to move closer to him. Inhaling his scent made it worse for me. “Why?” “I'm your student, Lucien. It's forbidden.” “It doesn't matter.” A faraway look was in his eyes. “You'll soon leave anyway.” “What do you mean? I still have six months before graduation.” I watched in horror as his eyes cast downwards to my stomach and he smiled. “That's more than enough time, mi casa.” *****

Chapter 1

Diana POVI have always liked older men.Maybe it's because I have daddy issues, as my father left me and my mom to go be with some other woman. It was horrible what he did to us, but I had to grow up without him. At first, he used to come every week to visit and give me sweets, but after a while, he stopped. I didn't know why and mom didn't tell me."We'll be fine, Diana," she would always say, and twelve years later, I still feel the pain. I suppose she felt the same too, if not, why was she married to another man within two years of her divorce?"Diana! It's time for school," her voice called out, and I groaned as I picked up my phone to check the time. It was only a few minutes last six, but for some reason, she and my step dad, Michael, always liked taking me to school early.I quickly got up and entered the bathroom to freshen up. I first spent a few minutes looking at my naked body. I had short black hair, courtesy of my mom who believes that long hair would only weigh you down, and a few stomach flabs here and there. I could be described as petite and I hated it. Why didn't I have those model like bodies in the magazines? A tear streamed down my cheek and I covered the wall mirror as I stood opposite it to take my bath.I hated seeing myself in the mirror, and though my mom liked saying I should have body positivity, I never believed it. She knew my body was ugly too, she just wanted me to feel better. It was her responsibility.Soon, I finished and put on my regular clothes, an ill fitting sweater with tight blue jeans. Though I didn't like my stomach and how my boobs had a bit of sag to them, I had a full behind and that was the only think I felt grateful for. Thanks to my dad's side of the family. Oh, how couldn't I miss him?My mom immediately spotted me as I walked down the stairs. "Hi, darling. How are you doing?" She rubbed down my hair and gave me a forehead kiss. "Is my baby awake now?"Even at seventeen, I still found her show of affection cute. As a bedside nurse, she was always working late, and I supposed it was her way of showing up for me. I wasn't going to complain anyway, after all, she was the only person I had."Boo!" I heard a deep voice from behind, and I rolled my eyes slightly before faking a scare. Even before I turned, I could tell my step father was already laughing. "Morning, princess." He said, hugging me from behind.The first time he did that, it made me feel strange. I had only seen dad do it to Mom, so I assumed it was for couples. However, I quickly learned that it was his way of showing affection. Michael was a chill guy, he loved my mom and provided us with a lot of what we wanted. The iPhone and MacBook I was using was thanks to him, but then again, I knew it wasn't still our money.He had children somewhere else, and if anything happened to him, they would be first on the list."I'm off to school," I said, and started to walk away before they began to get cheesy. I still couldn't forget how I walked in on them making out two tears ago. They tried to take me out, and buy stuff so I could forget the incident and remember other things instead, but it had been burned in my memory. Needless to say, I never want to experience it again.However, my mother stopped me and handed over a bag. "You need your lunch, Diana."I pursed my lips at her, trying to make her understand my plight. I was on a strict diet of eating once a day and if I ate lunch, I would have to skip dinner. I couldn't go to bed without eating, and I know because I did an experiment on it which ended up with me in the hospital. However, my mother pushed the bag to me and I sighed.I would just have to give it out then."Take care!" Michael called out, and I responded the same. Even before I completely walked out, I could already hear him making smooching noises at my mother. I cringed inwardly and shivered, those two were just a pair of rabbits.My school was only a fifteen minute walk if I was being lazy, which I was most of the time. I was quite smart, but that didn't mean I necessarily liked school. According to my mom and everyone around me, I needed it to get a successful life and career so that in my fourties, I wouldn't be driving vans and moping schools. I couldn't blame them though, those jobs were quite tasking. I just wanted a calm, peaceful life with a bit of money so I could travel anywhere.So there, I had to go to school. It didn’t take long before I could see the building from a distance. As I approached closer, my steps slowed and my mind drifted to my mother and how content I was with her. I imagined how my father would feel knowing that she had eventually moved on from him and found someone else. More than that, I wondered if he ever thought about me. Did he miss me? Was he in jail, or worse? I didn't want to think about it, so I focused on school instead.When I got into the building, from a distance, I could see a few people gathered and someone else on the floor. There was no doubt they were bullying him and memories of when I used to be a victim of that flashed across my mind. I hated bullies, and I wanted to help the bullied but with what strength? It was something I had barely gotten out of, by changing schools, and I wasn't about to enter another one. It was senior year, and all I needed to do was survive through it.Besides, who could I save? I would only end up being bullied once again and let me tell you, it was not something I ever wanted to experience ever again. It was a good thing that the girl who did it was already in jail for some other crime, so I didn't have to be scared about seeing her again. All she ever did was bully me and make my life miserable.From the people hitting the other student, Lily’s red hair pointed her out. She was my ex-best friend, and now, I didn’t even know what it was I saw in her to have befriended her in the first place.I used to be obsessed with her, weekend sleepovers, painting my nails and doing my hair same as hers. It felt like such a lifetime ago, even though it was only two years. Though everyone around me, including my mom, said it, it had taken a while for me to see her for what she truly was. A bully.The moment she got her queen bee moment, she turned on me. It was as though we had never met or that I did something so horrible to her that I deserved nothing but pain from her. She had used every opportunity she could and made me miserable in the best way she could. Other times, it was worse than what the girl from my other school did to me and the other times were manageable. It hurt more because she knew how traumatized I was, but did she care? No.I sighed in relief when I got into class without Lily spotting me. The bell rang a few minutes later and as the class gradually filled up, the teacher walked in.“Gosh, you guys won’t believe what I found out. So apparently a new teacher is coming to our school and I heard he’s super rich.”Lily said from behind me to her minions. I could already imagine her fanning herself from the thoughts of the said teacher. But then again, wasn't it illegal to have anything to do with a teacher? Besides, they were always so old and wrinkly. As I said this, an image of our English teacher came to mind. He was a bald man in his early sixties, I guess, and everything about him was weird.What would Lily be doing with a teacher? Anyway, I didn't care about that so I decided to focus on the lesson. That was until the Math teacher looked away from us and towards the door."Oh, yes. There he is." As he said so, a tall man with jet black hair walked into the room. Oh my God! I could hear whispers around me, but my brain refused to place them. Who on earth was this hunk of a person? There was a smile, and I couldn't tell whether it was genuine excitement or a smug one.I watched as his eyes moved across the room and when our eyes locked, I swallowed a gulp and bent my head. Even then, I could still feel his eyes boring a hole in the center of my head. This was going to be hard.

Chapter 2

Diana POVHave you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? It was weird to say it like that, but that was how I felt. I used to think a bed had no bad side unless it was a really old one, so it weirded me out when people talked about it like that.Until now.Ever since I saw him yesterday, I couldn't get him out of my thoughts. In the split moments when the teacher was introducing him to us, I took notice of his features. He was good looking, too good looking, and it felt odd to think about a teacher like that.There was something about him that called out to me, but I couldn't tell what. It was even worse that he continued to look at me throughout the time of his introduction and even when he was leaving, he turned back again and our eyes met.Fuck! I gripped my comforter hard and tried not to think about it. He wasn't going to resume till the next week, so I didn't need to worry. Besides, someone like that would


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