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My Second Chance Human Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: lbiso
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 163
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


Nadia’s life has been mixed with miseries and misfortune; she was the full definition of unfortunate. She passed through tribulation for three years in an attempt to claim her mate and first love when she was complete with the punishment, but after her years of suffering, Nadia returned only to see her mate, Moses, already arranged to marry her sister. Nadia was in dismay and rage; everyone knew about the tribulation she had passed through to keep her man, and she wouldn’t give up without a fight. Nadia was feared because she had the guardian wolf with her, which gave her more power than the Alpha. "Moses is mine!" She screamed at the top of her voice but was shattered to earth when Moses denied his feelings for her. But Nadia had already broken the Moon Goddess rule; she would have to wait for her next savior to redeem her from such tribulation, and at this point, she doesn’t even have a second chance mate.


Nadia’s POV

The senior lady in the omega district pushed me hard and I fell with the bucket of water I was carrying, her cliques roared in laughter filled with mockery.

“You idiot! Do you have any right to share the same lane with me?” She lashed at my face and I pressed my lips against the other.

I ignored them and went over to another corner to pick the picture that fell from my hand. It was already rumpled in the mud, they watched me as I dramatically cleaned the dirt from its surface.

“What’s this?” I didn’t know when Jennifer got close to me and

snatched it from my hand. I trembled out of shock.

“Who is this?” She scoffed as she looked at it, I tried to retrieve it back but other ladies held me back.

“Oh, don’t tell me you have a lover.” She said rhetorically with her voice mixed with sarcasm as she shared the old picture with her friends.

That was the only picture I had of him, the only thing that kept

me going since I wasn’t allowed to come with anything valuable. My heart shred into pieces as they laughed at me and made ridicule of the man I love.

“Give it back!” I didn’t know where the courage came from but I knew I was good at fighting for what I want. I yelled at their faces and the last girl gave it back to me with a trembling hand.

I grabbed it from her.

“Who is he? I haven’t seen him before.” Jennifer asked curtly. “He is my - -” I wasn’t able to finish my statement when I was interrupted.

“Nadia!!” The voice was so familiar that I froze but before I did, I hid the picture under my breast.

“It’s the Luna, it’s Luna Mary.” The other servants lowered their faces while Jennifer ran away with her cliques.

It was Luna Mary. One of the most evil, wicked and annoying woman I have ever seen, she was so capricious and full of deceit. Her jealousy was too much that it had turned her heart into stone.

She rolled her eyes at me disgustingly and my gaze quickly fell down before I would get on her bad side this early morning. “What the hell are you still doing here? Have you fed Kevin this morning?” She questioned me with a very loud voice, permeating anger. I shook my head.

“I’m sorry, my lady. I would do that right now.” I attempted to leave but she grabbed my hand, as I turned to find out the reason why she held me back, I was welcomed with a hot slap on my cheek.

It turned red and my jaw dropped. “My lady -” I stuttered in astonishment.

“This is for breaking the bucket my husband bought with his money.” She hissed.

“But my lady, I - -” She shushed me with another hot slap, I did

nothing but support my face with my hand. “What have I done?” I cried out in pain.

This has been her daily routine and to think of it, it was obvious that someone had p*ss*d her off and she could only release her anger at me.

“Get out of my face!” She screamed, shoved me away and stormed into the yard.

I was still in a daze, watching as she left without an apology. The other servants laughed and whispered between themselves before leaving to do their daily task.

I didn’t take much of their actions to heart even though it hurts because this was my tribulation. This was what had already been prepared for me to pass through.

All because I wanted to stay with Moses. He wasn’t my mate but we were too close and in love, so in other to please the moon goddess and attain our love, one of us were asked to pass through tribulation and I stepped in for it.

I didn’t want the man I love to suffer and I also wanted him to live peacefully while I return to him at the right time.

To think of it, it was almost time to return home. I took a quick look at the old picture and a small smile crept on my lips, after a while, I decided to go and feed the Luna's baby.

Not a real child, Kevin was a poor spirit cat that she adopted and he became one of the big misery in my life.

“Nadia, when did you come in?” I was startled by Lord Albert’s voice, I dropped Kevin on his mate and bowed to him.

“My lord.” I greeted.

“Have you fed Kevin? Where is my wife?” He questioned as he strolled over his seat. He was the Alpha of the pack and Luna Mary’s ‘diamond’ husband.

“She is absent. I didn’t see her when I came him.” I said shortly while serving him his tea, he nodded his head.

I felt his gaze on him, intimidating yet wild and in other not to

make the atmosphere unbearable, I cleared my throat.

“My lord, if there is nothing else. I will go ahead and wash the laundry.” I attempted to leave when he grabbed my arm and I faced him, looking perplexed.

“You,” he began, staring at me intently. “Have you eaten?” His voice was suddenly filled with compassion. I have never seen this side of him because he was no different from his cruel wife.

“I - I will get something to eat, my lord.” I stuttered.

“Look at you, you have grown so big.” His eyes rolled all over me and I struggled my arm away from his grip.

“My lord.” I lowered my face.

“What’s it? Are you afraid?” He lifted my face with his fingertip and I shook my head.

“My lord…” I mumbled.

I knew within me that I was gone as a dead wolf if ever Luna Mary saw me so close with her husband, and he was trying to put me in a tight position where I wouldn’t be able to save my head.

“This is not right.” My statement followed.

I wasn’t so bold and I was looking nervous, maybe that was why he had no fear but to proceed.

“Shhh.” He shushed me flirtatiously and my eyes widened. He looked so desperate and determined to do something lustful to me.

“My wife is not here and no one is here, how about a - -?” He hasn’t finished his statement when a had stick hit my back. “Ouch!” I groaned in pain and faced back, his wife charged over me and gave me a hard slap.

“My lady!” I flare up as tears rolled down from my face.

“How dare you seduce my husband?!” Her eyes shot daggers at me, and she looked no different from a she-devil. I mumbled, unable to proffer the right word.

“He ditched me.” I struggled inwardly but I knew the painful truth that she wouldn’t believe anything that I say.


Nadia’s POV

A guard grabbed my hair with his strong hand and dragged me to the center of the pack, where people are mostly gathered. This place was used to pass information in the pack, to reject mate or execute rogues.

I was baffled as to why Luna Mary and the Alpha asked the guards to bring me here against my wish. I had apologized for my wrong and told her that I didn’t do anything but she wouldn’t believe.

Especially since her spirit cat, Kevin chose to side with the Alpha.

The pack members formed circle while I was in the middle,

sitting on the cold ground with my legs wrapped together. I was ashamed and afraid.

The pack members didn’t stop whispering, laughing and murmuring, they were also curious about what the Alpha wanted to do but at the same time, they were excited that I have finally fallen into the trap.

“She is a dead meat.” One said.

“Does she think she can do as she wish in this pack?” Honestly, I couldn’t tell why they


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