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My Protective Mate

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Lavanya Moreno's life takes a nightmarish turn when she is kidnapped and imprisoned, destined to be an Alpha's slave for over a year. She escapes with another captive woman and is captured again, this time by a group of rogues. Forced into servitude, Lavanya and her companion face daily trials. But destiny has a surprising twist in store when an Alpha, who turns out to be Lavanya's mate, come. However, Lavanya's mate hails from a small pack under constant attack by big packs. Despite having few warriors, he pledges to avenge and eradicate the Alpha who imprisoned her, and his enemies. Will she find the courage to confront her past and forge a new future alongside her mate, or will the shadows of her captivity forever haunt her?

Chapter 1

"You've satisfied me. Be a good girl, and don't make me mad." Alpha walked out of the room.

I turned my attention to the vent. It was still dark, indicating that the sun had not yet risen. Without wall clocks or cell phones, I'm like a primitive person who relies on sunlight to tell the time.

"Cold." I wrapped myself in a blanket. "Is winter coming soon?" I muttered.

I don't know how long I've been in this room. Seems like more than a year because yesterday was a new year. I watched the beautiful fireworks on television.

Through the vents, I also saw fireworks. The fireworks seemed so far away that I gave up, hoping to escape this room.

I'm sick of always being in my room, even though there is a television, and this room is so big that I can switch bodies with my wolf.

"Bored." I threw a pillow at the television that was showing a comedy show. "Everyone laughed, but I didn't. It wasn't fair!"

I threw pillows or combs dozens of times to express my frustration. But I hope the television is not damaged because the television's sound has kept this room from being quiet, and I wait for news about my dad or big brother, who is looking for my whereabouts.

I sat and straightened my legs. I let out a long breath, and my eyes fell on the advertisement on television.

"I want to wear that dress." My index finger pointed at the television. That woman makes me jealous; she wears a shirt and pants. Oh, she's also wearing high heels.

I want to wear something other than a nightgown. In the closet, there are only dozens of red nightgowns. Alpha didn't even give me sandals; I was barefoot.

The Alpha who locked me up is insane. He is only concerned with his lust. He appeared at night, his eyes filled with lust, which tormented him and turned him into a vicious man.

He really is crazy.

Every day I thought of how to strangle his neck, but I didn't dare to do it.

I'm weak and cowardly.

'No. You are not weak and cowardly. I'm the weak one. If I had been strong, we would have been out of this d*mn room a long time ago.' My wolf is sorry and sad. We couldn't comfort each other.

'If I kill that crazy Alpha...” I raised my head and stared at the ceiling. My mind wandered. Daydreaming, talking to my wolf, and meditation were activities I did every day.

'That's not a good choice. I told you, if you kill that b*st*rd, the warriors standing at the door of this room will kill you. You will die.' My wolf sighed heavily through her mouth.

I closed my eyes. Ilona is right. I would rather kill myself than be killed. I've rummaged through this room and can't find anything sharp or rope.

Is that crazy Alpha going to torture me until I meet the grim reaper?

"Excuse me, Miss Red. Today is your time for a medical check-up." The soft sound and knock on the door startled me.

"That annoying woman," I muttered in annoyance. My name isn't Red! I don't like Alpha changing my name.

The door was opened by the warrior guarding the room. The woman with red hair and glasses approached me. She smiled broadly.

"How are you?"

I ignore it. That woman was a doctor and a subordinate of that crazy Alpha. She was ordered to check my health and ensure I took my medicine.

I never forget to take medicine because I don't want to get pregnant! I don't want to have children from that crazy Alpha. He's not my mate, and I don't want my son to have the same traits as his father.

"You always drink it." The woman sat down beside me after counting the pills in the bottle I had placed on the nightstand. She took out a medical kit and began examining my body.

I don't want to see her face and talk to her.

"You are in good health." The woman left after checking my health and recording my weight.

That crazy alpha forbids me to get sick, and I have to watch my weight. He forces me to take care of my physical health, but he doesn't care about my mental health.

I stood beside the bed, my gaze was drawn to the mirror on the dresser. I'm terrified of looking in the mirror. I'm not the same as I used to be–before I was locked up and became Alpha's s*x slave.

I hold my hair; I've never cut my hair since I was in this room. There are no scissors on the dressing table, only make-up tools.

"Excuse me. I want to take dirty clothes." An omega knocked on the door. The Omega rushed into the bathroom and grabbed the basket of dirty clothes.

The omega didn't even look at me. Better that way. I hate those who give me looks of pity and ridicule.

Omega is the lowest class. If I could choose, I'd want to be the omega instead of serving that crazy Alpha on the sheets.

I stood on a pile of pillows. I put my hand on the wall. I watched the sky slowly get darker as the sun went down.

Through the vents, I always watch the sunrise and sunset. Only my hand has access to the ventilation hole. At least that crazy Alpha let some fresh air from outside into the room.

'Why are the walls so hard?' My wolf is furious. She howled and growled. Several times the warriors guarding the room banged on the door and asked my wolf to be quiet.

I switched bodies with my wolf. I can feel how much Ilona's head hurts. I'm afraid her skull is cracked.

Every day, Ilona attempts to demolish the wall. We don't care what floor this room is on. We want to escape from this place, return to my pack, and look for our mate.

'Ilona. Please stop it. You're only hurting yourself.' I'm worried. Although I'm not certain, I hope that my wolves will be able to destroy the wall this day or one day.

'I want to get out of this f*ck*ng place!' Ilona growled. Anger and annoyance burned in her chest, along with the desire to give up.

I've given up. I can do nothing but wait for someone to come to help.

I hope my dad or big brother doesn't give up looking for me and they get a clue where I am now.

"You always work hard." The hoarse voice stopped my and Ilona's heartbeat. My wolf widened to see that crazy Alpha; he stood three steps in front of Ilona. He clapped his hands with anger on his face. "I like your tenacity. You never give up and let the blood flow from your head."

I am surprised. I shouldn't have lowered my head! Ilona, ​​I'm sorry.

'Ilona, ​​control your emotions.' I prevented Ilona from replying or attacking that crazy Alpha. I can hear Ilona's thoughts that she really wants to kill him.

"You have made me angry." The crazy Alpha stroked my wolf head with a death glare. "I won't punish you. Quickly switch bodies with Red!" He used his Alpha voice.

He didn't punish Ilona, ​​but he punished me, and I already knew what he would do.

Chapter 2

"I told you you wouldn't be able to flee. You will always be in this room until I let you go." Alpha whispered, and his hand gently stroked my cheek. I shuddered. "I don't think I will." I don't want to be cooped up in this room forever; he's not my mate.Alpha is on top of me. Alpha's eyes darken with lust. He kissed my lips as if he was about to devour me. He's mighty on the sheets, and tonight he's ferocious because he's mad at me."Moan for me."I couldn't fight back, and I threw myself under his control. I gripped the sheets tightly.Every day I dig into my memory, but I can't find that crazy Alpha face in my brain. I don't know his name or where he came from. I just remember how they kidnapped me.At the time, I went to a cafe to celebrate my college friend's birthday. I came home before the event was over because my father told me to hurry hom


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