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My Possessive Master

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Maryixx
  • Chapters: 179
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 407
  • 7.5
  • 💬 10


"I'm two weeks pregnant," spoke a woman behind him, caressed her flat abdomen. She looked at him coldly, tried to meet his gaze. "My child needs a father. He needs you, Klaud!" "Abort the baby," he coldly replied and looked deeply into her weary, sullen emerald eyes. He gulped, guilty of everything that had happened that night. "My reputation will be in vain, Dianna. I... I can't bear to lose the company I've built for so many years!" Tears flew into her cheeks as she listened to him. She never thought he was a type of cold-hearted man who was willing to abort his child, his own flesh and blood. Dianna turned her back at him and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. Her heart shattered into tiny pieces as she walked away from the man who captured her heart since that night. "Forgive me, honey, your daddy is a jerk. We don't need him at all and he will never see you, never!" She whispered with bitterness in her voice and regretted sleeping next to Klaud Anderson, an alpha and Dianna's possessive master.

Chapter 1: One Night Stand (I)

"How much do you need, Young Lady?" A man in a black tuxedo asked her, biting his thin lip.

She clenched her jaw and swallowed her dignity to get the money needed for her dying sister.

Standing firm, in front of a powerful, rich CEO. Wearing a simple yet elegant white long dress embroidered with beads. She paired it with a white stiletto and a small purse on her right hand.

"Ten million dollars and you can do whatever you want to do!" she told him, "Just transfer the money to my bank account as much as possible." She added out of desperation. She can no longer bear to see her sister, dying and suffering from an accident.

The man stopped blowing the cigarette. He was surprised by the large sum she was offering to him. He stood and threw it into the trashcan, "You are too unbelievably expensive,"

He chuckled, checking the young woman in the long white dress. "Hmm, fifteen million dollars. Deal?"

"Fifteen million? That's too much for my–"

He cut her off upon lifting his hand. He put his index finger to her pale lips and gasped, "Fifteen million in exchange of a night. No cellphones, no disturbance, and no complaints about everything I want to do with you," he paused.

"Sleep with me, and after that, you will get the money... complete."

His mesmerizing blue eyes stared at her for a minute. Hypnotizing her mind, corrupting her soul, and taking her dignity.

She gulped and swallowed greedily. She only needs five million for the operation, yet she couldn't deny the fact that fifteen million was too much enough just for a night with a naughty CEO.

"Deal or you want a higher offer?" He asked her, flexing his perfect jaw and set of white teeth. He then started from her lips, down to her wet, sweating neck, until his gaze stuck on her round, medium size breast.

Yet, it took her long to decide either to accept his offer or decline it. But she needs money, and selling herself to him was the only best way and least thing she can do.

"I... I cordially accepting your offer," she answered back, trying to hold back her tears.

A deafening silence filled the room until he pulled her closer to his hard chest. Both of them chased their breaths, looking deeply into each other eyes.

"You are mine tonight, young lady." He whispered and sealed her with an aggressive, passionate kiss.


Klaud Anderson brought her to an expensive five-star hotel owned by his sister. He chose the most grandiose, elegant room for a night with her.

"This way, Sir, Ma'am!" The hotel's receptionist leads the way to their room.

She was too quiet, nervous, and trembling. She has to do this; she must do this thing to save her sister from the brisk of death.

"Hey," Klaud poked her. "What are you doing? We're here!" He narrowed his eyes on the young woman who's standing still in front of the door.

She was afraid of what will happen yet, a strong force pushed her to take a step forward.

"I thought you will be going to run away from me," he chuckled and slowly locked the door. Watching her walk towards the mesmerizing, wide room.

"Wow! I– I have never been here before! This is completely beautiful and relax–" she paused upon realizing the real reason why she's with him.

She quickly looked away from his meaningful gaze and tried to divert his attention to the chandelier.

"Look! If I'm not mistaken, I saw that chandelier in a well-known mart!"

But he silently walked closer to her. He looks deeply into her eyes until..., "Dianna," he called her name sweetly that made her heart stop pounding. "I want you tonight, and I own you the whole time." He added, biting his lower lip.

Dianna Sy is a popular patisserie. She owned a small bakery shop which she was also the one who makes cookies and cakes. But she had to sell herself to the rich CEO for her beloved sister.

Klaus Anderson pulled her closer to her chest. Sighing deeply that caught her off, "C–can I ask yo–you a fa–favor?" She told him, stuttering and feeling nervous.

Dianna is thinking about switching off the lights, the color of her underwear, her scent, and everything! She was too bothered and uncomfortable with how she looks and smells.

"Say it, darling, before I could lose control." He replied, moving slowly with his hands on her waist. "Do you want to take a shower first, or you want me to go with you, huh?"

Dianna knew that the man who bought her for a night is known for being wild, naughty, and violent in bed. Many girls slept with him, and she expected that he's truly a player who only wants women's bodies.

She opened her mouth and was about to utter a word when she felt a warm hand on her thigh, "Uh!" She moaned shortly, but she held her breath and managed to say it, "Can we tu–turn the li–lights off? Oh, holy!"

His warm hands rested on her thighs that have made her moan and sighed heavily.

"Moan louder, Dianna Sy! You came to and sell yourself to me and I bought you without hesitation, uh!" He abruptly bites her ears. Enough to make Dianna gasped and chased her breath.

"Tu–turn the lights off, please! Please, Klaud!" She covered her chest with her arms, hindering him from touching it.

The next thing that happened was too fast and abrupt. Dianna opened her eyes and found herself in the bed. She then looked at the man switching off the lights until...,

"Get up and follow me,"

"Wh–where? I... I don't have clothes to wear than this!" She screamed at the top of her lungs but stopped when she felt his lips touched against her.

"You will no longer need it! Tonight, I want your soul, your body!" He wiped his lips and walked through the see–through comfort room.

Klaud stopped right in front of the door and hastily took off his clothes. "Wh–what are you doing? You ca–can do that privately, huh!" Dianna shouted at him, covering her eyes with her hands.

But the naughty CEO giggled and replied, "Don't cover your eyes! You will be going to see this later!" He winked that brought thousands of butterflies in her stomach.

Why would Dianna have felt that way? When she sells herself to Klaud Anderson for fifteen million dollars?

Is it possible to fall in love with him when she knew the consequences?

Chapter 2: One Night Stand (II)

Dianna has finally taken the chance to push the door right in front of her. She was breathing deeply until Klaud grabbed her arm without asking first her permission.

"Kl–klaud," she murmured. "For he–heaven's sa–"

He sealed her with a kiss that made her knees weak. She quickly put her arms around his neck and felt the burning sensation.

Slowly, Klaud deepens the kiss as he reached for the faucet. Water poured into their body without breaking the passionate kiss. Until he took off her white, long dress that fell into the wet floor.

"Hmm," she moaned, grabbing his hair like she wanted to climb up above his chest. "Kl–klaud! For he–heaven's sake why is it feels so good?!"

Dianna wanted to shut her mouth, but she couldn't hold it back anymore. She wanted for more, she longed for someone's touch until Klaud kissed his chest.

"Oh, my holy crap!" She screamed as she felt something


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