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My missing luna

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Samuel Stone,the alpha of Moondor kingdom has to travel to another world to find his mate. He is accompanied by his friend, Payne, a Beta. They go to the other world and finds his mate,then he discovers she is a human. A human! Sam was angry with the Moon goddess for pairing him with a human,a weakling but he had to accept her because of the prophesy. He also finds out Zoe has no memory of her childhood. He decides to find out more about Zoe. Later,Zoe was kidnapped by Klaus,Sam's enemy and Alpha of Blue Moon kingdom and Carlos,a vampire from Baltizar. He rescues her but why would an old vampire want Zoe? What's special about her? Most importantly who is Zoe?

Chapter 1

The sun ray shone into my eyes and the cool breeze moved the curtain gently paving way for it. I rubbed my sleepy eye only to check my alarm clock.

"It's 8:05A.M." I yelled and rubbed my sleepy eyes again.

I threw the alarm clock that betrayed me against the wall and it shattered.

I ran into the bathroom,brushed my teeth ran back into my room and changed into a black hoodie and a black trouser.

I packed all the books on my dressing table and shoved them into my bag. I looked at myself in the mirror. My black eyes looked so tired and weary. My brown short hair looked scattered because I haven't combed it. I'm twenty years and I still don't know how to use make up. I just stared at myself in the mirror for a while then I continued shoving books in my bag.

My book on werewolves fell down as I was picking the notes I wanted to take to school. I grabbed it and returned it on the table.

I've always liked werewolves since I was 16. I'm currently studying zoology in the university of Iowa LA. I can't really remember my childhood,or my parents I don't know why though but I've always loved werewolves a lot and I feel they exist. I've read so many book about them and I prayed every night just to discover one.

I ran out of the house only to see the college bus go off.

"Mr Harry would go crazy if he sees me late again."

I walked down the road and crossed. I moved to Barkley street. I started jogging and walked passed all the short cut I could remember. My stomach grumbled, I rubbed it as I jogged on.

"Not this time honey." I said to myself.

I finally got to campus. I barged into the class and all eyes were on me including Mr Harry.

"You are late again."He said.

"I'm sorry sir. I missed the bus and

"Just go to your seat. You always have an excuse." He said,cutting me off.

I sat in front. The seat most students always avoided because Mr Harry would always point to the person there and attack him or her with questions.

He lectured for an hour. It was a really boring lecture, I even slept off some times. He left the class and I was overjoyed. I went to the coffee store immediately.


In the kingdom of Moondor, the alpha Daniel Stone burial was just concluded.

They went into a room to sit and talk. The room had a long table and chairs were arranged opposite to each other. They all sat down to discuss including Daniel's son,Samuel who is to take over as their Alpha.

"Now that we've finished your father burial, you really need to find your mate." Stuart,an elder of Moondor suggested.

"I already have a mate but she is not someone I can get." Samuel answered back. His blue eyes shone with anger.

"If you can't get your mate,we cant let you be our alpha." Zane,another elder said and the other elders nodded in agreement.

Samuel stood up and hit his hand on the table. One thing the people of Moondor know is that they should never make Samuel angry. Apart from the fact that his dad was an Alpha. His masculine figure and his height is something they feared. Samuel became a warrior at age 9.He looked too tall for his age then and he was a ruthless and no nonsense werewolf.

Now that he is twenty four years,he looks like his age. His blue eyes,black curly hair and his pencil nose complimented his pink lips. His height and his broad shoulder makes him more handsome and attractive, thus making him every wolves ideal mate in Moondoor.

"My Luna is in another world,a world I've never been to and you expect me to go there and bring her back?" Samuel asked.

"I don't care Samuel. All I know is I won't listen or allow an Alpha rule me without his mate." Stuart said.

Samuel began to change to his wolf form and Stuart knelt down.

"I'm sorry okay. Don't kill me. I'm just saying. What will the people think of you if you become our Alpha without a mate?" Stuart asked.

"Stand up!" Samuel commanded.

"Fine. I'll go find her. But you guys should remember the prophesy. If it turns out bad, don't blame me. Samuel said and walked away murmuring to himself.

"He better find her." Zane said and the others nods their head positively agreeing to this statement.

Samuel walked home,he met his friend Payne. Payne is a beta. He is also a good warrior but not as good as Samuel. He is slim and tall and a blondie unlike Samuel.

"What's wrong Samuel? You look angry." Payne asked.

"I need to find my mate before I can be the Alpha." Samuel answered sharply.

"That's going to be hard. She is in the other world and our ancestors have warned us never to cross over to their border. The last person who went there was killed." Payne said.

"I know but I have to find her. The prophesy on her is also a total turn off. What was the moon goddess thinking paring me to her?" Samuel asked.

"Don't hate her yet. See her first." Payne said.

"You need to find her before the Blue moon kingdom wages war on us. I'm sure they know we are weak now and the elders won't choose an alpha until you have a mate." Payne explained.

"Fine. I'll go find her. That's if I'm in a good mood."Samuel's said as he entered a huge Mansion.

The mansion is painted yellow. They both walked into the living room. It had a three seaters, two seaters and a single one. It's a blue leather chair.

Payne and Samuel sat down to continue their discussion.

"Thinking about Blue moon Kingdom always gives me headache. Klaus should just accept defeat and leave my kingdom. " Samuel said rubbing his forehead.

"You should have known that Klaus is a stubborn man. " Payne said.

"I know but he is already becoming a pain in the neck." Sam said.

"We'll find a way to get rid of him when we find your mate." Payne said.

"No. I'll get rid of him before I find my mate." Sam said sharply.

"Seriously Sam. You need to find her so you can take over. The other werewolves are waiting for you to get weak. What if someone challenges you?" Payne asked, he face squeezed out of worry.

"Then let them come. I'm ready for any fight." Sam said.


Getting to the coffee shop, I met my friend who has always been with me since I lost my parents. Her parents Mr and Mrs Boseman have been really good to me.

"Hey Zoe." She screamed my name.

"Hey Stella." I greeted her. She was in her normal blue jean and black top. That's how she dresses most of the time and I kept wondering if that's the only clothes she's got. At least she packed her hair today. It was a messy bun.

"Blue and black again." I said.

"Yes girl." she replied.

"Want some coffee?" I asked.

"Yes durrr. Why am I here then?" She shrugged.

I ordered two cups of coffee and paid. An americano been my favorite and a capriccio hers.

"How was lectures today?" She asked.

"Boring as usual. Mr Harry's class." I said,sipping the hot coffee.

"Do you still get those nightmares?" She asked. All her focus on me as she sips her coffee.

"Yes. I'm learning how to deal with them though." I said. I said.

"I wonder the kind of childhood you had. I'm sure your birth parents will find you soon." Stella assured.

"Can we not talk about this?"

"Fine ma'am. Your wish is my command." Stella teased

"What are you up to?" She asked.

"Nothing much. After coffee I'm going back home." I said.

Chapter 2

"Wake up." I heard Payne's voice as he whispered and tapped my shoulder.

"No." I grunted covering my face with my black blanket.

"You have to go address your people,they are protesting." Payne said.

"Wait, what?" I asked throwing away the blanket off my body revealing my bare chest.

"They are protesting. You need to go find your mate before other kingdom realizes how weak we are and they wage war." Payne said opening my wardrobe throwing a pair of trouser and a white shirt to me.

"What's wrong with them? We discussed this yesterday and I said I'll go look for her." I said standing up from the bed.

"Well, you need to go find her as soon as possible. Time is running out." Payne said walking towards me.

"Wear these now before they bring down the house."

"I'm going to brush and take a bath before I address them." I said wal


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