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Eliana was raised by her father who is an Alpha but her father doesn't love her because she is his heir and he wanted a son to lead his pack because that was pack law. Her father plans to send her away and not tell her because she is a hybrid wolf she's part witch. The king Alpha and Eliana meet in the woods and find out that they are mates, what will become of Eliana now that her mate has found her and she will have to leave? Will her father accept or will he go down a dark path?

Chapter 1: The Meeting

My name is Eliana, and I am a part wolf and witch. My father is the Alpha, Alpha of the Moonlight pack, and we are a pack of healers and warriors, but I was trained in both since there is a chance that my mate could come at any time. So I was running in the woods in wolf form. My wolf is named Ariah, and when she takes over, my eyes turn red, and my fur is black and white; when the moon shines on my fur, it looks as if the moon goddess herself blessed me.

While I am going on my run through the woods, I find myself in front of a lake, and I stop because I really don’t want to get wet in my wolf form. So I just lay in the grass beside the lake and just stared at the moon and just hoped that one day soon, my mate would show up and show me what love truly is. I always thought that by now, my mate would come from a close-by pack, my father would accept him, and I would go back with him to his pack and become their luna. In wolf culture, being a Luna is the highest honor for a female wolf.

The Luna wolf takes care of women and children, helps Alpha with training the men sometimes, and even attends important events such as balls, weddings, council meetings, etc. I hear something behind me, and I instantly get into my defensive stance. I turn to where the sound came from, smell something unusual, and start to calm down from the smell itself.

I see another wolf, and I instantly see an Alpha. I don’t recognize him, and then he gets into his human form, and I am shocked! It is the King Liam of the wolves. I instantly changed into my human form and bowed, but that didn’t stop the king from moving so fast that I didn’t know what had happened until I was back in the grass with him on top of me.

" My king, did I upset you with my bow?” I asked. ” You... I smelled you for miles, and your scent made me go wild, and I just had to find you,” he growled. He seemed upset to find just little old me by myself.



I smelled for miles and was at the edge of the woods when I started to pick up her scent. I instantly knew I had to find her and took off running. I don’t know when I changed into my wolf form, but Kain took over when her scent hit my nose, and I knew she was my MATE.

I had never felt this pull before from anyone, and I have had partners, many of whom I thought were my mate but her. She looked gorgeous when she turned into her human form with her brunette curly locks and mocha skin tone; her eyes were so different from the looks. She had brown eyes with a hint of black.

I couldn’t believe the moon goddess blessed me with such a beautiful mate. I lost control and pinned her on the ground in the grass. I just stared into her eyes and was lost in a trance of pure lust and the bliss of being whole. I look into her eyes and tell her she feels the same. ” Tell me, lovely, what is your name?” I asked seductively, ” E Eliana, my king,” she answered, feeling my member growing in size as she spoke.

I got up so quickly that I could tell she was confused, I had to get up, or I would take her right here, and I couldn’t do that; I wanted everything to be perfect for her. She is something more beautiful in person than I could ever imagine.



I just froze because not only was I in shock from the encounter with the king, but I had just found out that he was my mate. The usual way we find out is through the Alphas of our packs, so sadly, I haven’t heard about my mate from my Alpha, who is my father. So I just looked at the alpha king and realized he was my mate; all I could do was bow to him.

"“I never expected my mate to be you, my king,“” I said shyly; he walked towards me and lifted my head. He kissed me, and all I wanted was for him to take me right here. I never wanted someone as much as I want him right now, and he stepped away from me, and the last he said shocked me more than anything.“” ” My queen, you have my heart and made me whole,“” he said, bowing to me.

I looked at him puzzled, and could hear my heart skip a beat just looking at this glorious man. His short, jet-black curly hair and his muscles rippling in the moonlight, and his eyes, those eyes looked as if the ocean itself filled them with a flicker of black in them. I could stare into them for all eternity. I was utterly in awe, staring at him at this very moment that I completely forgot that I needed to head home. I wanted to stay with him and never leave his side.

"“Would you like to come back to my parents with me? My Alpha never told me you were my mate”" I said softly without upsetting him. He said without hesitation, ” I told him not to simply because I wanted to see you first.

"“I shifted into my wolf form, and when I was done, I looked back at him, and he shifted into this beautiful shade of black with his eyes turning into a shade of green that would make any girl swoon. I mind-linked to him”" let’s see how fast you are, my king”" I could sense that my taunt upset him a bit, but I just internally smirked and took off running.

Chapter 2: The Race


We raced to her pack home, and I knew that her pack was hidden by a veil that hid it from other wolves so that they could avoid war with other packs. But unfortunately, her pack has a witch in its midst, which is why other packs are upset because her mother is there helping her hone her skills while training as a wolf with her father.

The race to her pack home was rough because I tried to keep up with her, and for some reason, she was faster than most she-wolfs I had met. Nevertheless, I was impressed and turned on watching her try to keep me from getting ahead of her.

I saw her stop in front of the edge of a tree and change into her human form. I saw her grab some clothes from behind a tree and get dressed in tiny shorts that showed off her ass and a crop top with a V-neck so low I swear I almost saw her more than just cleavage.

She bared her wolf fangs and howled, and as she was howling, I felt the urge to pounce on her and make her mine right


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