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My Human Mate (Book 2 Of The Cold Hearted Vampires Series)

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It is a sequel to "The Cold-Hearted Vampire And The Slave" It's a story of how Alisha and Max daughter of Queen Erika and King Logan face all the challenges that come in their path and have a happy ending. Robert N Dawson is a Lycian. Alisha L Ellwood is a human. He is the son of kings of all the werewolves. She is an adopted daughter of the Queen of all creatures. He is soon to be the king of all werewolves. She is soon to be a representative of the vampire council. He is a most feared and restless person and a high school popular playboy. She is a loner and bullied by most popular students, especially by his group. He wants nothing more than a mate. She wants nothing more than love. He is 20 years old. She is going to be 18 soon. What happens when they find out that they are mates and made for each other? Will they accept each other or will reject each other? Will they be able to face the problems that the world throws at them and have their happy ending?

Meeting Miss Griselda

( 4 years old Alisha P. O. V)

"Wake up Alisha, wake up or you're going to be late. From today your class on how to live and fit between royalties is going to start. A lady is going to come to teach you so you better get up and get ready otherwise I will have to do it in a hard way," my Mom said while pulling the cover away from my body.

"Okay okay I'm up," I said yawning and stretching my hands.

"Good, go get ready, your bath is ready and your clothes for today are in the washroom on the sink. Met me downstairs in the dining room for breakfast," Mom said and kissed my forehead then walked out of my room.

I walk to my washroom, wash my face, and brush my teeth. After that, I remove my clothes and enter the bathtub. After 15 minutes I get dressed and walk out of my washroom to see a servant waiting for me in my room.

"Her Highness has sent me to help you get ready, my lady," the servant said to me and I just nodded at her and then sat in the chair in front of the mirror so she could brush my hair.

After she brushes my hair and helps me get ready I walk downstairs to have some breakfast. When we were done with the breakfast a servant came and said something in Grandma Melisha's ear, she looked at Mom and nodded her head at her and Mom nodded her back.

I look at both of them in confusion and I think she saw that and clear my confusion.

"Your teacher is here, come on let's go and meet her," she said and we all walked to the living room.

"Erika, Alisha meet Miss Griselda, she is going to teach her how to be a princess, Miss Griselda meet Alisha she is the one who you are going to teach," Grandma introduces her and Mom shakes her hand her.

"It's nice to finally meet you, My Queen," Miss Griselda said while shaking her hand with my mom.

"Same here Miss Griselda," my mom said smiling at her.

"Please, Don't be so strict or too easy on her," my mom said to her.

"As you wish, my lady," Miss Griselda said to her with a gentle smile on her face.

"Stella," Mom called one of the servants.

"Please show Miss Griselda her room and Alisha's room," Mom said to her.

"Stella will show you your room, get adjusted to your new surroundings today, and you can start her training tomorrow," Mom said to miss Griselda Stella took her bag from her and led her to what I guess was her room.

"Mom, why don't you teach me? Why to hire another person to teach me?" I asked her when I was sure that Miss. Griselda can't hear us.

"I wish I could but I can't teach you, I have to start my own training to be a queen and I also have to take care of my three toddlers, Give her a chance if you don't like her then come and tell me, okay, then I will do it she seems nice anyway," she asked.

"Okay," I said smiling at her.

"Go and spend some time with her and get comfortable with her then tell me if you like her or not, okay," she asks smiling wide okay.

"Okay," I said gulping and leaving to go to her room.

"May, I come, Miss Griselda," I ask her after knocking on her door.

"Yes, sure come in dear, and please take a seat," she said while looking at me with a smile and arranging her clothes in the closet. I walk inside and sit on her bed.

"So tell me something about you," she said closing her closet and taking a seat next to me.

"I was a slave, lived in the trash, and ate trash before my adopted parents Erika and Logan adopted me as their own daughter and loved me as one, I don't know about my biological parents I think they abound me when I was born and you already know that I am a human right. " I said to her and she nodded at me.

"Yeah I know," she said with a gentle smile. We talk for some time until a servant comes and informs us that lunch is ready to serve and we walk down to the dining room to eat lunch, after that, we go to our room to have some sleep.

At the evening we played with my siblings and played games with each other or just watched some movies until it was time to go to eat dinner and go to sleep.

With the passing of time, I got to know Miss Griselda she also told me to call her by her first name Naina. I also get to learn many things from her. She has become my big sister with the passing of time and mom was very happy about it too.

She teaches me to hide my emotions, how to walk in front of others, how to eat in front of others, how to control my anger etc.

She also teaches me about many different types of creatures, their strength, weaknesses, and other things about them. I cried very much when she left to go back to her home but she promised me she would keep visiting me occasionally and I could also come to visit her whenever I want.

My training continued for 3 months and for the next 1 month, she taught me to protect myself from bullies in the school as much as I can protect myself.

From tomorrow I will start my studies in school and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. Let's hope for the best but I doubt that it will happen.

First Day in the school

(Alisha P. O. V)

"Get up, Alisha, or otherwise you gonna be late for school," my mom said while shaking me to get me up. I groan and sit up on my bed, yawning.

"Good morning, Mom," I said, stretching my arms and smiling at her.

"Good morning, sweetie, go to the washroom and get ready for school," she said while folding the covers.

"Is it necessary to go to supernatural school why can't I go to the normal school?" I ask my mom with puppy dog eyes.

"Yes, it is necessary, and you can't go to normal human school because you would be a human, but now you are a family member of a supernatural royal family, you have to learn to mix up with the supernatural, and I know it was not going to be easy, but you don't if you don't try and always remember that your father and I love you and will always love you and be there for you, you can always come to us if anyone harasses you okay?" she asks with a smile on her face.

"Okay," I said, s


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