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My Broken Love

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Laree
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Mia has kept to herself most of her life, not wanting the disappointment that usually comes with people. After getting her wolf her best friend drags her out to a party only for Mia’s life to change forever. Hurt and betrayal on the table as someone from her past is suddenly forced back into her life. Will Mia finally accept her fate and happiness or will her distrust for people and the pain of her future mate cause her more heartbreak? Will her mate finally get past the grief of losing his mother and the fear that comes with finding his Luna?



If I would have know this party would be a bust I would have never came. I would have never bother to put the energy into my outfit or makeup or the fact that I even exfoliated! I could be home right now cuddled up with a good book but instead here I am, in the midst of this hell hole of a gathering with the ton drunk or some few under the influence of whatever it is the night has chose and all I can do is wish to be away.

I would have never came if it wasn’t for my best friend… Amelia. Yeah, the one gringing on a random pack member. Her black sequined dress seemed to sparkle with every twist and turn around the bonfire. She has always been more outgoing and flashy than me. I pulled my over-size flanel around me more, under sporting a maroon tanktop with fringed jean shorts. Not to say that my figure wasn’t flattering, but I was also covered in all the areas needing.

I’m your basic young lady, 5’3 with strawberry blonde hair, greenish blue eyes and by no means do I have a supermodel body, but I definitely caught attention when I wanted, which isnt very often. I stay to myself a lot, not because I'm weird or people dont like me. Its just that I'm not very fond of people, I've learned to not expect much of anyone.

Amelia seemed to think that getting me out of the house would do me some good seeing as I’m such a homebody. Ha! With the disappointment of the night I found myself wandering, lost in my thoughts. The lake waves rolling ashore was a very peaceful sound and I found myself thankful that it almost could overrule the party noice. Sitting on a nearby log I starred into the night sky, until I heard a faint noise behind me.

I turn to see Xander with a tiny brunette she-wolf pressed to a tree, kissing her neck as she moaned into the night. Xander had been my childhood best friend and crush, that was until he apparently got too cool to hang out anymore. He had been gone for months now, assuming his mother had been killed by rouges the week before he left we all assume it was grief that sent him away. Since being gone I had finally gotten my wolf.

I decided that I had enough of the disgusting moans and got up to go. Suddenly the wind shifted and the most heavenly smell flooded my nose. I gasped as my wolf raged inside me, MATE. Xander was my mate. Tall, skin so sun kissed and his body so fit you would think the Goddess herself came down to hand create him.

Suddenly Xander turned, his sandy hair a mess around his angelic face, his emerald eyes felt as if they could burn holes through mine. He gasped when he saw that it was me, I could almost see hurt in his eyes. Emotions coursed through me as not only my ego but my wolf was pained to see the disappointed look our mate had given us. I did the only thing my body would let me do, I ran, thankful in that moment that I only had a 3 preparty shots with Amelia.


POV Xander

It felt weird being back with my pack after being gone for so long. Looking around at how everyone had carried on with life while I was struggling inside so much didn’t help me at all. I needed a distraction.. ahhhh there goes one right there. I took another shot as a walked to a tiny brunette named Amber, she was well known for doing just about anything if you know what I mean.

I took her hand and led her over to a tree that wasn’t as close to the rest of the party. With little force I push my body closer to hers causing her to back up to the tree with her breast pressed to my chest. I kissed her neck, her lips, she wiggled and moaned. Still it wasn’t enough for me to escape my thoughts so I slowly lifted her dress to find her already wet for me. Just as I was going to slip a finger under her panties it hit me.

Goddess, that smell. So familiar yet so far away. As I was processing that my mate was near I heard a small gasp. She felt it too. I turned to


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