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My Alpha Maid

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The president's daughter Natalia Aquino is a pampered brat. With just a few snaps of her fingers, she can acquire everything she desires. She has a degree in Architecture and has a bright future but she continued to be a freeloader and always tries to create a ruckus to taint her father's reputation. The president can't do anything but watch her daughter do things on her way. He was too busy being the father of the country and it was too late to discipline his daughter. She has numerous security guards and maids, so she questioned why her father felt the need to recruit a new maid for her. July Mercado, her private gorgeous maid/lady guard, who had promised her father to tame her, was now the problem. She argued with her father that she didn't need the gorgeous maid, but something happened that made her think differently: the maid protected her from a dangerous creature that was a vampire and tried to kill her. Natalia learned more from her maid/lady guard during the time that the murder took place. She's a wolf, not just an ordinary person. The two felt a connection to each other when they first met but they keep trying to deny those feelings until they discovered more intimate and shocking details about each other.

Chapter 1: The Maid


Some people know and believe that it’s happening, but others are still happily doing the lives they are used to, obliviously.

The catastrophe that will soon happen is the war between vampires and wolves. These are two powerful creatures that the entire human race never thought existed. It's a silent war that humans are so oblivious to.

In the country of Freelipinas, life goes on. As always, despite the many disasters that come into the people’s lives there, they could still muster a wide smile.

The Freeds, or what they call the citizens of the country, are known to be some of the most cheerful people in the world, no matter what disaster happens. They can still smile, even if they are sick or healthy, rich or poor. But everything is about to change.

The current President, Jaime Aquino, has made this country into a first-world country. Before he took office, Freelipinas was always lacking in the field of economics. The country was so poor. Every Freeds was suffering from hunger.

Luckily, President Jaime saved the entire country. That is why people do not want to demote him or move him out of his position as their leader. President Jaime has been a great leader, so the people of Freelipinas decided that he would be the permanent leader of the country.

No one opposes him because President Jaime was also a powerful man and dedicated to his work and countrymen. He was a perfect leader, a perfect husband, and a perfect father.

Jaime himself has no flaws in terms of his political life. President Jaime doesn't have a wife anymore because she died when he won the election. She was murdered, and no one knows who killed her until now.

That murder case was still left as a mystery...

The president did not bother to open the case. He remained silent and let it fade till the years passed.

So just like the other issues, it just faded away. Until the next generation forgets about it. Some Freeds suspected that the murderer was the president, with the theory that he didn't want anyone to share his position with his wife because his wife was a clever woman who was also good in politics. But no one has proven that. It's all just speculation.

Now, he is left with his daughter, Natalia, who is a very spoiled brat. The president has spoiled her to cover for his absence in his duty as a father because he is busy being the head of the family of the country.

Natalia graduated as an architect and was good in her profession, but she prefers to be a freeloader. She loves clubbing, shopping, drinking with friends, dating, flirting, and just playing around. No serious attachment in terms of a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship. She was just playing. Playing hearts and breaking them.



"BUT THE PRESIDENT had enough of Natalia's easy-going life. He wants to make sure that his daughter will learn her lesson, Juls," said our Chief Officer, Emilio Mercado, who happens to be my father.

We are in his office now, and we are discussing this new assignment.

"So what's the deal, Chief?" I asked her while looking at my wristwatch. I'm not very interested in this case.

A rich kid and a spoiled brat? She's not just a rich kid, she's the president's daughter and seems to be feeling entitled. D*mn... if I take the case, I am sure I will not only experience a headache but a lot of other kinds of aches as well.

"Are you in a hurry, Agent July?" he asked, noticing me glancing at my watch. Busted.

"Go on, Chief. It can wait," I said as I sat erect. I have a date, but I'm sure my date will understand why I will be late. But again, this case is too cliche and too boring.

"Now where are we... Ah, yes... Here, look at Nat's file." He handed me a brown envelope containing Natalia's file.

I took its contents and stared intently at the picture.

The lady in the photo was an angel. I've seen a lot of beautiful women in my life, and not just with my naked eyes. I can say I've explored a lot of them too, physically. I am sure you know what I mean. However, this beautiful green-eyed goddess is different. A good difference. She's gorgeous and, what can I say, hot!

In case you’re wondering, I'm a lesbian, and I don't bother to deny that.

I'm Agent July Aliyah Mercado, one of the best agents of a secret security agency, namely VALIENTE. This is a family-owned business, but not just an ordinary agency.

My father, Emilio, was the Chief because he was our Alpha. Yes, we are wolves in hiding. Humans don't know that we exist. Other creatures know that we do exist. Those are the vampires.

And yeah, just one normal human, the president. Yes, President Jaime knows we exist. He will not know about Valiente if he doesn't know about us. Our pack is the one who is making his dear life safe. He owes us big time and vice versa. He saved my grandfather's life before, so we are just returning the favor.

This agency was built a long time ago. My parents inherited it from my great-great-grandparents.

Everything has changed in this generation's life here in Freelipinas. There was a huge improvement. We are now a first-world country, and technology is also being upgraded.

My father teased, "Sweetie, your saliva is dripping." He knows that his only daughter is a lesbian. He doesn't mind. Mom also doesn't mind. They say as long as I’m happy, they will support me. Besides, LQBTQIA+ is pretty much accepted in today's generation, so a same-s*x relationship is not a big deal.

"Nahhh... just another pretty face, Dad," I denied, looking away at Natalia's profile. I'm trying my very best not to look at her photo again. I don’t want to give my father a reason to tease me again.

"Yeah right, I know you, July. You are a chick magnet just like your father," he said, smirking.

"Chick magnet, huh? Let’s see what Mommy says about that," I said, with a playful smirk on my face.

"Hey, don’t be like that, kid. You know, I'm loyal to your mommy," he said, defensively. Even though he is our brave Alpha, he is still terrified of his Luna.

"Fine. So, what does the president want?" I returned to our topic.

"I know you just came from an intense mission, July. But you're the only one I can count on for this mission, " he says.

Yes, I just came from Russia. I was there for four months because I dealt with vampires who intimidated people there. I was sent to work with my fellow wolves in that part of Russia. We managed to defeat the vampires, and now I'm back here.

As for the president's daughter, I am not familiar with her because I didn't grow up here. I grew up with grandparents who migrated to Paris during the height of the war between humans, vampires, and wolves when I was five years old. My grandparents took me with them to keep me safe and train me there. I just came back last year, and now I'm Dad's assistant at Valiente.

Now I'm twenty-one years old. Trained in martial arts, archery, guns, and high-tech equipment. You can say I’m super ready for everything. Except for love, I've got no time for that.

"The president wants to assign a personal guard for Natalia. The previous threats he got were only from humans, but this time they came from a vampire. So he will tighten his security, especially for her spoiled child," Dad added.

"How spoiled is the daughter of the President, Dad? Have you met her?" I asked with one eyebrow raised. I wonder how much of a spoiled brat that woman is.

"I met her once at a President's party and I can say she's a b*tch, July. She always yells at the waiters and scolds and humiliates the maids in front of them. Even the visitors that she doesn't like, will embarrass them in front of everybody. Her Dad will try to control her, but the president can’t do anything. People are now saying that only Natalia can damage the reputation of the President. The President cannot disown her because she is his only child..." my father narrated.

Wow! Bad girl, huh? Daddy rarely uses that B-word, but he used it for Natalia. Unknowingly, I looked at the picture of her again. The Natalia I see in the photo is far different from what my father is describing. In the picture, she was wearing a yellow sundress and charmingly smiling at the camera. She looks like an angel in the picture, but she's a tigress in person. Hmm... can I tame her?

"So you want me to be her bodyguard, Dad?" I concluded. He nodded. "Okay. No problem. I am fine with it..." I agreed, so we can put this conversation to rest. However, his expression gives me an unsatisfied look.

"July… err… the thing is..." he paused. What's up now?

"What now, Dad?" I threw him an impatient question while looking once at the time on my wristwatch. I'm late for my lunch date.

"You need to act as Natalia’s maid so that it will not be obvious that you are her bodyguard."

What?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

"Excuse me?" I asked in shock.

"You need to apply as a maid so that the vampires won't notice that you are Nat's guard…" he repeated. "Because the President has a suspicion that the vampires have also infiltrated the White House," he explained.

I was dumbfounded. I couldn't speak for a minute. Maid? Me? What the hell?

"That's all. They will introduce you as a maid, but you're Natalia's personal lady guard. Sweetie, please do this for me. We need to help the president because he is our ally. Besides, your grandfather is indebted to him. That's why we can't leave him alone in this fight."

I sighed, looking at him before speaking. "Do I have a choice?"

His face lightened up. "Thanks, sweetie, I mean, Agent July. I promise, after this mission, I will give you a six-month break."

"I'll hold on to that promise, Dad." I smiled, hearing what he said.

Six months of vacation? Wow! I'm excited. I needed that because I was beaten up by the missions that Dad assigned me previously. I deserve this.

"So, can I go now?" I asked.

"Uh, one more thing, kid…"

"What's that, Dad?"

"Haven't you met your mate yet?" He excitedly asked.

"Not yet, Dad. I don't think I'm ready for that." Dad sighed.

"I understand, sweetie, but you must know that you're not getting any younger and, as the future alpha, you should be able to imprint because your packs will not be fully grown if you don’t. I am afraid that the apocalypse will happen and your pack will miss being full-grown…" he said in a concerned tone. I just nodded because I understood what he meant.

Now, I feel more responsible for my pack, which has not yet fully grown. I have six of them. My two twin brothers, Rizal and Andres, Jacqui, Myra, Allou, and Devon. Rizal and Andres are also working at Valiente. They're twenty years old, including Jacqui and Allou. Myra and Devon are still college students.

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll make sure that I’ll be able to meet her before the day of our fight with the vampires. We'll make sure to be ready as soon as possible," I assured him. He nodded in agreement.

"I trust you, Juls…"

I nodded and said goodbye to him. I hurried out of Dad’s office and went to the lobby. I saw my lunch date while reading the newspaper. She was engrossed in reading whatever was in the newspaper. I went to her side.

"Sorry, I'm late," I said. Her blue eyes sparkled when she saw me.

"It's okay, best. I know the Chief nagged you again…" She stood up, leaving the newspaper in her seat, and held my other arm.

"No, Jac. I have a new assignment. I'll tell you about it later," I told her, then we walked out of the secret building.

My lunch date partner was my best friend, Jacquilyn Gomez. One of my pack members and the first one who accepted me as a lesbian when I came out to her a long time ago. She knows me better than I know myself. We were young, and Jac and I had never lost communication, even when I was in Paris. She's understanding and a great friend. That's why I treasure and treat her as a sister and best friend.

We entered the elevator, I pressed the UP button, and we exited in an unused phone booth located somewhere in the alley that is part of the city. That is our entrance to the agency, simple and not too obvious.

We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and ate there. I told Jacqui about my new assignment and all she did was give me a wide eye and then a hard laugh.

She can never stop laughing when I talk about the "maid" condition.

"I can't imagine you'll be a maid, best." She was still laughing when she said that.

"Me too," I said, laughing.

That idea is really funny. What about me? Will the gorgeous and s*xy July Mercado be a maid? I'm probably going to be the most beautiful and sexiest house helper you'll ever see. I am not conceited, but this is purely true.

Jacqui was teasing me all the way when the person I didn't expect to see personally soon arrived. I was supposed to see and meet her tomorrow, but I guess destiny wants to meet us now.

I look to the entrance, where she gloriously enters. She's wearing a white tank top with her cleavage appearing, tight skinny black jeans that fit snugly on her long-toned legs. I bet her height was 5'6". I'm only two inches taller than her. Lastly, she’s wearing black knee boots.

So simple yet so elegant and beautiful. Her long reddish-brown hair was perfectly curled on her s*xy back in beach curls. Her green eyes were hidden by her sunglasses.

I didn't realize that I had been staring at the s*xy woman for a long time. Of course, I recognized her immediately, even though I only saw her in my pictures. I am an agent, remember? I’m also an expert in studying someone’s appearance, especially a s*xy one like her.

She also has guards not far away from her and two companions who are also beautiful and look rich and who are probably her friends.

I was so lost in checking her out. She first removed her sunglasses and then looked my way. Our eyes met, and I instantly felt that my heart skipped a beat.

What is happening? Why am I feeling this way?

And my wolf started telling me something. "Mate alert!"

Oh no! Is this real? Mate? Not this s*xy, spoiled brat! Argh!

Chapter 2: The Brat


"WHAT?!" I ANGRILY FLIPPED over to my crimson-red queen-sized bed and faced the person who woke me up.

My room was as big as you can imagine, and you can pretty much tell it was like a presidential suite in a five-star hotel because everything I needed was in the room. My room is crimson red and is complemented with other light and dark red colors. I don’t just like the color red, I love it! Not too obvious, eh?

I glared at the person who was disturbing my precious sleep.

"You know that I don't want people waking me up this early, do you, Kakay!" I shouted at the maid. If you know the Kakay Comedian, she looks a lot like her.

"Uhm, ma'am. It's the President's order. I'm just following his order," she replied.

Kakay was one of the maids who had been serving us for a long time, and she was only my age, so my tantrums with her were a bit ineffective. She’


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