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More than meets the eyes

More than meets the eyes

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When Clarissa Dawne meets Damon Smith, the most feared and ruthless alpha of all, sparks fly, but what follows is far from love at first sight. For Clarissa is the daughter of a hunter who tracks down werewolves, vampires, witches, and wizards for experiments. For Damon and Derek Smith, twin alphas and sworn enemies, this could be the key to unlocking a decades-old secret. But when the pieces start to fall into place, they find themselves all tangled up in a web of betrayal, secrets, and danger. Will Clarissa’s courage be enough to save them all, or will she be the one to bring them all down? Will Derek use her as a tool of destruction, or will the twins find a way to reunite? Find out in this thrilling tale of loyalty, love, and survival.


Third pov.

Everyone is back to school, you could see groups of girls and boys chatting and laughing, mostly talking about their summer experience and all that.

"Mine was fabulous, we went to Mexico for the summer, you can imagine how nice that would have been". Different chatters everywhere and giggles.

While the freshmen are at the registration point doing their own business. Then we have the transferred students too.

As the whole school was doing their thing, it suddenly became quiet. She walked in like she didn't care about the world. All eyes are on her right now, as she makes her way towards her locker, she's fearless, like a fearless Alpha, you won't want to mess with, she's got this nice vibes, but everyone always has a weakness.

"Oh geez, finally back to school" sigh.

Jazz got to her posted class,taking her seat, not even glancing at anyone,even though she could feel their piercing gaze at her, especially Betty Nick and her co's.

The class was so noisy that it was really disturbing her, that she couldn't even think, so as the president she is,she had to take action for that behavior.

"Damn….can you guys keep it low, this is just the beginning of our session and this is it?" Sorry, you don't mind her language. She is so into words like that. Especially when she's pissed.

"Oh there she is, the one and only saint president, thought you wouldn't be saying anything by now, but i was all wrong" Betty of course won't keep her mouth shut. "Are you giving up already, we just started, there is still more to this" you can just wonder how her co's keep up with her bratty attitude. Jazz smiled at her "what did I say something funny?"she utterly became confused.

"You know better watch your back b*tch." Jazz states.

"Did she just call me b*tch?" Betty asked

"Yes she did" And the whole class burst out in laughter.

"Everyone shut up! " She yells.

The whole class became so quiet, like a pin drop silence. Then the principal interrupted the whole situation which was technically not fine with Betty.

But he was not alone, he was with a guy, but Jazz being Jazz didn't look at who it was,cos that's technically none of her business except when it has something to do with the president then that's when she comes in.

"Good morning scholars"

"Good morning Mr Briggs" everyone greets in unison.

He nods "Good, umm…this guy here is going to be in this class so make him feel welcomed, he's been transferred here to finish this session with you guys, so my boy welcome to The Quest High School, get yourself a seat, have a good day everyone" he leaves.

"Wassup bro, you haven't introduced yourself "one of the boys from the back spoke.

"Oh, my bad, am Damon Donald's"

That voice literally caught Jazz's attention and I was like"why not take a little peek,it won't kill, you know", and when she did,she was caught off guard when she saw him staring at her.

He made his way towards her, which literally scared the hell out of her. Until she noticed there was this empty chair beside her, which made it more complicated.

She felt her heart beat in a different way, which got her very scared. That's when she realized that? " This dude will be my doom and I have to avoid him no matter what." He smiled at her, but of course after noticing what happened she just ignored him, and focused on the documentary book in front of her.

"Hey, is that the latest documentary? I have been dying to get one"Damon asked while smiling.

"But you are still alive" that sarcastic tho.

But the funny thing was that this dude kept smiling like she said something amusing.

"Am I amusing to you?" That was initially what she wanted to say,but she just ignored it.

"Hey bro, I like your style, am Doug Stan" The guy sitting by his said.

"Um.. yeah thanks…. actually i was given this card to look for the president on my tour around the school. Do you by any chance know who the person is?" Damon asked.

Doug smiles"she is by your side."

"Oh "

"You have this Alpha vibe, are you one?"


"She's also one, while I am heretic,you know what that means,no you don't, not everyone knows what we are in school, some are human. But there is sure a vampire and witch too, isn't that cool"

Doug kept talking nonstop,and one could notice how tired this new guy is.

So when Damon thought Doug won't stop talking, then the history teacher came in.

"Good morning people"

"Good morning"everyone greets in unison.

The class watched as the teacher wrote on the board, "Mr Rogers Milton." Jazz mumbled.

"I am Mr Rogers Milton, and I'll be your history teacher for the year" "Are any of you curious about the history of your school? Our school. The community of our school and the founders of our school."

Everyone knows this stuff, just that it's still a secret to the humans,of course they don't know about the supernatural beings on earth.

So all thanks to the Vampires' compulsions on them, The supernaturals have been able to keep them in the dark. It won't be fair to involve these innocent beings into their already corrupted world.

Jazlyn was lost in my thoughts till the bell rang and class was over.

"Hey pres, you were so lost during the history class".

At first she wasn't sure, but she knew it was this new guy. 'Why is he on my neck?'

"Am sorry, what?" She looked at him like he was a clown.

"It was obvious, your mind was not with us during the history class, anyways are we going on my tour or not, let's get going before the next class"

'Is he grinning at me right now?'


She showed him around l, you know,though the school is really big, they finished their tour before the next class.

"So….."Damon looked at her smiling.

"To be frank with you, I really don't know why you're smiling,it doesn't just make any sense dude". She said and left for class.

Ouch that was rude.

He watched as she walked into the class, 'she is really feisty, I guessed that makes her the rightful one to be the president. But why do I keep getting so attracted to her, it's really weird.It feels really off,but when I think about her.' he thought "Why is she so uptight?" Then mumbles. This was the first thing he observed immediately as he stepped into the class. 'When I looked at her all I could see was this strong wall, which probably had been built to isolate herself from everyone. This is just my first day. I'll observe from afar.'

"Hey man, coming?"Doug came through.

"Yeah, behind you." He followed him inside as he looked at her again, 'I knew she was looking at me before, but she keeps looking away'. But Damon couldn't do anything about it. They had the rest of the class for the day.

"Hola," Betty walks up to Damon.

"Hey," He replied half -heartedly.

"Oh babe, what's with the cold attitude,never knew I'll get to see you again, it's been a minute"( a minute: like for ages.) She looked at him with her puppy eyes.

"Give me a beat."

"Aww, I feel so hurt, you're hurting my feelings babe"

Damon didn't bother replying this time, all he had to do, pack up all his books and meet this mysterious president, look around but couldn't find her,"where the hell did she go to and when did she leave, i don't even know her name. This is so dumb." He cursed.

"What babe, why are you so stressed, you know you can count on me with my magic," she said in a seductive way,while touching his arm with her long nails.

Damon looked at her and found himself speechless."I've really missed you"

"Aww, that's my baby, I knew it"

"I have missed this slutty attitude of yours b*tch. Now move." This time, his voice was deep, as he was sounding so impatient. He pushed her aside gently as the gentleman he is.

"WTF, did he just talk to me like that? Geez," Betty became so furious.

"Betty?" One of her co's by the name Stella.

"Get lost b*tch"she glared at her.

While the latter shrieks. "Betty, you shouldn't be harsh on her." One of them being Marceline said.

They are actually five girls. Betty Nick. Marceline Stan. Shawty Maxwell. Josset Johnson. Stella Parker.

Stella is technically the lowest, exactly why Betty bosses her around,though she does it to the others, except Marceline. But Stella is just like their little puppet, when any of them needs anything she is always at their service, especially when it comes to Betty. Technically all five of them are witches.

The Arrogant Fella

Damon looked for Jazz, outside the school, trying to use his super sense of smell.but he couldn't track her down, which was totally devastating. "Why the hell am I so bent on talking to her?" While asking himself that question he decided to go home, there is plenty of time,he can still talk to her,anytime.

At home: Donalds Residence.

He got to the mansion as one of the maids took his bags from him"welcome home,young master"

He went straight to the kitchen to get his favorite, which sounds kind of funny, ice cream. On getting to the kitchen he saw his mother.

"Hey mom, I wasn't expecting you home, thought you'll be back next month".

"Aww, my son doesn't want to see this sweet and loving mother anymore, you're hurting my feelings' ' Mrs Donalds smiles.

"Don't be a baby, mom"

He laughs.

"How was your first day at the new school? Did you meet Betty?&q


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