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Moonlit Hearts

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"What do you mean they are humans...." Ace asked with an petrified expression, his eyes fluttered slightly, the fast sound of his heartbeat could be heard clearly, Emily's shook her head. "What is wrong with you now....why are you acting so cranky..." Ace cleared his throat, he shot his eyes and opened them again, he turned to Emily. "Its just strange..." Emily nodded in agreement, she turned to Rieka, she had an inking that it is not as simple as it appears, why would humans attack werewolves, even if they were not scared or bothered by the fact that these are man eating creatures, they shouldn't know their hideout, how,she finds it really strange. "Why would humans attack you..."

Chapter 1

"Emily...Emily, stop right there this instant....."Nun shouted severally but Emily turned a deaf ear to whatever she was saying, she never listens to her but she somehow expected her to listen to her,she ignored her and kept on walking, whilst the Nun ran after her shouting her name, she opened the door of her room and walked inside, but the Nun stopped her by holding tightly unto her skirt, Emily signed ...are they really doing this now. She turned to face her and met the angry face of the Nun, her face is delicate with wrinkles appearing here and there, she's is getting old, instead of nagging her, why don't she watch over her health." think you can run away from the truth by doing this.....""What are you talking about sis.."Emily snapped with an irritated voice, she got a lot on her head and the last thing she needs right now is her nagging."Don't talk to me that way and don't pretend you don't know what am talking about....""No...I don't know what you are talking about...pls can you give me space...""Not until you tell me what you are planning""Am not planning anything...pls...I beg you...can you leave me alone, I want to be alone"Emily said as drops of tears fell on her cheeks."You are never living this house...Emily..mark my words..."She said and stomped out the room in anger, ever since her parents died, she has been the one putting up with her nonsense but she couldn't take it anymore, she can't stand her acting like this.Emily closed the door silently after she stomped out, its been like this ever since her parents died, she had witnessed their death but no one seems to believe what she said, not even her only remaining relation, nobody believed what she said about her parents death but instead they throw all sorts of insulting words at her, she was humiliated before everyone, nobody likes her, she has no friends to talk to...the memories of her parents death were still fresh in her head, she still remembers vividly how she and her mom talked and joked that day about her siblings that are yet to be born, yes her mother was pregnant with twins...and her delivery date was almost due, that day, they had gone baby shopping, her father couldn't go with them because he was on duty at his work place, her family was not an average family, they fed from hand to mouth and lived in an isolated house near a mountain at the countryside, while growing up, she always wondered why they lived that way, she had thought it was because her father couldn't afford rent at the city, but that wasn't the case, she didn't understand that till now; on the day of her parents death, she remembered her mum saying something to her about her aunt (nun), but somehow she had forgotten what she said. They had returned from shopping and her dad was already at home, making dinner, her dad was an excellent chef, he does most of the work at home, even though he worked hard to carter for the family, he still finds time to spend with them, they had eaten and talked about a lot of things that night, she can't remember most of the thing they talked about, it was as if her part of her memory was wiped away, but what she can't seem to forget is how they were killed, her mother had laid her on her bed and sang her a lullaby to sleep, she slept peacefully and soundlessly until a sound woke her up in the middle of the night, the whole house was chaotic and screams were coming from the sitting room, she remembered coming down from her bed and walked down the stairs, she walked silently and tried as much as she could not to make any sounds, she was still a child then, around nine years old but as young as she was, she knew immediately that something was wrong, she paused her steps when the screams stopped, it was then she realized that the screams was from her mother, the voice sounded cocky and dry at first that was why she couldn't tell that it was from her mother, but when it stopped, she realized that that cocky and dry voice was from her mother, she shivered in fear, what could possibly make her scream so painfully, she wanted to go back but she couldn't, her leg were stuck to the ground,she couldn't move them, she suddenly wondered why the screams stopped, she was very nervous and scared, but she still continued walking silently, it was dark everywhere and she could hardly find her way around, were it not for the fact that she had lived in the house all her life and knew the position of things, she would have stumbled upon something that would end up exposing her position to the trespassers, all she had hoped for then was for her mother to be okay...she hid behind a chair and tried to see what was going on but she can't see anything in the dark house, but she could hear voices."Where is she..."A deep, crook, intimidating and masculine voice sounded, his voice sounded like that of a lion growling for food."She is not here, pls let her go...."The voice of her father sounded, who were they looking for, this was the first thought that came to her young mind."Ha.."The voice that followed was so scary that she almost wet her pants, tears streamed down her eyes as they continued the interrogation, she wondered how many they were and who they were, the person they were looking for that night remained a mystery to her till this day."Do you really want to see your wife and unborn kids die...."The scary voice said threateningly, at that point, she concluded that they were robbers but theirs something about their aura that doesn't match up."Emily...Emily.."The voice of her aunt interrupted her thoughts, she quickly wiped the tears off her face before her aunt sees her, that who she is, she never wants anyone to see her vulnerable side, she acted tough and stubborn just to hide how tumbler she was, she sat down on her tiny bed, that made a terrible sound when her weight landed on it, it was as if it was begging to be released, she chuckled at the thought, her imagination was always this crazy."What are you smiling at?"She didn't realize when her aunt stepped into the room, the smile on her face vanished immediately she saw her aunt, she never showed any emotions to her except her angry side."What is it nun..."Emily asked sitting up, she already knew what she is here for but she was just gonna let her say it."We need to talk..."The corners of her lips twitch upwards into a scornful smirk, she was really impressed by the way the tune of her voice changed."Get rid of that arrogant smirk on your face this instant.."Nun said slightly irritated, she looks just like her mother with that smirk and that anger's her a lot, why can't she just take after her father, why must it be that woman.Emily was getting tired of her aunt constant nagging and interference in her life, why can't she just leave her alone, even if she's under her care, there is still boundaries she shouldn't cross."You can't go to that mountain with Ace, I know you're always stubborn and persistent but please listen to me this time...its for your own good...""What good, am going there to find the reason behind my parents death, you should encourage..""Emily..don't talk back at me...""Am not doing this with you right now.."Emily said and got up from the bed angrily, she picked up her jacket and walked straight to the door, she paused and took a deep breath, she turned around to see her aunt looking straight at her eyes with an unfathomable gaze, it was as if she was looking straight at her soul, seeing the inner her, the one she always hides from everyone, the eyes that stared at her made her uncomfortable and unable to move from her position, it made her mind drift to that night her parents were murdered, to a memory she never knew she had, but her eyes triggered the memory , she was shivering on the floor, frightened and dejected, she had lost all hope, her mother whom was her emotional support was lying dead on the floor, her stomach was ripped open and her babies brought out of her body, a crimson sight to behold, she couldn't take it anymore and she screamed and somehow found the power to push the chairs and she ran to her mother's dead body, she screamed and shouted, her mother was her life, her father was also lying on the floor, he is not dead yet but wallowing in pains, she stood up and walked to her fathers body, they had plugged out his eyes, the room was no longer dark, she could see everything clearly..."haha..."She looked up at the voice of the killer maniac who just laughed, it suddenly became dark and her head hurt like hell but she saw his eyes, whoever that person was, his eyes was red, his eyes ball was also red, "Do you think you will find out anything about your parents death if you go to that mountain..." The voice of her aunt brought her back to reality, when she opened her eyes, she was shocked by what she saw, her aunt eyes were a burning flame, it was the exact eyes she saw that night.

Chapter 2

Emily opened her eye wide in shock, she glanced at her aunt one more time to make sure she wasn't hallucinating, she rubbed her eyes roughly and opened them again, to her dismay, her eyes had returned back to normal, as if nothing happened, Emily felt a sudden rush of pains in her, it was as if something mysterious and strange was trying to tear her apart and suddenly her aunt leapt at her, it was too sudden that she didn't see it coming, she was under her struggling for breath, her aunt had turned into a totally different person, her short nails turned to long sharp claws, her eyes were plain red, burning red, Fangs erupted on her tooth, she pressed harder on her, forcing Emily to let go of her hands, she was losing control of her senses, her sight dimmed...she couldn't see her clearly..but she felt blooding trickling down her face, she had scratched her with her sharp claws, and now she felt her soul slowing drifting out of her body, she couldn't fight back,


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