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Moon Bound Hearts

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Embark on a thrilling journey with 'Moonbound Hearts,' a mesmerizing tale of love, destiny, and self-discovery. What happens when Elena Dawson's life collides with werewolf Alphas Oliver and Xavier, and a rare dual mate revelation sets the stage for a gripping narrative? As passion, loyalty, and supernatural forces intertwine, 'Moonbound Hearts' challenges traditional norms. Will Elena's courage redefine the werewolf world, or will she succumb to the complexities of choice? Join us for a captivating exploration of destiny and a love that defies all expectations. Are you ready for the unexpected?

Chapter 1 - Going to the Club with a friend

Elena couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness as she listened to Stella’s insistence. “Come on, Elena, you promised we’d hit the club and party all night. You’ve only got a few days left here before heading back to California. Let loose a little,” Stella urged with a sly wink, causing Elena to blush and hide her face with her hands.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” Elena protested weakly, her voice carrying a hint of reluctance.

Stella brushed off her concern with a confident wave. “No worries, leave it to me,” she assured, promptly whisking Elena away to her room. Clothes flew out of the closet as Stella rummaged through, determined to find the perfect outfit. “Aha, here it is!” Stella exclaimed triumphantly, holding up a dress that blocked Elena’s view.

Elena’s bed showcased a stunning red lace dress, revealing and tight-fitting, accompanied by matching lingerie, red killer heels that threatened her stability, and a pair of sparkling diamond earrings. Elena’s protest was swift, her voice laced with trepidation. “If I wear that, I might as well break my neck in those heels.”

Stella’s retort was equally swift, her tone teasing. “Well, if you’re aiming to make the most of tonight, that dress is your best bet. Otherwise, no guy will give you a second glance in your usual ‘revealing’ attire.”

Resignedly, Elena began preparing herself for the party. As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire her appearance in the striking dress.Stella definitely has a knack for fashion,she mused, secretly pleased with how she looked.

Stella’s approving gaze confirmed Elena’s thoughts. “You look absolutely stunning, Elena. Every guy in the room will be vying for your attention,” Stella remarked, as she finished with Elena’s hair style and make up, her eyes sweeping over Elena appreciatively.

Elena returned the compliment, admiring Stella’s appearance. “And you’re not looking too shabby yourself,” Elena replied, playfully checking her friend out.

“Thank you,” Stella grinned. “Ready to roll?”

Elena nodded, and the two friends linked arms as they made their way to the car, embarking on their journey to the club. After a short drive, they reached the bustling venue.

As Elena and Stella patiently stood in line, a sense of anticipation built within Elena. Her gaze wandered toward the club’s exterior, taking in the visual feast before her. The façade of the club was a vibrant display of contemporary artistry and pulsating vitality. Neon lights adorned the building’s surface, casting an enchanting radiance that painted the surrounding sidewalk with a mesmerizing palette of electric hues. The architectural design seemed to awaken under this kaleidoscope of colours – a harmonious blend of sleek lines and bold angles that hinted at the electrifying experiences concealed within its walls.

Through the towering glass windows, a seductive glimpse of the inner world beckoned, offering a tantalizing preview of the dance floor’s vibrant energy and the captivating ambience that awaited them. The distant yet persistent thump of the music reverberated through the club’s structure, akin to a rhythmic heartbeat that mirrored the excitement and energy that filled the air.

The line was dauntingly long, causing Elena to question her decision. She let out an internal groan, regretting her eagerness to come to this club.

Elena’s hopeful plea couldn’t sway Stella’s determination. “We’re staying here. This is one of the top clubs in America. Besides, there are rumours that the hottest guys, even gangsters and mafia, frequent this place,” Stella stated firmly.

Elena, however, had her concerns. “But what if we attract the wrong kind of attention? What if some mafia guy decides to kidnap us?”

Stella’s response was unwavering. “Sometimes, a little trouble brings about a refreshing change.”

Their wait in line dragged on, the chilly night air making it increasingly uncomfortable. Just as Elena was about to voice her dissatisfaction, a sleek black Lykan Hypersport glided past them, heading toward the VIP section. Though she couldn’t see inside, something about the car captivated her attention.

“What’s caught your eye?” Stella inquired, snapping Elena out of her reverie.

Elena shook her head, trying to refocus. “Nothing, just that car that went into the VIP section.”

Stella dismissed it, turning her attention back to the line. Almost thirty minutes had passed, and the cold was seeping into their bones. Just as Elena was about to speak again, two imposing figures in well-fitted suits approached them – bouncers, most likely, though they looked more like models than security personnel. They stood tall, exuding confidence and charm.

Elena was momentarily stunned by their presence. One had blond hair and stood at an impressive 6 feet, the second towered at 6 feet 2 inches, while the third measured a still-imposing 5 feet 9 inches. One of them addressed Elena, his voice commanding yet polite. “You may enter now, ma’am.”

Gathering her nerves, Elena inquired hesitantly, “Can my friend come with me?”

“Of course, if you’d both follow me,” the bouncer replied courteously, leading them toward the club entrance. The other two bouncers followed, their tall figures casting a protective shadow over the girls. The man who had guided them wasn’t just a bouncer; he held an air of authority. As they reached the entrance, a formidable figure greeted them, bowing his head deferentially and opening the door with a flourish.

Inside, the club was a sensory overload: thumping music, the scent of sweat and alcohol, flashing lights, and bodies moving in rhythm. The dance floor was a sea of movement, people were lost in the music. Elena felt a surge of discomfort; this wasn’t her scene. She sensed eyes on her, their gaze piercing through the crowd, leaving her unsettled and slightly paranoid.

As Elena and Stella navigated the pulsating atmosphere, Elena couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following her, watching her every move.

Chapter 2 - The Allure of the Night

Oliver stood by the loft window, his gaze fixed on the city’s constellation of lights. Manson’s voice sliced through his contemplation, pulling him back to the present.

Dude, I’m getting bored. Let’s go to the club and have some fun, Manson, Oliver’s beta and best friend, suggested.

He was right Oliver; we were so busy in training the whole three months that we hardly got time to have some fun and now that we were done with it why didn’t we go to a club and have some fun maybe who knows we will find our mate there, Nick, Oliver’s gamma and another close friend, said to him.

Fine, then get ready for the club, Oliver said to them, and they jump up and ran to their rooms to get ready.

God, they act like children sometimes. Anyway, I think the club will be a good idea to distract me because, for some days almost two months for some reason, my wolf Roy has been acting weird, pacing around in my mind and giving me a headache. And when


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