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HOW MUCH CAN YOU PAY FOR A SINGLE NIGHT... The only offense Emily Lee seemed to have committed was being a human among werewolves. Emily was born to a human mother, Benita, and a werewolf father, Oscar Lee. And the fact that just like her mother, Emily has no wolf did not sit well with her werewolf father, Oscar Lee, who used every opportunity to express his displeasure. Emily’s stepmother, Elise Lee, and her daughter were not left out in this hate. They taunted Emily and tried everything possible to get her out of the family. As a result of this ominous hatred, Emily made it her life's goal to earn the love of her family, especially her shady half-sister, Samantha Lee, who could not come to terms that Emily was more beautiful than her. After having a one-night stand with the powerful CEO, Don Nick, Emily Lee quickly realizes that she is losing her most cherished relationship with her boyfriend, Tyler. Samantha Lee's deftly planned stunt was used to make Emily deteriorate and come crumble on her feet. And even so, she vowed to make that icky night Emily’s doom. All Emily wished for was to live a normal life and share a bond with her sister. Not for once did she imagine that the cost would be disastrous. Emily Lee was blackmailed into giving in to Samantha's cunning demands, and she paid a heavy price, which included losing her beauty and leading a deplorable life as a luna, to the renowned and strong Alpha Xavier. AGAINST HER WILL SHE BECAME A LUNA, BUT FOR LOVE SHE WAS MADE A MONSTER Emily's life as the luna of Twin Sparks Island Pack was nothing like the popular fairy tales would have you believe. It was never to be desired. Because Samantha Lee was the Lady of the Pack and Emily's young princess, Mila Xavier, lived in ruins and never learned what it meant to be born into royalty, despite the fact that Emily retained the title of Lady Luna. Emily Lee is currently a luna without the love of her alpha and a monster confined to a dungeon. In spite of this, Samantha hunted for the last drop of her blood, and wouldn't give up until she breathes her last. In Emily lies the answer Alpha Xavier sought, and she alone can bring Lycan Ryder, the vicious Dragon Lycan King, to his feet. However, Emily is held back by fear and will not use her might to her advantage. What was worse was that she was ignorant of the power she possessed. In all of this, only one thing kept Emily going. And that was the hope that she would one day give her daughter, Mila Xavier, her most cherished desire, the love of her father. Will Emily finally find her happily ever after despite her fear, or will that terrible night with the CEO, Don Nick, spell her death?


*Ring... ring...*

Emily Lee’s phone rang for the third time in a row. She was still in bed and was finding it unappealing to open her eyes and reach for her phone, whose recurrent ringing sound was nothing but a disturbance to her sweet morning sleep.

After some long seconds of inner struggle, she opened her eyes halfway, and a tiny sound escaped from her lips. "Ouch," she yawned. She adjusted her body a little and tried to stretch her arms while still in bed.

At the moment, she was extremely weak, and for some unknown reason, it felt as if her bones had been mercilessly smashed by a sledgehammer the night before.

"Oh... what time is it? I can't believe that I slept off," she soliloquized with sleepy eyes.

*Ring... ring...* the phone rang yet another time.

"Now I better get that," she murmured, her eyes still feeling very heavy.

With her eyes closed, she stretched forth her hands to grab her phone, but she winced at the pain she felt coming from her arms. She groped for the phone on the bed but could not find it. "D*mn it, you b*tch," she cursed under her breath. "Where is this d*mn phone?" she hissed.

*Ring... ring...* the ringtone of the phone sounded again.

"Oh, sure... where else..." she murmured.

She finally opened her tired eyes a little and stretched her hands to the side table where the phone was. The room was a bit swarthy, and she assumed that it was already the early hours of the day. "I can't believe I got back home," she murmured with a yawn, her mind trying to recollect the events of the previous night, but strangely, she was completely blank.

Finally reaching the phone, she quickly answered without taking a look at the caller’s identity. "Hey..." she said, believing that it must be her boyfriend, Tyler, whom she hadn't spoken to all night long.

"Emily..." a voice yelled from the other end.

"Mo... mother..." Emily murmured in shock and tried to rub her sleepy eyes with her palm, wondering why Elise Lee would take the pain of calling her this early. Her heart began to race because she could not think of a reason for it.

"Where are you, Emily? I've been calling your phone for what seems like an eternity." The voice sounded hostile.

"I... I... where are you...?" At this point, Emily’s voice was beginning to waver.

"I don’t want to wait for you for another second," the angry voice yelled, and soon the phone was hung up before she could think of a response.

Taken aback, Emily stared at the phone in her hand, not sure if she was imagining things. As it was, she still could not understand why her stepmother would resort to using a phone to reach her instead of coming up to her room to meet her.

"Another trouble..." she muttered in fear, and immediately slumped back onto the bed, deciding that she was too tired to face anyone at this early hour of the day. She was having a hangover from the previous night, and she was just not ready for any trouble.

Soon she closed her eyes and decided to take a deep breath. When will all this be over? She mumbled to herself. However, even with what was happening, Emily found joy in the fact that for now, things are beginning to build up between her and her half-sister, Samantha Lee, and hopefully, her mother, Elise, will soon open up to accepting her. And truly, she cannot wait for that day to come.

Absentmindedly, she flung her phone, and it landed not too far from her on the bed. "Not now, just not now; maybe some other time," she whispered as she did this.

Emily is the first child of Oscar Lee. Her mother is human, and sadly, Emily took after her. Much to Oscar Lee’s dismay, it was discovered when Emily was born that she is a human and has no wolf.

Emily had never met her mother, Benita, and the last time she saw pictures of her was a long time ago when she was a kid. Suddenly, as the day passed, the number of pictures continued to diminish, and soon there was not a single one left.

Emily never thought that a day would come when there would be no pictures of her mother left, so she never kept any of the pictures for herself. And now, it appears that she has completely forgotten what her mother looked like in those pictures.

*Ring... ring...* her phone soon began to ring again.

"What again?" she almost cried as soon as she heard her phone ring.

All she wanted was a good, long sleep this morning due to how tired she felt after the day before. But now she does not understand why her stepmother is bent on frustrating her.

*Ring... ring...* the phone rang again.

In anger, she reached for the phone, and yet again, without looking to know the caller, she answered it. "Mo... ther..." she murmured.

However, instead of Elise Lee’s voice, Samantha Lee’s voice was heard on the other end. "Hello, Emily..." Samantha said coldly.

"Samantha?" Emily was stunned to hear her half-sister’s voice on the other end of the phone.

Now things were beginning to look scary.

"And where are you, Emily? You are absolutely unbelievable," Samantha retorted.

"What?" the confused Emily whispered. "Saman..."

Samantha would not let her finish but interjected. "You better come back home right now, loser, I don't want you to get me in trouble," she yelled.

"Trouble, what trouble?" the muddled Emily asked.

When she did not get a response from Samantha, she insisted. "Answer me, Samantha."

However, there was silence at the other end. She brought down the phone only to discover that Samantha had already hung up. "What the heck is going on?" she almost screamed in dismay. Everything was beginning to seem like a big and scary dream to her, and all she wanted was to wake from it.

"You know if I were you, I would be long gone," a hoarse male voice was heard in the room.


Emily jerked immediately after she heard the strange voice, and she almost flew out of the bed in the process. Who is he, and what is he doing in her room? Her frightened mind raced through a lot of questions and possibilities.

Even though the room was not wel- illuminated, she could still see his physique. He was just coming out of the bathroom and had a towel tied around his waist. She kept wondering how he got into her room and what he was doing in her house. She screamed inside her head as a result of the fear that had built up within her.

Amidst her anxiety, the strange man looked at her with a blooming smile. "You have woken up; you have been asleep for like forever," he said indifferently.

"Who are... you?" She finally found her voice.

As she questioned him, she watched for recognition to spark through his features, but there was none. She could swear that she had never met him before now. "What are you doing in my room? How di


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