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Mistake With The Alpha

Mistake With The Alpha

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Samantha's silly mistakes linked her up to the domineering very angry Alpha. That same night she mistaking sent her nude video to the Alpha, she found out that her boyfriend who she wanted to send the video to was bethrothed to another. Knowing that she would be severely punished by the Alpha she almost ran mad. But then after meeting the Alpha something happened. They got entangled together but afterwards the Alpha's mate appeared and this got more trouble for samantha because she hated her so much. The Alpha wouldn't leave Samantha, neither will his mate let him be. Will the mating bond be stronger than the love in the heart? Read more to reveal more secrets of this exciting book

Chapter 1


I was busy tiding up the big kitchen. I wasn't the only one there but it seems like been that the head maid doesn't like anyone to talk when working especially when we still have a long way to go with the work. I and another was dealing with the dishes. If it had been one of my roomies we would have at least whispered to ourselves but this maid I do not really talk to. It wasn't only the female that works in the pack's kitchen even males does but they are mostly omegas who are really weak.

Our Alpha even though he is a big bad, arrogant wolf, would never look down on any of his pack members like others do. Be it omegas or strong wolves everyone is the same to him. Omegas are said to be the weakest wolves in the history of werewolves but our own Alpha doesn't seem to care. He made sure he train all to war. It is only if he sees that your health is not carrying war that's when he would find another minimal job for you to do.

Omegas are known easily because their wolves are little. Some don't even have an physical wolf if they are so weak. Well omegas are few in our pack and the few ones have strong wolf's except for there few, if you understand.

Our pack's name is Sunclad and it's the strongest and fastest among all wolves. Not even our so called Alpha King will dare toil with us. Most times we all wonder why our Alpha rejected the title to bean Alpha King. The throne will add more value to our pack. We heard news that most of the pack council have urged the alpha to take up the post but the he rejected bluntly.

Enough about the alpha. I'm Samantha Raynor and I'm twenty two who haven't found a mate. I'm not an alpha blood neither am I a beta nor an omega. I'm just a normal werewolf. My father is one of the doctors in the pack's big hospital while my mother is a seamstress. My father would have been a warrior but he lost his wolf since he was a child. His wolf saved him from an accident that was suppose to take his life. This made us not to relevant to the pack. Even though our Alpha hates discrimination among pack members, there are still honors given to hirarchy.

In the Sunclad pack, warriors are the most important and most cared for, both male and female. They are all great fighter and we owe them to high prestige. Our fighters can take down hundreds of wolves at a time talk more of out Alpha. One thing I didn't say is that our Alpha is an hybrid. A very complicated one.

We are no lycans neither is our former alpha which is the father to our present alpha. We still wonder until today how our Alpha birth a lycan. I know you would be wondering why that is. A little about lycans.

They are another species of werewolves but we are so different. There are rare but strongest kind of werewolves. Lycans can be peaceful and very dangerous in nature. They rarely mingle with normal werewolf. We too don't dare go near their territory because just one can tear an entire pack of werewolves into two in minutes even if they are a hundred. There are so dreadful but they don't make troubles. They are rarely mated to a normal werewolf.

My father told me that they got to find out that our former alpha's son was a lycan when he shifted. Our Alpha is not only a lycan but an hybrid lycan. I don't really know about the story since my father won't tell me so I won't tell others. A lycan hybrid was also rare. He is super strong and mostly feared.

There was a time the some lycans came to our alpha but I didn't know what they came to discuss. But I knew it might be just to confirm if he's one of their own. My father always told me not to pokenose into what is not my business but I'm always the curious type.

"Sam" Agatha one of the maids called me.

Agatha is one of the arrogant maid in the pack house. She love to feel like she's the queen of the house and would make the maids bow to her especially the omegas.

"What do you want?" I asked harshly.

She has never scared me for once and I don't make her feel so bossy on me because I know she's just trying to be the boss she's not.

"You are called" she said with animosity.

Yes she hates me a lot. Not only me but anyone that is strong enough not to submit to her. Yes she's the senior of most of the maids in the palace been that she's been working maid in the house since she's a child.

"By who?" I asked dryly.

"The headmaid" she grumbled and left not minging if I heard or not but thanks to my wolf's super hearing ability.

I ignored her and went to the headmaid's office. Here at Sunclad, everyone who has high position is entitled to an office in the pack house. So even the headmaid wasn't exzempted.

I knocked and I was told to enter. I saw the old lady whose hair was all white and glowing due to old age. Sometime I do wonder how old she could be to be able to have such full white air. Well I don't have the effontry to ask her but I couldn't help but wonder. I'm so sure she's almost half a thousand years been that we werewolves can live a thousand if not killed. Even with her advancing in age, she's still strong. Sally is a retired warrior and it was still obvious with her powerful voice.

"You called me Sally" I bowed.

Lori is old enough to be our great-grandmother but she won't let us call her anything aside her name.

"Yes I did. I need you to help with something that has to do with the alpha" she replied.

I looked at her. I was seriously surprised. Since I've gotten a job in the pack house, I've never even served the Alpha's meal. Now she wants me to do something for him? This got me excited.

"And what is that?" I asked.

Sally could see the excitement on my face and she chuckled.

"The alpha ordered me to send him some pictures but I'm goi6to give them to you and then you will forward it to his cellphone" she replied.

" Me?" I got more shocked and nervous.

If I get Sally right, I was going to have the Alpha's number. This is like having a treasure but then my excitement died down been that I know I can't do anything if I'm not ordered else I want to put myself in trouble. It's like telling me to eat honey filled with thorns.

"This days I forgot things easily so I took permission from the alpha to send someone to help me and he agreed. So I thought to saddle you with the responsibility. Make sure you don't forget to do it okay" she said in her bossy voice.

If anyone who doesn't know Sally see her when she's at work will think is is a brute but the true Sally after work is just a mother with a generous heart. We who know this knows when to act in respective places.

"Yes Sally" I nodded.

"I'll forward the pictures and the Alpha's number to you".

" Yes Sally".

" This is the Alpha's private number, make sure no one knows about it else.." she warned.

It was only if I'm hungry of death that I would tell anyone that I have the Alpha's private line. Even if the alpha doesn't say a thing, those who wants the alpha will definitely kill me to get it. For Sally to think if sending me this errand, I know she knows I'm trustworthy. Tell anyone means I'm telling all the pack because it won't take two minutes before anyone knows about it and that's death by SWAT.

"Yes Sally" I said.

"Good" she nodded giving me a I have confidence in you look. "And one more thing, you have to send the pictures by 10pm prompt so that by then the alpha would be able to see it" she instructed.

" Yes Sally".

" Now you can leave".

I bowed and left the office. I was so nervous even though it's just a text to the alpha. It was like a huge task to me. I checked my wristwatch to see how many hours is left to the task and I discovered it was still morning. That would give me enough time to overcome my nervousness. I know you might probably think me as a dummy but you didn't know how high and mighty our Alpha is. One mistake I'm a dead meat.

Chapter 2


I was so worn out. Despite the numerous maids in the pack house, we still end up getting so tired every blessed day. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I do it diligently but I can't hide the fact that it's so tiring. Thanks to the rule made by Sally that no matter what we are doing, all work must stop by 9pm, if not I would have dropped dead from exhaustion. Not that we don't still run errands after then but then, it's so minimal. Even those that would send us on errands will do it before our retiring time because they know how Sally's temper can be. We too knowing our target time will make sure we do our work so that it won't pile up and choke us the next day.

Entering my room, I fell on my bed with a long sigh. My roomies were no where to be found been that they love to chill out after work but I'm a very lazy one who love to rest after work. Since it's eight, others can decide to stay out with their friends o


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