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Mated To The Quadruplets Brothers

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Who would have thought that a kidnapped princess, turned slave, would one day have the power to choose the next Alpha of the clan she hates with every pint of blood in her bones. The moon goddess had made what I would love to call, *A glorious mistake.* I Racheal Quill a slave of the crimson park is mated to the sons(quadruplets) of Alpha Blackwood (my oppressor) and because Alpha Blackwood loves to be entertained.... He created a contest, that whoever I choose to be my mate.. would automatically be next in-line to be crowned king and Alpha of Crimson Pack. Now who do I choose, Justin, Jake, Jackson, or Jared?


Rachael's POV

"Could we just have some peace?" I groaned in frustration covering my ears with both hands.

The entire building is buzzing with sounds; loud music from the sitting room where people were gathered to rejoice and make merry. They turned up the volume of the music so highly that I wondered how they could even hear themselves inside there.

It was the birthday of all four sons of Alpha Blackwood; the Alpha of the Crimson Pack. They are quadruplets but not identical.

Justin, Jake, Jackson and Jared in that order, they were called. And just in the same way they are not identical, all four sons also acts differently.

Stretching and yawning, I stood in the middle of the kitchen admiring the spotless clean look I had given it. Now all that is left for me to do is, take out the thrash and then I can head back to my room or anywhere else where I can have some peace and quietness.. away from all the madness.

I picked up the trash in the kitchen and put them into the trash can, then I took the trash can outside and dumped all the refuse into a small pit at the back of the mansion and went back inside.

"Rachael dear, I need a favour from you. Please." Abigail a maid just like me, pleaded while clasping both her hands in-front of her face.

She picked up a small knife which was laid on a table between the both of us and then stretched it to me. "Could you help me take this to the party. This is the knife that would be use in cutting the cake. You could just drop it on the cake or beside it. I really have my hands full at the moment, please." She stared at me with sorry eyes, whimpering a little.

What do I do?

I don't want to go anywhere close to the party, knowing how hostile the Alpha is towards me.

Ever since I was captured and brought to the Pack, he had always found great delight in torturing me.

The angrier I got, the happier he felt.

He was and is a horrible person and I hated him so much.

I wished so badly that I could bring death to him for all of his cruelty towards me. I prayed about it every night before I went to bed but the Moon Goddess just hasn't been nice enough to grant me my request yet, but I hoped she would.

I sighed taking the knife from the maid, albeit reluctantly, and began to make my way to the party. I hoped that they will all be too engrossed in their celebration to notice my presence, especially since I intend to quickly drop the knife and head back out unnoticed.

In just about a few minutes, I got to the party. Everyone was busy dancing, laughing, catching up on others, just doing what wealthy people would do in a party.

I snuck into the place as stealthily as I could and gently placed the knife on the cake. Then I turned back around to leave as sneakily as I walked in.

However, just as I got to the door.. the music stopped. That doesn't feel right.

I made to run but then...


Oh no. No, please no.

I halted immediately, then slowly turned around putting on the fakest smile I could mutter at that very moment. "Yes Alpha Blackwood." I answered bowing slightly.

"To all who don't know, this is the Princess of the Silver Moon Pack... Oh Sorry, I meant the disgusting slave of Crimson pack." He introduced spreading his arms wide, every single head in the room turned to stare at me..

I swallowed.

Laughters erupted all around me, resonating deep into my head.. I bit my lower lip as I held back the tears. Not today.

"Come, slave." He called with a calm voice, causing my insides to shudder.

I made my way to him, at first slow.. then hurried up my steps as I saw the amusement in his eyes fading away. He hates being unamused, and I do not want to be at the receiving ends of his un-amusement.

"Maybe I can make today a beautiful day for you, Slave girl." He chuckled, turning to look at his sons. "I should probably hand you over as a gift to my sons. Would you like that, Slave?"

I don't know why he wouldn't just stop referring to me as a slave, I already know what I am.. he doesn't really need to rub it in, over and over again.

Justin glared at his father for what he had said, turning to look at me with disgust in his eyes. "I'd rather sleep with a woman whose diseases can't be counted than spend a night with this one. Count me out, father."

I turned to see Jake make a puking face while Jackson who was by his side shook his head, refusing to even look me in the eye.

Jared? He looked disgusted but I knew that was all a show. He was the only one amongst all four children who I talked to very easily.

I felt my insides crawl with disgust for myself. I Racheal Quill was once the most desirable lady in every kingdom.. even that of the humans. Kings wanted to have me at their side, princes wanted to make me theirs, mothers, daughters, princesses, wife's, fiancés... they all hated me. Hated me for being so pretty and desirable.

And here I was, standing before idiots that do not even worth my beauty, rejecting me like I was some piglet. No, in this case.. a pig is much more desirable than me.

I want to kill them all! I want to tear each and everyone of the crimson pack to pieces, and I would start with Alpha Blackwood. I will tear him from limb to limb, shred his skin and make sure he can never ever gloat again.

I hate them all!

"Leave Slave, you are ruining the mood, you despicable thing." Alpha Blackwood said, with a smirk on his face.. feeling so contented with the look I had in my eyes.

He knew how much anger I felt inside of me, and he revel in my hatred. Knowing I can only hurt him in my thoughts, but never in real life. Knowing I can only cuss at him, but won't do a thing.

Because.. I am powerless.

I held in my tears, my fingers holding tightly onto my clothe as I made to leave.. "You know, I heard so much about her beauty.. but I think all the rumors were just fake."

"Of course they are, can't you see how hideous she looks?"

"I would f*ck a pig over her, any day."

*We can't, hold it in Racheal. You have to, for us.* Eliana my wolf pleaded, cajoling me from within.

My eyes stayed glued to the floor, as I tried my very best to block all the whispers.

I had successfully reached the exit door, when I heard the sound of a glass shattering. I immediately turned around, to see it's Jared drink that had slipped from his hand.

A maid ran over to Jared, with a mob in her hand.. (when parties are thrown in the palace, a mob and a bucket is always kept within close reach.. so that should explain why she was so fast) while Jared stepped away from the area but Alpha Blackwood didn't want that. He had other ideas.

"Step away from there, Cynthia." It wasn't a request.. it was an order. Once Cynthia did as she was told, Alpha Blackwood turned to me... I didn't need him to say what was on his mind, I just knew what it would be.

"Slave, you should clean up the mess."

I inhaled, and then exhaled before walking up to Jared. I took the mob from Cynthia but was stopped by Alpha Blackwood. "I did not say with the mob."

I stared at him, confused.

"Make use of your dress, it's basically a rag." He added, a wide grin spreading across his lips.

I stood there.. too stunned to move. I knew Alpha Blackwood has made it his mission to humiliate me at every chance he gets, but this is too much.. even for him.

"I am waiting..." He drawled staring at me, bored.. his finger hitting the wine glass he had in his hand.

My teeth dug into my lower lip, my eyes clouded.. I walked to the spot slowly, and without much thinking.. I lowered my self slowly to the ground. Lowering the only remaining piece of self esteem I had in me.

My slave gown wasn't a free one, so I had to sit on the floor then moved slowly all around the drink..


"Oh my goodness, she's really doing it!!"

"Please tell me you are getting this on a video."

"I am definitely posting this on all my socials."

"Best, birthday ever."

Cheers, and shouting could be heard from all across the room.. I stopped my self from looking up, their voice were already horrifying to me, I definitely do not want to see their faces.

When I was sure the drink that was spilled had all been transferred to my butt, I stood back up. A few broken glass had pierced me, even though I had tried so much to avoid the broken glasses.

I will take care of the broken glasses in my *ss later, for now.. I have to leave this place.

"And that is what I call a good entertainment." Alpha Blackwood shouted, roaring with laughter.. and everyone present, clapped and cheered for him.

I walked slowly to the door, praying deep in my heart not get called back by him.

I was almost at the door when I heard it...





I felt something strong, an overwhelming scent clouding over my nose.. I turned around, to see all four sons of the alpha staring at me intently.




"Mate!!" They all growled at once.

No. It.. it can't be.

A Glorious Mistake

Rachael's POV

I heard gasps from all around the room and I was as confused as ever, unable to put the pieces of what went on together.

With no clue of what to do next, I took off on my heels, running out of the throne room as fast as I could without stopping. My room was the only safe haven on my mind, as I ran.

I heard a few people calling after me but it was of no use. I wasn't going to stop for any reason. Everything was just too much for me to bear.

I got to my room, quickly opened the door and got in. It was a very tiny room, tinier than any other servants room in the palace, and having a torn mattress inside didn't help that much. Perks of being the only slave in crimson pack.

I needed air, so I stuck my head outside my window and just breathe in the fresh air steadily.

"What's going on?" I said, as I began to pace around the room, wondering what had just happened in there. I never thought I or anyone else could

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