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"I appeared as a Bat when Dylan told us you will join our pack in no time." I lift my face from the newspaper in my hand, and turn back. Seeing no one, I take it up again, but an hand jerks it off my hand, and it falls to the ground. Before I can bend to pick it up, Jude has stood in my front. "What do you want, Jude?" I retort, picking the newspaper but he holds it hostage with his feet. "Moments with you." He mutters, and I face a different side. Suddenly, I yell at him: "I have nothing to do with you vampires. I'm not 18 yet. It's still in three months and besides, I love someone else." Hearing the last sentence, he grabs my chin, cups my jaw, and stares wildly into my eyes,"We are in the library alone. Don't forget." I mutter, and he replies as menacingly silent as ever"I will make sure you are mine, at all cost." Then he jerks my chin off, and storms out of the library room. I am Sophia Dylan, the future Luna of Max. The last thing I will do is to be mated with a Vampire. This was why I left my previous school. A day to my coronation with Max, and Jude appeared. He threatened to kill my mate, and runaway with me. That night got it bloody but at the end, I was mated to one of the two. After striving hard to get mated to the other.


"Is Dad back, mum?" I come out of my room, slam the door, saunter downstairs, and walk into the kitchen while I ask mom. "Is Dad back, mum?" I repeat.

"Oh, daughter!" She suddenly faces me. I know she is engrossed with the shredding of the vegetables for our dinner and for Dad's pack members. "Dad is still in his Alpha's penthouse. You know, as a Beta..." She adds, with a beam of happiness on her face while I cut in.

"I know. But he must learn to rest."

"Yes, he will. Thank you, my pretty daughter." Mum lifts me, and swirls me in the air, letting the shredded vegetables turn upside down, falling onto the tiles. She lifts me more while she stifles giggles and whispers lullaby songs but I'm becoming scared. She is encircling the kitchen but before she notices that the vegetables have been turned upside down onto the ground, she screams, and suddenly loosens her grip off of my hand. I fall with my backbones, and my arms wrinkle and spew out tints of blood. I stand up to check up on mum, I even wonder how I am not crying now. Only if you were here when I fell.

"Mum, what is wrong with you?" I ask her while she turns her back to me and gives no response. "But we just talked recently. Why is she like this?" I think. Mum suddenly stands up and rushes out of the kitchen. This is not the first time that she will scare me but this time was scarier - I can hear some eerie sounds after she rushed out of the kitchen, staggeringly clutching onto the doorknob, jerking it open forcefully. I walk up to the door where she passed to peep on her but I can't see anyone. The door makes a sound as I close it after moving out of the kitchen. I walk up to the 'Dis Kitchenette' to check if mum is there but I can't find her. While I walk back to the kitchen, I notice a object pass. It looks like a bat. Another passes again but this looks like mom. I shake in terror, and bounce inside, with my butts jingling, before the object will pounce on me. At least I should see mum first. After waiting at the Kitchen's doorstep for few minutes, I turn my back to go inside my room but I hear someone call my name.

"Sophia." The voice is weak and trembling. I almost run into my room but I hide behind the cupboard to check who is calling my name. I notice it is mum knocking the door with all her energy.

"Mum! You back?" I screech, get out from behind the cupboard, and run to open the door for her quickly.

"Yes, I went to take some fresh air. I am back." She replies me as she walks in. I am sure she did not go out to take any damn fresh air. She then sights the vegetables sprawled on the floor. She looks at me and my forehead furrows. She increases it to a gaze then to a frown then I know what she is saying. Mummy is a nice woman only that she is strict in some areas of life, and she hides secrets from me. I immediately bend down, and pick those vegetables back into the bowl where they were. She smiles at me and shows me thumbs up with her right thumb, winking her eyes alongside. I return the smile, and she continues shredding the vegetables. I look at her for some minutes, and hurry back into my room later. I know that Dad is a Beta in his clan, I don't know mum's position, she never tells me about that part of her. I oblige to keep mute about it too but I will ask Dad when he comes back home. I clocked seventeen years last week maybe mum thinks I'm still a kid - well, I'm not. I left my previous school - FAME HINTS High School because of a lot of harassments and assaults from both the teachers and the students. Ten minutes of ruminating of what to tell Dad and a scoop of popcorns from the fridge to my hands, and I'm back on the way to the kitchen. I stare at mum in wonder - how could she have finished shredding these vegetables within ten minutes? At least, it will take three hours. I stare at mum's purplish eyes, and she stares at me back, with hands akimbo.

"Mum, you're done?" I ask, to confirm if she kept the rest or I am hallucinating.

"Yes, Sweetie." She replies, stretching out her hands in the air with loud yawns escaping her round lips.

"But how fast?" I retort.

"Girl!" She yelps, and plasters a smirk on her chins. "It is none of your business."

I pout my lips, and she holds her stomach, stifling giggles. "So you won't tell me?" I say, still pouting my lips.

She faces me, and I think she is ready to tell me something but she rather gives me a biff on my nose. I raise my eyes, and roll it at her. "Mum, why that?" I ask.

"Don't ask me again." She changes her emotion, it is obvious in her voice.

"Okay, mum." I submit.

"When will Dad be back?" I think.

"He will be here soon. So don't worry about him." She replies me, as though she hears what I do think. I smile, and sniff around in the kitchen.

"Sophia!" She yells my name, and I immediately pause, and face her, a bit scared. "Go and wait for Dad in the sitting room." She instructs.

"Okay, ma." I answer, and leave through the door I came through. My stomach rumbles as I wobble into the sitting room. I don't know why she acts strange like this at times. What's actually wrong in sniffing and adoring what she's doing? But she just sent me out. Well, I don't blame her. I like Dad more but talk to mum more because of Dad's tight schedules. If not work, it is meeting in the Alpha's penthouse. We only get to converse late at night but mum tucks me in bed at that same time, and refuses to let me converse with Dad, after I even lied to her one day. I don't know how she discovers the truth without asking a question from me.

"Mum! I'm hungry!" I yell from the sitting room, and I got a yell back. "A minute, daughter! " Again, my stomach rumbles and I stand from where I sat, I walk up to the entrance of the kitchen, and dodge there. I waft the aroma that emanates from the food she's cooking. I don't even know the name of the food. If I make a step to ask, who knows if she will scold me? I hear thuds approaching where I hide, and I quickly tiptoe back into the sitting room, and before I get my ass on the soft sofa, I hear a knock on the door. I face the big wall clock. Lo, it is 10pm. If not for the generator that's on, I will notice before now. I hear another knock on the door. It is becoming aggressive. I blame myself again for destroying the alarm ring at the entrance of our door. If I didn't destroy it, there won't be any need for anyone to bang the door like a local asshole.

"A minute!" I yell, wink at the clock, and run to open the door.


"Good morning, Dad." I bring my knees into the mid air, and return it back to its place almost immediately. "Good morning." He replies, with his baritone voice. I collect the luggage he carries, and he retrieves it from me. I look at him but he smirks and gives me a lighter luggage with his other hand. I blush and collect it, and carry it to his room. Dad goes to the kitchen straightaway, and I can hear from his room that he is discussing with mum. Immediately I open the door and come out, mom changes the topic and motions to Dad to go to sit while she gesticulates some pecks. I sigh, and go to sit on the swivel chair right beside the fourth TV. Our sitting room is such a large and spacious room. I look back every now and then, I also swivel the chair, expecting Dad to approach. After two minutes or thereabout, Dad walks into the sitting room, ignoring where I sit. He is really guffawing as he finishes discussing with mum. "Hey Sophie. Come on, play with Dad


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