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Marked By The Alpha's Son

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** When it's full moon and he lost control of himself "You have got no idea how loudly you will scream" ** He was described to be ruthless, merciless, cold and everything bad but he was handsome, hot and ridiculously rich. Also. He is our Alpha's first son and the next Alpha of Night Pack, Also a well known business man but I suspect that he has a dark secret life, a dangerous life. He was unfortunately mated to me, maybe it wasn't a misfortune but he broke me! He left me after breaking my virginity, he never gave a reason for leaving… He just dumped me. Now, I am healed from his hurt but he is back and wouldn't stop stalking me, he kills or hits any man he sees around me. He came back with a part of him I never knew of, he is Possessive, overprotective and obsessed with me.

Chapter 1


I yawn loudly sitting up on my bed as I rub my eyes gently trying to clear out the blur, the loud knock on my door came again making me sigh deeply and shoving my leg into my flip flop.

"What is it!" I hiss as I drag my feet to the door, unlocking it and pulling it open to see my kid sister standing right in front of me. "Jane?"

"Good Morning Paisley, Mom asked me to come check if you have woken up and also, breakfast is ready" she said as I nodded and slammed the door shut.

I checked my phone for time to see that it was already a few minutes to 7:00 and I had thirty minutes to get ready. I quickly dashed into the bathroom and had a quick bath and brushed my teeth.

My outfit for the day was already selected last night because I always have issues with making outfit choices, not like I have much clothes though.

I slipped my jean trouser and Polo on and turned to the mirror to do my hair. I gently but quickly brushed my hair and pulled it back in a low ponytail.

I grabbed my bag and phone as I dashed out of my room, I had only ten minutes to have my breakfast and hit the road to work and thank God that mom and dad had already left for the cafe, so I didn't have questions to answer.

Soon I hit the busy road of Maryland trekking to work, the strip club wasn't too far from my house so I would always trek. But it was far enough to break the bones.

"You need a lift?" A man parked at the corner of the road offered in a smile as I stopped on my track and took a deep breath. There was no need pretending that I wasn't tired and I have like two minutes to "Summer girls" strip club.

"Yes, please" I replied in a weak tone as his smile spread wider.

"Hop in!"

Soon after, I finally got to the club and as usual, everywhere was crowded with horny men.

"Hey, Paisley, good morning. I will be working with you today and also we have fifteen new bartenders which means that we will be ten here and ten bartenders at the other counter… No more shifts though" James ranted without taking a breath as I hissed.

"No more shifts? Why! I really can't be going home at night!" I muttered, slamming my palm hard on my forehead.

"You got a new job reservation?" He ask sassily as I rolled my eyes heavenward.

"Where are the so called new bartenders, they already started with a bad impression. I doubt they will ever make it early to work" I uttered as I sanitized the counter.

"Chill!" James said and chuckled "they are resuming tomorrow not today, I am just relieved that work stress around here will be reduced" James said as he joined me cleaning the counter top.


My day at work wasn't all bad, I was totally stressed out but it paid off good. Lots of generous customers and lots of tips too.

I got home and headed straight into my room, I heard my mom rumbling inside the kitchen and on a normal day I would go in and greet her, but today? I was way too tired to go check on her.

I pulled my clothes off quickly and kicked my flat shoes off my feet as I fell on my bed tired, yawning loudly.

I do not get a single day off from work and that drains me down.

I shut my dizzy eyes about to give in to sleep when my phone buzzed loudly.

"F*ck!" I mumbled annoyingly as I grabbed my phone from the table beside my bed, it was a text from an unknown number which I found unnecessary to read at the moment but I clicked on it anyways.

Reading the first sentence, my breath hitched in-between my throat.

"I am back, Love, see you soon"

The text read as I stared at my phone screen, muted and frozen. I was confused, I didn't want to believe that the text was from the person I think it is but at the same time, it could only be him. Who else would tell me about their return? My family is complete and with me so…

If it's really him then why would he consider informing me, what could he possibly want from me again.

I could feel my eyes smudging at the thought of him, I blinked my eyes rapidly at the insane idea of crying as I heaved a deep breath keeping my phone back on the table.

I had totally forgotten about him, my broken heart had been sealed. I stopped seeing him in my dreams and I have also done my best to convince my parents that all was well between us. I couldn't bring myself to tell them that he dumped me.

Now, after achieving all of these, just a single short text has peeled my wounds open reminding me of him again. I felt tears stream down my cheeks as I quickly wiped it off and sat up on my bed.

"I would rather sit and have dinner with my family than cry over a man" I muffled out and quickly made my way out of the room.

I walked into the dinning room to see everyone seated already, ready to eat.

"Jane was about coming to call you," Dad said, taking a bite of his bagel. "You didn't say hi to anyone when you came back, what is wrong?" Dad said through his muffled voice as I sighed exhaustedly.

"I am fine Dad, I had a very long stressful day at work. I won't be working in shifts anymore, I would have to stay till the club closes" at least I wasn't lying.

"Honey, were you crying? Your eyes are red" my mom pointed as I quickly shaked my head.

"No I wasn't, Mom, it must be stress… Come on! Let's eat. I am ravenously hungry right now" I hissed as I faced my brown soup.

"Mom, Dad. Tomorrow is Saturday, will I follow you both to the cafe?" Jane's voice came up as I scoffed.

"You will stay at home, you can't go to the cafe and disturb mom and dad with your colorful needs… Now, you will keep quiet and eat" I snapped as she frowned, turning to my parents, probably expecting them to yell at me or something. "Eat, Jane,"


The next morning, I woke up earlier and got to work early too. Behind the counter was filled up just like James had said and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

We all interacted so well like we have known one another for decades, sales ran smoothly and I also got some time to sit and rest.

"Hi, uhm… Today is my first time in a club and I am quite a novice around here, so could you please give me a drink you would take as a lady?" A redhead lady requested calmly as I smiled and nodded. I found her approach cute and innocent and I was eager to help.

"Personally, I always go for S*x on the beach. It has a fruity taste but it gets you tipsy if you take it too much" I said, bringing the bottle forward.

"Oh, that won't be a problem. I am not much of a drinker" she uttered chuckling lightly.

I poured the content into a glass cup and added some ice cubes. "Here you go, it's fifty dollars" I said as she smiled and handed me the notes.

"Thank you" She said and walked away, I watched as she sipped the drink and found her way through the crowd.

I could tell that she was a Werewolf but probably a rogue, her smell was so strong and not that pleasant to the nose. She definitely isn't from our pack because Night Pack doesn't produce rogues.

"Hey! Hey, Paisley" I heard Annette's famous voice snap me out of my thought as I turned to her in surprise of why she was excited. "Get your bag, I am taking you out on a date" she said in a cheerful chuckle as I hissed.

"You know that I'm still working, I have till night to work and I can't just leave" I replied calmly in a weak smile.

I and Annette aren't friends, I don't even have a friend but Annette has been showing me lots of love ever since I started working here. She asking to take me out is a new development and I wondered why she would want to spend her money on a girl.

"Not to worry, I already talked to the boss and he has agreed to give you a day off" She said as my eyes flew open in awe… Mister Winifred is never that easy!

"What did you tell him, I mean, what was your excuse cause…"

"That's for me to worry about, just grab your stuff and come with me. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. I see that you work a lot and you don't make time for yourself, that's not good for you as a girl" she said, faking a frown as I lowered my head smiling nervously.

"Thanks for caring so much, Annette,"

"Oh! It's nothing, Love, I see you so much as a twin" she said as she took my hand walking me out of the building. "Do you even have a boyfriend? When was the last time you got laid?" She asked as my brain froze and my lips muted in sudden shock.

Everything seems to be reminding me of him, what's going on!

©Pop Precious

Chapter 2


"Where is she right now?" I asked my technician as I stood by my glass walls staring down at the streets, sipping my liquor.

"She is in a restaurant, Sir," he said calmly as I snapped my head at him and my face wrinkled with a frown.

"A restaurant!? With whom? It's not even her closing time yet so why did she leave work!?" I yelled irately, making the young man cringe.

"I…I don't know, Sir" he spluttered as I sighed.

"Of course you don't, Jones, what's the name of the restaurant?"


I sped off into the road with rage, holding tightly on the steering wheel like it angered me. I had planned on the crazy things I was going to do with the fucker that dared ask my girl out. I was vibrating irately and I could feel my arms shaking on the wheel.

I was getting impatient with the man in front trying to take a U-turn, I just wante


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