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Luna Tribrid's Chosen Mate

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The trouble starts when Grace rejects her true mate in favor of her best friend, Alex. Yet, Alpha Alex has secretly found his true mate, so he rejects Grace. Grace runs away to save her life, but she faces an even more painful reality. Grace is the only surviving tribrid, and she is pregnant. She struggles to protect the identities of her triplets, even at the cost of her life. As she begins to organize her life, Grace must accept her fate of having three mates. New obstacles keep popping up, including Alpha Alex, who wants Grace back. And a new villain who wants the blood of the triplets. Grace must fight desperately to keep her loved ones and her pack safe. Can Grace protect the identities of her triplets from the threats of the outside world? Who will Grace choose to be her true mate? Can Grace and her true mate solve their problems and live in peace?

Rejecting a True Mate

GRACE P.O.VI will tell you about the great misfortune that befell my life. A misfortune that will stay with me until my bones crumble into dust.The stupidest misfortune that I will regret for the rest of my life began when I was 18 years old. The age of maturity, where during the full moon, young werewolves will meet their mates.My friends in the Moon Pack called me Grace. I was the daughter of a Delta genius who successfully invented the infertility vaccine potion, which had become a frightening scourge for all werewolves.Since childhood, I have grown up with Alex in warrior training. Alex is the son of Alpha Moon Pack, and he is four years older than me. We became friends because my father knew his father well.Alex often said that he wasn't concerned about mate bonds and didn't even believe in the destiny outlined by the Moon Goddess. He could say that because, until he turned 22 years old, Alex had not met his mate. And therefore, he could not ascend to the throne because the requirement to become an Alpha in the Moon Pack was to have a mate.On the full moon, I turned 18 years old. The coming-of-age ceremony and the tradition of meeting one's mate were attended by hundreds of young werewolves, including me. The atmosphere of the ceremony that night was cold. In the middle of a dark forest, there was a field that had been prepared with all the equipment for the ceremony.The distinctive scent of the forest wafted by the nose, feeling refreshing even in the middle of the pitch-black night. Around the ceremony venue, the sounds of werewolves gathered from various directions could be heard. The voices were melodious and loud, making the atmosphere even more festive. There was also a strong wind that made the leaves of the trees sway and added to the beauty of the atmosphere.There are bonfires lit around the ceremony site. The red glow of the fire rolls around, making the atmosphere even more special. The light of the full moon illuminates the entire ceremony venue. The light is so beautiful and charming, making the forest bright and beautiful. The voices of the gathered werewolves grew stronger, and the atmosphere became more festive. Even on this dark night, the atmosphere of the forest was warm and pleasant.“Grace, calm yourself,” Alex said to me. I looked back and found Alex stepping closer to me. For a moment, I held my breath because my best friend was looking good tonight. He was wearing a black polo shirt that hugged his muscular body tightly. Black jeans clung to his long legs, and white sneakers wrapped around his feet. His charcoal-colored hair was neatly styled up using a special gel, so his s*xy forehead was on display.“How can I calm down? Tonight, I'm going to meet my mate.” My body twitched as the lemony scent of his body entered my nose. My blood flow churned as his big hands squeezed my waist. My tongue licked my suddenly dry lips. My dirty brain began to string together memories of his gentle manner on the bed, his firm body enclosing mine as we came together, and my white skin coming into contact with his warm tan skin.Alex snorted loudly. “The little girl who always believed in a fairy tale destiny.” His big fingers brushed my cheek, then his full strawberry-colored lips kissed the tip of my tiny lips that were smeared with grape-flavored lipstick.I looked up at him deeply. “Of course, I believe in fate and karma. Finding a life partner is essential for werewolves and is considered part of our way of life. We are born into the world with a mate. If you haven't found a mate yet, then be patient.”He growled lowly, then all ten of his long fingers grabbed my shoulders. “Grace, I will never meet my mate. Either she's dead or I'm not meant to have a mate.”I held his hand, which was perched on my shoulder. I felt sad every time Alex talked about his mate. He was the pack's future Alpha, and if he didn't have a mate, then his cousin would take over the leadership of the Moon Pack.“So, what are your plans for the future?” I knew he was training very hard to become an Alpha who could protect the pack. All I could do was give him my full support.His green eyes shone brightly, and his full lips were drawn into a smile. “I have a brilliant plan. But this plan won't work if it doesn't have your approval.”I was immediately enthusiastic about his words. “Tell me your plan, Alex,” I said impatiently.He tugged on my arm, leading me towards the end of the field. My heart skipped a beat as Alex led me towards a large, square rock with wolf heads carved around it—a sacred place that only Alpha and Luna were allowed to step foot on.“Alex, stop.” My feet stopped moving, and he did the same.Alex turned his head, looking at me with a pair of eyes that turned dark green as I shook my head. “We're friends; there should be no complaints from you.”“But--”“In ten minutes, the maturity ceremony will begin. I would rather not waste any more time,” he said quickly as he pulled me closer to the boulder.I forcefully withdrew my hand from his grasp. “You haven't told me your plan, so I won't obey you!”He rubbed his face, then held both my palms. “I'm sorry if my behavior made you uncomfortable,” he said softly. “Grace, I want to claim you tonight in front of the whole pack. I would like to make you my mate, the new Luna Moon Pack. So, will you be my soulmate and the mother of my children?”My eyes widened as soon as I heard his words. “In a few minutes, I will meet my mate. I can't possibly reject my mate because that would definitely hurt him and his family.”“If you accept my proposal, then we will be together forever. We will lead the Moon pack together, and our strength will make the pack stronger,” he said in a heavy voice that sounded like an order as it entered my eardrums.Alex and I weren't an official couple because I'd never felt those thrilling vibes depicted in werewolf history books. The feelings I felt were purely from being comfortable by his side, and I loved him as a friend. There was no real reason why I loved a stubborn guy like Alex.“Grace, accept my proposal for the glory of the Moon Pack. The pack needs a strong future Luna like you. Don't you pity me, who hasn't found a mate yet? Do you want to see the Moon Pack led by my stupid cousin?” Alex groaned while grabbing his black hair.I had heard rumors that if Alex didn't find his mate by the full moon this year, the leadership would be transferred to his cousin. Of course, the pack and I would not agree to that, as Alex's cousin had no leadership instincts.“What do you do when your official mate turns out to be alive and waiting for you?” I asked seriously.Alex smiled slightly. “If my mate lives, then I won't be a lonely he-wolf! And your mate may not accept your flaws. I'm the only one who can tolerate your bad behavior; I'm the only one who understands you,” he said as he pulled me closer to him. “And I'm pretty sure your mate would be furious if he found out you're not a virgin,” he added with a smirk on his lips.I could only look down deeply as I held back the tears that were about to come. I tried not to sob or shout at him. His words made my confidence plummet.I lost my virginity when I was 16, and the person who took away my purity was Alex. He knew my weakness and used it to pressure me.“I accept your proposal, Alex. However, treat me well as if I were your true mate,” I said pleadingly.A bright smile broke out on his handsome face. “Of course, my Luna. You made the right choice because I am the only one who deserves to be your mate. And I promise, you are my only mate.”I had no other choice. If I rejected Alex's proposal and chose my mate, then things would be even more chaotic. My mate would reject me for not being a virgin, my family would be disappointed, and my position as a warrior in the Moon Pack would drop to a lower level. I don't want my hard work at the academy to end in vain; at least I'll end up as Luna instead of Omega.Until after the maturity ceremony was held, one by one, werewolves my age began to find a mate. Meanwhile, I silently waited for my mate. Suddenly, my body froze when the scent of citrus entered the small hole in my nose. My heart skipped a beat when I heard footsteps approaching me.“Hey.”His raspy voice sounded heavy; somehow, his tone made my heart calm. However, the sense of comfort I was feeling was suddenly interrupted when Alex squeezed my hand. Ah, I almost forgot that he kept standing beside me. I saw Alex's jaw harden at the sight of the figure behind me.My jaw seemed to be about to drop when I realized that the figure greeting me was Gabriel Otieno, the son of Beta Moon Pack. How could I not recognize his smell when he was my classmate back in school?  I can't believe that my mate is my childhood friend.“Gabriel,” I called his name. I took a deep breath as Gabriel looked at me with a mysterious expression on his face. My muscles were tense because I knew he was about to tie himself to me as a werewolf couple. I looked to Alex, who had always protected me. However, only his voice buzzed in my ears as Gabriel took a step closer to me. I felt an explosion inside my body, and my wolf squealed in delight at the sight of her mate.Gabriel smiled so sweetly that his dimples were visible. His tan skin glistened in the full moonlight. His brown hair moved as the wind blew it slightly. His tall, muscular body was clad in a long white T-shirt and black jeans attached to his legs. I couldn't tear my gaze away from Gabriel's figure, which was doubly mesmerizing tonight. He stands in front of me, looking at me with soft eyes. “Grace, my lovely mate. I found you, my soulmate.”I feel like crying out loud in his arms as Gabriel touches my left hand and kisses my palm lightly. This is the first time I've been treated like a princess by a man. No! I wasn't a virgin, so I didn't deserve him, who was the future successor to Beta.“Sorry.” I was obliged to withdraw my hand from his grips. I immediately shifted my gaze in another direction when my gaze collided with the sad look in his eyes. “Gabriel, I'm sorry I can't be with you. I can't accept this mate bond because I don't like you,” I said quickly, obviously full of lies.The surrounding atmosphere suddenly turned suffocating, making it hard for me to breathe properly. Alex didn't say anything, but I caught a glimpse of him smiling at me.“Grace, this joke of yours is not funny. Bonding with your mate is essential, even sacred. It involves powerful forces and changes the nature of the werewolf. So, when we find each other, it becomes a decisive moment. We gain new powers and become more useful in strengthening our bond,” Gabriel said as he cupped my face so that I could look up at him. Oh, no! I just broke my mate's heart. Look, his eyes are glazed over. “Tell me that you have the same feelings as me. We are mates, Grace. Our names were written by the Moon Goddess long before we were born into the world. I beg you not to mess with our bond. You know the consequences of rejecting the bond of destiny, right?”I nodded quickly and tried hard not to be provoked by his words. “I will bear the karma,” I replied to him. I took a deep breath. “I will bear the karma if it takes me away from you and breaks my bond with you!”The sound of screeches mixed with words of derision came from the people around me and became a melody in the chilly night. I stared at Gabriel, who stood in front of me, then my gaze shifted to Alex, who nodded his head.I bit my hand, causing blood to flow freely. My vision turned dark as my wolf shouted angrily. 'I'm sorry, Maria,' I told my wolf through the mind link.'You will regret it for the rest of your life if you reject our mate. I will never shift with you again. From now on, think of yourself as a werewolf without the wolf. Have it your way, and congratulations on the title Luna that will be attached to your name after this,' Maria retorted in a heavy, growling voice. Then I couldn't feel her presence inside my body anymore.My mind refocused as I looked at the blood flowing from my hand, and then I rubbed the blood on my forehead. With my eyes tightly closed, I said, “With this blood of mine, I, Grace Annalisa, reject Gabriel Otieno as my mate. Instead, I accept Alex Haword as my second chance mate. And sincerely, I offer myself to be claimed by Alex, the future Alpha of the Moon Pack!” I said it in a loud voice. The first thing I saw after I opened my eyes was Gabriel's sad face.“I didn't expect you to reject me just to be Luna,” Gabriel said under his breath. I knew he was in pain because I felt the same way.“I'm letting you go, Gabriel. You deserve a much better mate than me. I'm sorry, I don't deserve to be by your side,” I said softly and walked away from him. Alex walked beside me while holding my hand tightly. I didn't hear his words clearly because my ears kept ringing with the sound of Gabriel's screams, which seemed to break my heart slowly.My steps stopped as my parents stood at the end of the field. I knew they must be angry with my decision, as evidenced by the hardened look on their faces.“I'm sorry,” I said softly as I looked up into my parents' faces.“You really embarrassed us, Grace. We never taught you to behave like an *ssh*l*!” My mother yelled out loud while crying loudly in my father's arms.“I'm sorry.” That was the only sentence that came out of my mouth.“Tonight is a night I will never forget in my life. My only daughter threw feces in my face in a way that rejects Beta candidates. You embarrassed us!” My body trembled as my father yelled at me, as this was the first time the man I respected raised his tone. It was natural for my father to be angry because he was good friends with Gabriel's father.“Why are you two scolding Grace? You should be rejoicing tonight. Grace will be a Luna Moon pack. I claim this perfect daughter of yours to be my mate!” Alex stood in front of me with his arms outstretched. Then he led me to a large rock at the end of the field.“Alex, I'm afraid to stand here,” I said as my feet touched the rock face.Alex turned around, looking at me with a sweet smile on his handsome face. “Why?”“I don't belong here.” My hand moved to brush away my blonde hair, which had flown up in the strong night breeze. I was nervous when I saw the Moon Pack of people standing crowded on the field. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere tonight as well as the gaze they were giving me.“You deserve to be next to me, Grace; you are my Luna.” He kissed my hand for a long moment, then his gaze shifted to the front. “I, Alex Haword, hereby declare Grace Annalisa to be my mate and Luna Moon pack. By uniting two great powers, we will lead the Moon Pack to glory that our predecessors never achieved!” he exclaimed in a loud voice.Everyone fell silent after hearing Alex's words, as did my parents, who immediately bowed deeply. Simultaneously, they all bowed their heads in honor of the Moon Pack's new Alpha and Luna. Even the former Alpha and Luna bowed as well. I knew how strong Alex's influence was on the pack, so his parents respected his decision.However, out of the many herds that bowed in respect to me and Alex, only one person did not, and that was Gabriel.The gleam in his blue eyes seemed to sink me to the bottom of the vast ocean. I knew that one day karma would come my way. Karma resulting from my rejection of Gabriel, my true mate.

Karma Comes At No Time

GRACE P.O.V We held wedding celebration the day after the coming-of-age ceremony. The entire pack rejoiced in my wedding, which was held in the main building of the Moon Pack.I was happy because I could finally realize Alex's dream of becoming the Alpha of the Moon Pack. We promoted Gabriel to Beta. I saw no change in Gabriel's attitude; he remained cool and helpful to others.On the first night, Alex ordered Gabriel to guard the pack house. That moment was the most embarrassing for me because you know what couples do on the first night.I tried to negotiate with Alex about his Beta having to stand guard on the first night, but he insisted and said that it was the Beta's duty.During the mating, I tried to keep my sighs to a minimum and kept an eye out for Gabriel's presence outside the room. Several times, Alex asked me to scream his name as


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