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Luna Battle: The Magic Curse

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This is book two. Book one is Luna Battle: The Game. Following on from book one, now that the children are adults, and on the path to find their own mates, an unexpected visitor at the palace puts everyone in danger. When the royal family agree to help someone, and let him stay, Storm, the princess, is his mate. Only the werewolf isn't like others. He has magic, which many werewolves have, but for Quinn, his magic is deadly. His magic, is fire. Elemental magic hasn't been seen for centuries after a war between the witches wiped out the last of them, and now it's back. But how? There's nothing natural about the magic, that's for sure. Someone created it, and are using it to start a war.

Our Family

Please Note: This books begins *ss Xenia/Kellan's POV from story 1, but switches to Storm and Quinn, who the main story is about.

This is book 2 of Luna Battle: The Game. You can read this as a stand-alone but may find it easier to follow after reading book one.


Yesterday’s birthday celebration for the kid’s 18th birthday took a lot of energy. Unlike their 16th birthday, when they just shifted and had a party, their 18th was the same, but they each demonstrated their magic as well.

I sit facing Isadora.

“I’ve got no answers, Your Majesty,” she bows her head slightly. She does it every time she calls me that as a show of apology because I ask her not to.

“Something must be causing it,” I say, and she nods, smiling at me softly.

“I’ve no idea. We’ve tried to utilise your magic and use it more, and it continues to grow. We tried to ignore it and stop using your magic, and it grew.” She sits worried, and I don’t blame her.

Neither Darius nor Kellan will be happy with this answer. There’s actually no answer; it’s just unknown once again.

“Binding your magic also didn’t work,” she smiles softly.

About a year ago, my magic began to change and grow. The stronger it gets, the more worried I get. I touch something, and things happen.

We hadn’t noticed it until I picked up a dead plant, and somehow, it blossomed and came to life in my hands. I wasn’t trying to do anything, merely taking it to the compost.

“Could it be linked to Storm and her feeling like her wolf has gone?” I ask, but her head shakes.

“Both seem unrelated,” her words are quiet, and I sigh.

“So?” Darius and Kellan walk in and sit beside me.

“I’m sorry, but nothing works. I’ve tried binding the queen's magic. We’ve tried her ignoring her magic, not using it for a month, and overusing it. Nothing is working,” she bows her head slightly. “I know this wasn’t the answer you had hoped for. I apologise,” she whispers.

“It’s fine, Isadora; thank you for trying. We will just stop her from touching anyone,” Kellan smirked, and I groaned. “You could wear gloves, be Elsa!” He cheered, and I laughed.

“We tried gloves, but they don’t work,” Isadora laughs slightly.

“The film gave us the idea, Kellan,” I say, and he nods. It was one solution we had hoped would work. It didn’t, however.

“I’ll go do my usual training with the children,” Isadora says before standing. She bows and excuses herself.

“Maybe there is just one spell you need to do that will stop it?” Darius asks, and my head shakes.

“Maybe she needs to get pregnant again,” Kellan grins.

“Don’t worry — that’s not happening. The kids are eighteen; we’re not restarting it again!” I complain, and he laughs. “Give it a few years, and you will have little babies. We all know that Storm is eager to become a mum.” I smirk and watch their eyes widen.

“Don’t do that!” Darius glares at me.

“Then don’t joke about me having another baby,” I say while standing.

“Try not to touch people today, okay?” Darius asks, and I shrug.

“I’m feeling devilish, Darius. I may just run down the room and swipe my hand across everyone and see what happens,” I smirk, and he groans.

Kellan sits, howling with laughter. I’m not a fool. I won’t do it. Once every few months, we open up the castle and have people come in and request things.

Today is that day. Darius and Kellan wanted to cancel it because my magic went overboard, but I refused to let them. People will need this, and it’s a quick way to help those in need.

“The kids won’t be joining us today,” Darius says as we walk through.

“I’m good with that,” I say as we walk into the room. I take my seat in the middle of Kellan and Darius before looking around. I am amazed by the number of people coming here for help each month.

Some people travel from farther away and need help with their packs and such. That means that sometimes, a section of our soldiers is sent to aid the alpha who needs help.

I watch as each person walks up, and I already know they have been warned not to touch me. Where many would bow and shake my hand, they don’t come close today. The children who would quickly run up and hug me don’t seem to be today.

Turning, I look at Darius, knowing it will be him.

“I told William to ensure people knew not to touch you. You’ve been unwell, so people are to keep their distance,” he explains, and I nod.

He can’t tell them the truth, so he figured out a lie. An hour later, I’ve settled into it. Kellan, as always, is looking bored with everything.

Despite his boredom, he stays with us. He doesn’t complain. His face kind of reminds me of when he had that date with Lyra. Vacant and waiting for a chance to run.

Moving, I nudge him.

“Look a bit more alive, and I might actually come to find you tonight,” I wink jokingly, and he grins and sits up. Well, that made him focus.

I turn back and freeze. Even eighteen years later, I recognise her.

“I’m sure you were banned,” Darius growls, and my hand reaches for his.

“I have no choice! I’m sorry, please.” She looks up at him with pleading eyes. “It’s not about me, I promise; it’s Quinn. Please don’t punish him for my actions while he was a child!” She begs, and I nod.

“What is it that you require?” I ask.

“Are you joking?” Kellan turns to me. “She doesn’t deserve to even ask! Leave, Bailey, now!” He glares at her.

“Kellan, we can hear what she wants,” I say, and he sighs loudly but nods.

“I...” She stops and glances around.

“We’re going to take a break, Yori,” I say as I stand.

“Darling, consider this,” Darius looks at me.

“She said it is for Quinn. The child shouldn’t be punished because of who his mother is,” I remind him. He nods, and we walk into a quieter room. Bailey follows behind. Her head is dropped, and I wonder how much of this will turn out to be a lie or just a game?

Still, turning her away when it’s for Quinn would be wrong. The child doesn’t deserve punishment for her actions. Whatever she needs help with, we can at least try to assist her.

Her Request

Xenia POV

I sit and face Bailey.

“I know what happened was wrong, and I wouldn’t be here if I had another choice,” she says, and I nod.

“What do you want, Bailey?” Darius asks, and she stares at him, clearly shocked by his unfriendliness. They had been close until she caused all the issues around the wedding.

“I need to ask if you would allow Quinn to stay here,” she asks, and my eyes widen.

“What? No!” Darius stands.

“Please! He...” Bailey looks around worriedly. “He’s somehow got magic, and I can’t help him! I’ve got no one who can teach him how to control it. I’m scared he will hurt someone.” She pleads, and my body stays still.

I’m not sure. This could be a trap to help her cause trouble.

“I’m sure Grant can help. He has some great associates he could point in your direction,” Darius growls.

“Grant is dead!” She cries, and her head falls.

“No, he isn’t, or we would have heard,” Kellan laughs.


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