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Love Beyond The Moon

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Despite being bonded to others by their sacred tradition, Saraia and Cayen cannot deny their intense attraction to each other. But with the expectations of a mating bond looming over them, they must keep their passion a secret. As they struggle to resist the pull of fate, their love will be put to the ultimate test.  And when their forbidden affair had borne a pup, the tragedy would fall on them tragically. Will they be able to overcome tradition and embrace their desire, or will the consequences of their affair be too great to bear? Love and destiny were not always a pair, but both were crueler than the other.

Chapter 1

The mating ball. It is one of the most important events in the werewolf community or perhaps the most important event ever in the lives of the werewolves.

The time when every werewolf at their right age will receive the sacred blessing of the Moon Goddess, our mates.

And this is finally that time of the year. The time when I can finally meet my mate, although I already found mine years ago.

"Aia?" A deep but soft voice rang beside my ears, jolting me out of my reverie.

I raise my gaze and look at the one who spoke, instantly meeting the other’s deep black pupils. My lips instantly arched in a smile, staring at the one I love.

Cayen Pierron, my boyfriend for three years, and even my childhood friend. We grew up in the same pack, and he is the first son of our alpha and will soon be the next alpha of the pack.

"I’m sorry, I’m just excited," I answer, and the anticipation can’t be concealed between my words.

Staring at me, Cayen laughs and strokes my chin affectionately.

"I'm as excited as you are. I can’t wait for our mating to be official," he responds, his gentle gaze overwhelming me with emotions.

"Me too, I can’t wait, Cayen."

As Cayen said, we are not confirmed or official mates yet. Only in this mating ball, with the moon goddess' blessing, can werewolves confirm their mates.

So, technically, we are not really mates yet. Even though both our wolves are comfortable with each other, we have a hunch that we are mates. It’s not unusual that this will happen.

But I'm also a little nervous. However, I don’t want to think any negative thoughts this night. I’m sure Cayen is my mate. My wolf has no objection, and even my heart... only recognizes him.

"Let’s go, the guys might be waiting for us." Cayen kisses the back of my hand for a bit before deciding to get out of the car.

"Yeah, you’re absolutely right." I agreed and even chuckled. Our other childhood friends are also here.

We both get out of the car and then I hook my arms into Cayen’s arms and walk inside the colossal hall.

It didn’t take long for us to see the others. Since there are designated places for every pack, and our Duskfall Pack is one of the most powerful packs, it’s in a good position.

"Saraia! Here!" A woman's lively voice was heard, and I could see her waving at us from a distance. Her wavy auburn hair is particularly eye-catching.

"Kira, we can see you. You don’t have to shout," I jokingly reprimand her once we have already approached our designated table.

"Tch, just because you are only confirming your bond with Cayen doesn’t mean you have to be late, you know." Kira purses her lips as if upset, although I won’t believe that she really is.

I laugh and glance at Cayen, and we both nod at each other.

"I'll just go to Cahlun and Devan," he says quietly, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"OK, I'll just be with Kira and Julisa," I nod and smile.

"Seriously? Is this needed? Look, Juls, we are on the same table anyway." Kira’s complaints rang out.

"Just let them, you’ll have your own mate this night. So, don't be so bitter." This time, Julisa calmly refuted her.

"Juls, you’re so mean!"

I laugh at their antics and step closer to them. As Kira said, we are all at one big table, and everyone is only remaining standing. After all, the purpose of this night is not really a party.

There are only ten werewolves at the age of twenty in our pack. I don’t bother myself with other packs, although the hall is still full of crowds as individuals of the appropriate age from all over the various packs will come here to the central district for the most anticipated mating ball.

We talk about anything for a bit. However, as midnight is slowly approaching, everyone’s nerves are becoming tense with each passing second.

Even myself, I’m also becoming nervous. And in a few minutes, it will be the start of the five-minute countdown. The whole hall is now in total silence, no one had the time to talk with each other.

My palm is also a bit sweaty, however, someone suddenly held my hand. I raised my head and locked gazes with Cayen.

He had a gentle and assuring smile on his lips as he tightened the grip on my hand.

"Don’t worry," he mouthed.

I stared at him for a bit before nodding my head and grasping his hand tightly as well.

"I won’t," I mouthed as well. He smiles, and it is enough for me to calm down for a bit.

And then, as it is already so close to midnight, we are forced to focus on the event. Actually, now that it is already happening, I can feel my heart racing rapidly.

We're now gripping each other tightly as if we're holding each other's sanity in our hands. I can feel that Cayen is also not as calm as I am in this situation.

I bit my lips, and I don’t know why, but as time approached, I prayed. Please, let Cayen be my mate.

The long wait is finally over as the clock hits twelve. And in the hall, the big moon in the skies, which looks much bigger and clearer than usual, is shining at everyone through the purposely big gap in the roof.

I don’t know why, but this moonlight is much warmer, even than the first time that I transformed as a wolf when I was ten years old. It gives me a sense of nostalgia from the moment I came of age, and it’s only an instant.

The first minute is an illusion, and when I wake up from that minute's dreams, everyone in the hall is in a frenzy, and as the seconds passed, shouts of "mate" echo throughout the vast hall.

"Mate!" Two voices echoed just around our table; I don’t have to guess who they are. It’s Cahlun and Kira’s voices.

In fact, similar cases are happening in the vicinity. I also want to congratulate them, but I can’t focus right now.

My whole body is frozen, and my mind went black, I know that I’m pale right now. My hand, which is holding Cayen’s hand, has become so cold that I might as well have already become numb.

I slowly raise my head and look at him, at the man I love and hope to spend the rest of my life with.

He is also now staring at me, his face pale with a petrified expression. I'm sure we're both thinking the same thing right now.

Why is this happening? This night isn’t supposed to be like this.

The corners of my eyes are heating up, completely ignoring the whine for a mate by my wolf. For a mate that isn’t Cayen.

"C-Cayen..." I called for his name, in a completely desperate tone.

Cayen’s lips tremble, and his gaze has extreme sorrow in it.

"Aia, I’m sorry," is all he can say, even though none of this is his fault.

"Cayen, what should we do? Tell me," a tear forms in the corner of my eye. I’m desperate for his answers. I’m going crazy as my chest tightens painfully.

However, Cayen doesn’t have any time to answer as two voices woke us up from our wonderful dream that is now about to end.

"Mate!" a voice of a man and a woman said, and my inner wolf went crazy as if, by instinct, my head shifted in front of me.

To a man standing not far from me, that’s the one. My mate, the mate my wolf craves for.

Chapter 2

Mating bond. It is one of the most sacred traditions that, even in this modern age, will never fade away. It’s a practice that no wolves have ever defied. Rejecting a mating bond is tantamount to blasphemy to the moon goddes and a taboo to the werewolf community.

In fact, no one has ever done this in the werewolf's long history. None from ancient times, and none from this modern age.

And it won’t change even in my case; my wolf is whining and wants me to run for my mate. Even my whole being screams for my mate. However, why is it that I’m hesitant?

I glance at Cayen; his eyes also have an inexplicable gloom in them. Even we, cannot defy our own fate. As if electrocuted, we both let go of our hands.

I even clench it tightly, remembering Cayen's warmth, probably for the last time.

Raising my gaze, I looked at my mate, whom my wolf was desperate to be with. In an instant, we’ve become closer to each other.

"My mate," he gently sai


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