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Love Between A Lycan and A Fairy

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An unlikely match; A fairy and a Lycan. Misty is the only surviving fairy left in the world. Her identity cannot be revealed or else it would bring chaos. Daniel doesn’t want her as his mate but he can’t reject her either their bond is ironclad. How will he continue to keep her identity from the rest of the werewolf community? How will he resist the mate bond that proves to be irresistible? "I don't know why you had to lie to me but I will make you pay!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, but he suddenly trapped her to the wall and gave her a passionate kiss. Can the mate bond be easily resisted?

The Attack.

There was more than one thing that made the day remarkable, part of which was the serene atmosphere that flooded across the city like a fog — cool, yet beautiful. Another was the breeze.

Some would say it blended well with the cool atmosphere, but then it wasn’t a regular breeze, only the supernaturals in the city knew that something was coming unto them. Something so big. Something so powerful that had rested for so many years, but had just awakened.

Something so mystical that made the full crescent appear in the sky, even when it wasn’t yet the month of the full moon for the wolves. Whatever this thing was, it was disturbing the balance between the supernatural and the cosmic world.

Movements could be noticed from the little cottage that rested along the city. The cerulean paint on its roof made it quite noticeable, and flashy, almost remarkable to the eyes. A beautiful young lady with a smooth and fluffy shade of ink-black wavy hair appeared in the room, beaming with a large smile.

Her tiny green eyes which shone around the room complimented her round beautiful glossy face. A considerable amount of lip gloss was rubbed on her small pink lips, illuminating her sweet smile. She was five feet tall, and how she carried herself, made her look exceptionally stunning.

"Hey, Misty." A lady called unto the beautiful lady who was still looking around, astonished by the setting of the house. Misty was shocked when she heard a familiar voice call out for her, and the lady continued. "Birthday Girl!"

Misty looked in the direction of Susan, the lady who called her name. Susan had to be of the same age as Misty, or most probably, a year or two years older. Although she wasn’t looking as beautiful as Misty tonight, she looked considerably stunning herself too.

"Susan," Misty called, walking in the direction of Susan and beaming with a large smile. Both of them hugged each other when they met, while Susan added a little extra effect by kissing Misty on the cheeks.

"Thank you for coming. I appreciate it."

"No, no, there’s no need to appreciate me. We are friends for Christ’s sake. What else would I be doing if I couldn’t even do such a  small thing as attend my own friend’s birthday party? Don’t be too humble, Misty." Susan said, playfully slapping Misty on her little arm.

"Now, let’s go. Everyone is waiting for the birthday girl, and they won’t be so happy if they think I took you as a prisoner." Susan said as she circled Misty's thin waist, something she was always fond of doing to Misty.

Both Misty and Susan burst into laughter at Susan’s petty joke. They walked side by side into the room wherein the birthday party was supposed to be held. On getting inside, the room was dark without any hint of light. Before Misty could turn back to look for Susan and ask her if she could put on her flashlight, the door closed and everything went eerie.

Misty banged on the door trying her best to come out when she heard some footsteps approaching her. She was glued to the door, trying to stay so still that whoever was there wouldn’t realize she was there at all. But no, the footsteps kept approaching her.

She started shivering to wonder if a burglar had entered without anybody noticing. She was at the edge of screaming out at the top of her voice when suddenly the lights came on, and she saw everyone in the room. Her father was right in front of her, holding a cake. At once, everyone shouted a happy birthday to her.

"You all almost got me killed a minute ago," Misty said, and everyone laughed at her. She saw Susan hiding at the back of the table and promised her that she would do something worse to her at her birthday party and that she should wait and see. Everyone burst into laughter again, including Misty herself.

"Happy birthday, dear daughter. You are a year into another stage of your life. Whatever happens or wherever you are, always know that your father loves you so much." Her father enunciated, wishing his daughter a blissful birthday.

"You are talking like an old man already, dad. I’m only clocking another year, it’s not like I feel it anyways." She said and rolled her eyes. Her father drew at her cheeks, playfully, telling her how it was so rude for a daughter to roll her eyes at her father.

"Okay, okay, I’m sorry about that."

The cake was placed on the large wooden table which everyone surrounded, with Misty in the middle beside her father and Susan. The candles were not yet lit, so Jupiter —another friend of Misty— brought out a lighter and lit them one by one.

It was time to blow out the candles, but each of them started arguing about what they should all spell in unison before Misty would blow it off. Someone said she should spell her name, another said ‘Jesus’, another said ‘success’, and others also came up with their different suggestions.

During the slight argument about what to spell and what to not, Misty started feeling something swelling up inside her stomach. It was as if a torrent of energy was awakening inside her and taking over the wheel of her body. She held her stomach tight, feeling pained and heated up at the same time.

The energy surged all over her body from her stomach to her head, to her feet, and arms, and all over her body. It felt to her as if she was becoming something. Something she could only feel, but couldn’t wrap her hands around. At once, the energy that was surging through her stopped and she fell on her father’s shoulder who quickly picked her up at once.

Everyone went silent at once when they saw Misty fall. They thought she fell from the noise of the argument about the candles, so her father simply suggested that they spell her name and she blows out the candles. They all agreed, and he helped Misty up back again. They all spelled her name in unison: M I S T Y and Misty blew out the candles.

"Something is coming." She muttered to herself after blowing out the candles. She could feel something rushing towards her, but she shrugged it off believing that it was only a party tension. She smiled at everyone who started wishing her a happy birthday and was about to cut the cake when they all heard a low growl right at the front of the door.

They all went quiet, wondering if a rabid dog had barged into the house. Misty knew it wasn’t a rabid dog. She had not seen what it was yet, but she could feel it even before it was here. And part of her feelings was telling her that whatever thing was growling outside the door was there because of her.

Suddenly, the low growl stopped and everyone was rested assured that the ‘rabid dog’ had gone. Misty, however, kept on staring at the door waiting for it to come at her. In a blink of an eye, something very fast, big and strong broke down the door and ran in the direction of Misty.

Everyone in the house tore out in different directions, running away for their lives. Misty herself started to run back but tripped on a chair that fell by one of the people who ran away.

It was a wolf. A big, black wolf with a bright yellow glow in its eyes. It pounced on Misty, drawling spittle all over her body with its wide open mouth. Misty wanted to crawl back,  but she couldn’t because the wolf was bearing all its weight on her. She started her green pupils into the eyes of the wolf, very afraid that she was going to die.

Of course, she had always thought about her death, but she thought about everything as in a car accident, dying in her sleep, but never getting eaten by a wolf.

The wolf shook its head aggressively, opening its large mouth which revealed its long fangs to tear at Misty’s skin when all of a sudden, the sound of a glass shattering from behind her made her shut her eyes. A figure stormed into the room through the window pulling the wolf away from Misty.

Misty opened her eyes and gently stood up, looking at the figure that stormed in. It was a guy. He stood six feet and 3 inches tall. Misty looked at his ink-black hair from behind, wondering what his face would look like. The guy turned towards Misty, and she saw them, his blue eyes which were glowing in the room.

He pointed at Misty "Stay put and don't do anything foolish" He instructed her with a cold look and stormed out. Everyone who had run away earlier started to return one by one, to watch how the guy intended to fight such a huge wolf with his bare hands at that.

Misty was still awed by the deep and masculine voice of the man, and couldn't help but erase the blush that crept up her skin. Susan jabbed her elbow at her, "Do you know that hot guy?" She asked and the blush that managed to seize on Misty's cheeks brightened up again.

"What...what are you talking about?!" She cleared her throat and looked away from Susan not answering her.

The mysterious guy bolted at the wolf, dragging it outside the house by its tail. The sounds of heavy pants and struggles could be heard outside. Everyone bolted to the windows to watch how the wolf tried to pounce on the guy, but he carried it up entirely and slammed it on the ground.

The wolf sprang up again and shot at him, but this time he didn’t carry it, he simply did a full spin in the air and landed his foot right on the wolf’s back. The wolf winced in pain. It was clear that whoever this mysterious guy was, he was stronger than the wolf.

He grabbed the wolf by its head, letting its eyeballs look into his eyeballs. He said something silently to the wolf, and he stood up from its back. The wolf shook its body vigorously, and ran across the street, fading into the darkness of the night.

The mysterious guy watched as the wolf ran away, unfazed. He headed back into the house, and everyone ran away from him as if he were some kind of monster. Although they were afraid of his fierceness, most of the girls drooled over his beauty and were mesmerized by him, especially Susan. He scoffed, ignoring them and walking toward Misty.

There, standing in the middle of everyone who had run back, Misty looked all scared, dirty, and wet. Her father stood beside her, cleaning off her clothes and telling her that all will be well. She tried very hard to not look at the man but his eyes were glued on her like she was some prey.

"You." He called out for Misty. He had a deep voice that sent butterflies running around in Misty’s stomach. He paused and looked into her green pupils. "What are you?" He asked a little puzzled.

Misty was confused by his question. She wondered why he would be asking her such a weird question after barely surging from the attacks of a wolf. She didn’t give him a reply since she wasn’t even sure what to answer him with.

"Why was that wolf here?" He asked yet another confusing question that threw Misty off the track, her expression went from confusion to raw rage, was this guy stupid?

"How the hell do I even know that? I don't even want to know! The door was probably opened, and it got in. I never knew there could be a wolf walking around the street. I thought wolves live in the forest! This is f*ck*ng creepy!" Misty screamed, and her father patted her back again, telling her to calm down.

Her friends were shocked that Misty could be this feisty and crude with her words, they flushed red at her words and wondered if she was not enraptured by the man's looks.

"Oh, I see. You know nothing, it seems." The guy said, nodding his head as though he was confirming something to himself. He reached into his pocket and brought out his complimentary card, and handed it over to Misty. "In case something like this happens again, call me, okay? I’m Daniel by the way."

The girl's all squealed in delight and felt that Misty got lucky enough to get his numbers and could even give him a call, they all began to fantasize on behalf of Misty whose mind didn't even wander that far.

Daniel gave Misty his card, and went straight for the door, ready to leave. Misty ran towards him, still afraid, and held on to his arm very tightly, how can he just leave? What if another wolf barges into the house?

"You can’t just leave. I know I don’t know who you are, where you come from, or how you knew the wolf was going to attack in the first place, but you seem to know something. And you are strong, you need to protect me. What if that wolf comes back again?" She rushed all her words all at once at Daniel.

Daniel scoffed and yanked her hands away from his arm in a rude manner. He brought out a handkerchief and started to clean the spot Misty had touched on his cloth as if she had dirtied it with her hands. Misty looked at her palms, they weren’t dirty, but why did he have to be rude? She thought, a vein popped on her forehead but she swallowed her raging emotions.

"Don’t worry, it won’t return. I can assure you that. But then next time, don’t touch me without my permission." He said in his deep voice and left. Misty stood by the door, glued, watching him as he vanished into the corners of the street. She let out a deep sigh of relief, something that she didn't think she held for so long.

"I think I have to leave right now. I’m sorry, Misty, but I can’t be here right now." Susan said, shivering at the memories of the wolf she just saw. Others came the same way, too, bidding Misty their farewell and telling her how they didn’t intend to leave her all alone, but then they had to, for their safety.

Misty understood every one of them and told them she didn’t mind at all, but then she would love it if they could wait till she cut the cake. "It would be better if you just cut the cake with me please?"

"Just five minutes, please." She begged, and everyone went back to their previous position alongside all the disruptions and untidiness of the room. The photographer dusted his body and came before all of them. He asked them to smile at the camera, but they all wore fake, stressed, and shivering smiles on their lips as Misty cut the cake.

She split it into large pieces and gave it to each of them that was present. They all kissed her on the cheeks, thanked her, and asked her to be safe. After everyone had left, Misty and her father started to put things back to their normal state and tidy the room.

Her father was silent all along, and Misty wasn’t concerned because she was thinking about Daniel. How Daniel knew that the wolf was coming to their house remained a mystery to her. He wasn’t someone she knew from anywhere, but how come she felt so familiar with her as if they had been friends for a very long time?

"There are a lot of stories behind this guy, and I’m going to dig into it very soon." She muttered to herself and went to her bedroom.

Who is this DANIEL?

Misty laid her back on the bed, still, facing the old dirty ceilings. But she wasn’t thinking about the way the ceilings were old, nor was she thinking about the cobwebs that were stuck all around it.

What she was thinking about was more specific, something new, something that she believed she was at the center of it all, and that there was only one person to make her understand the way out of the strings of her confusion: Daniel.

She heard a soft knock on the window, rushing at it all at once. She sprang to her feet, running away to hide behind her bed, wondering if the wolf was there again to get her and if she was going to get attacked again. She waited for some minutes, but nothing happened.

She rose bravely towards the window to check whatever made the soft knock all by herself. She got to the window and looked both sideways, but didn’t find a thing. She was starting to feel so eerie when she heard another soft knock on the window that she was right before.


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