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King of the Cursed

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: WAJE
  • Chapters: 80
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 37


KING OF THE CURSED (Foreword) *************************** Once upon a time, the moon goddess created a special kind of beast meant to protect each of the seven kingdoms in Wolf's heart pack but they got rebellious and took sides with the arch-enemy of the moon goddess- mother darkness. The kingdom was at peace with their packs until disaster struck and the wolves began to die of strange illnesses. The pack members had to flee to other packs for survival but unfortunately, they got killed by weaker packs who took it to their advantage by the problems surrounding the once biggest pack. Only one man could save them. He crossed the seven seas to get a solution and came back with the box to heal the land of its affliction. He gave his time and put his life at stake to salvage the restoration of his beloved pack but unbeknownst to him he got tricked and got the box of curses. It was the forbidden box made to heal and also to curse. Soon peace was restored and life came back to normal in the kingdoms; the deaths and strange illnesses became a forgotten tale. But the curses that came with the box started taking effect on him and his family. He sought help, got laughed at, and was rejected by the people he saved. The pack members went about merry while casting him a look of disgust. He lost everything, his family, the two most important people in his life. He blanked into pain and revenge. His heart broke and he sought the forbidden by opening the box and drinking its content. He died and came back as the king of the Cursed seeking their blood.

Chapter 1


Chapter One

[The Cursed King]

Alpha Dargan

The chiming of the huge bell rang from the big bell room at the early break of dawn. It was a sign for important meetings that rocked Wolf's Heart Pack, the biggest pack in the world with seven kingdoms under it.

Each had its ruling chief to govern its pack members and there was a sovereign Alpha that was law and order ruling over the entire seven pack members and its Chiefs.

There I stood at my golden long-length mirror with red intricate on them. My dark curly hair was overgrown and inching at my waist, my visible stubbles had covered a larger part of my cheeks. I hated chopping off my facial hair and hair and this time I looked no less like a caveman.

My dark-blue eyes were fascinating. A fascination for what I craved the thought of it had me licking my lips.

The walls of the room were covered in dark ash paint, they were exactly like the tattoos on my skin. Dark, mysterious, gripping. It would draw you in like a tourist sight and let your blood be the payment for a sore sight. Most days I saw black, the others gray but today all I've been seeing was red, bloody red to be precise.

Footsteps were getting to my door and with a singular push the doors were opened and the visitor walked in as I heard the knee hit the floor with a thud. My back was still facing the intruder, as I didn't stop to take a peek but instead focused on the mirror. I didn't need to look at who got in. I know who that was. He wasn't trying too hard to mask his scent, it was his usual woody smell, like pine from the earth.

“It's time my Lord.”

I turned in all my dark glory to face him. My Beta. He has been my second in command and a close ally. I saved him from the slave masters the former Alpha subjected his slaves to from the gruesome tortures, starvation, and death, not that I was any better, and ever since he swore his allegiance to be by my side fighting till his last breath.

His knees were still to the floor with his head lowly placed and his lips clamped tightly to the other. He was scared of me, being my Beta still had him giving me my distance.

Who wouldn't be scared? I've never met anyone that hasn't seen me and peed on their clothing or ran as far as their legs could carry them, it was not a brag but straight facts.

“Make the way Ezra.” My deep, scary voice order.

He nods and slowly lifts off the floor as I follow after him. There were a lot of people I don't communicate with or trust, none at all but I could give him the benefit of the doubt.

The walk to the royal courtroom was a quick but detailed one as my gaze racked and took in every single object and ornament used to beautify the Castle. The walls, the wooden rich doors, the brick floors, and the luxurious display of golds, silvers, and precious stones.

The servants bowed as I walked with haughty steps and murderous eyes as they shivered in fear their gaze soaking up the floor as sweat dripped from their forehead.

“The supreme Alpha arrives!” The blowing of war horns and the bell rang again, my ego and head held high as the huge golden doors with an inscription of Wolf's heart on both sides were pushed open by the Wolf guards as I made my way into the hall.

“Ooh…” A silent murmur escaped from the pack member's lips as I walked in too fast not to make a noise. I walked in with slow, calculated patient strides and cast one look at the throne before sitting on it with my strong arms spread apart at the armrest.

“Bring the traitor from the dungeon!” My voice bounced with terror through the high walls crippling the onlookers and Pack members gathered outside and in the Royal courtroom waiting for the verdict, my final verdict.

The guards hurried and their silhouettes were lost before they entered pushing the huge golden doors with a prisoner, his blonde hair dusty, eyes bulging out which were as a result of my itchy claws, and his legs cut off from one of my experiments, his stomach was cut open with his intestines displayed for all to see and he resembled dirt and smelt like death but too bad there's only one person that resembles anything relating to death and that person is me.

King Dargan!

He was shoved to the hard, cold floor and his tongue fell out in need of water. He must be dying of thirst just like I was patiently waiting to taste his blood.

“Your order was carried out my lord.” The guards spoke in unison like they were hypnotized. Their minds were controlled and their thoughts were something I could breeze in and out easily. How the traitor filtered out his scheming thoughts and made me hear what he wanted still baffled me. Lucky that he didn't die quickly if I had found out and unlucky because he's going to die in the most gruesome way known to man.

“You are not my Alpha king. You're a cursed soul and Cursed you shall remain. Soon your end will come and your heart will be ripped off!” He spat bitterly and I waved off the guards not to touch him as his eyes rolled back into his head, he won't give up, would he?

Anyone who decides to oppose me is an enemy and every enemy will eat the vengeance from my iron fist. People betraying me wasn't anything new to me.

Every time they tried to take me down, they only ended up six feet under where they belonged. I've been fed poison and still been fed. That's what happens when you have more haters than lovers and it seems the seven chiefs from the kingdoms are still scheming out ways to take me down.

Hahahaha… I am the Monster they created and soon they'll be wiped out but before I get back to them the worthy scapegoat will feel the full wrath of trying to mess with me. Trying? He did mess with me by trying to kill me in my sleep but too bad for him my beasts were vigilant.

I slowly rose from my throne with my apparel swimming to the floor and a dark cast came over the part where I stood. The elegant red robe with some five black stars to the side, expertly designed by one of the best seamstresses in the royal kingdom had a look of superiority and darkness it portrays.

A diamond constructed thorn crown at the base of my head, I had no intention to use the crown of the past ruler (Alpha).

I destroyed everything that the sh*t owned or ever touched from the throne, to his bedroom, even his mate and concubines. They were sent into the dungeon to suffer for his sins and if there was a far worse punishment than death I'll humbly take it upon myself to feed him the bread and give him a cup of his sorrows.

His skull is my favorite drinking jug, it was a luxury to drink from him with the blood of his loyal subjects. A weakling that one up until death.

My hands gripped the sword by my side but I let it fall. The traitor won't be getting the honor to die by the sword, he doesn't deserve any at all.

I made my way towards where the prisoner was being held with every step a word flew out, “Do. You. Have. Anything… to say.” It came more as a statement than a question. Crouching down towards his figure at an angle face to face we were peeking into each other from eyeballs to eyeballs.

He looked scared, as his eyes bore into my orbs, did I say my orbs? Wrong statement, our orbs. He must be seeing the beasts flashing through them and it must have terrified the witless b*st*rd. He lacked balls.

“See you in hell!” He spat.

“Stop!” I raised my hand to stop the Wolf Guards that unsheathed their swords immediately when they saw his act and would kill him on the spot if I didn't intervene quick enough. He was mine. My foe and only I get to send him over to the afterlife.

My claws began to grow out as anger, vengeance and bloodlust surged through me in trepidation, my body shook, and my fangs grew out.

“YOU. WILL. DIE!" One swift swipe and his neck was off his shoulders and rolled off to the end of the hall.

Blood spattered on my face, my stubbles, and over my apparel, and my guards who had a stoic look on their faces, without giving a hint that they just watched their Alpha detach a head from its neck.

It hasn't been new to them or the pack members of Wolf's heart. Just like the name implies I feed on my prey's heart. It was a ritual to appease the beasts. My friends, allies, partners in blood feast, and my protectors over my enemies.

My claws trailed slowly from his neck and stopped at his chest where his heart is situated.

The look of disgust from the members of the Pack was boldly etched on their faces despite how hard they tried to mask it with a faraway look.

I will make sure whoever was witness today will have a tale to tell the others and it's a saying bad news spread like wildfire.

My claws tore open his chest and with quick hands grabbed his heart out and brought it to my lips and began feasting on it recklessly with a grin. His heart tasted meaty, the blood escaped my lips and dripped from the corners of my mouth as I relished it with satisfaction.

The beasts jumped in my head with a happy clap on our victory. I didn't stop there after eating his heart, my claws began to tear him limb after limb, his hands, and entire anatomy was crushed as I bathed in his blood in a messy performance.

Thrilled on my exploit I stood up with an unholy rise as I looked and smelled like death. I licked my bottom lip that still had a trace of blood on it, it felt like a trance as I closed my eyes for a few minutes and let out a peal of maniacal laughter.

“Hahahaha.” Before peeling my eyes open facing the guards.

“Clean up this mess!” The guards hurriedly started working on wiping every trace of the scene that just happened minutes ago.

A few minutes later the floor was shining brightly with no trace of the incident. Every kill feels anew to me like I was killing for the first time, and next, I would forget if I ever killed anyone.

The doors were pushed open as the maids dressed in their servant dresses came into the hall with my royal robe for a change.

I stood as they took off the old robe and got me the golden robe. It was time to speak to the Pack members.

Now facing the crowd. With a devilish smirk I pointed at no one in particular, my claws were still out. “Take this to your chiefs. I know of your plans to take my life but you all have failed. I give three days to the Chiefs under Wolf's heart to send their daughters to the Castle as my s*x slaves, concubines, and mistresses.

Failure to do so every chief would die! I won't stop there but every firstborn in every household will be killed and that I promise you!”

The power I possessed had them listening to me unable to blink or utter a word. Few were shivering in their seats as I spoke.

They had no choice not to inform their foolish chiefs, else their blood will spill, their mothers will mourn their children and their mates will grow extinct. I promise them when I'm done the whole world will weep and whoever that listens to the tale will shiver.

“Yes, Alpha.” They bowed.

I took one look at them and marched out, brushing past the doors with shrewd weirdness letting out low growls from deep in my throat. They tried it this time but I'm going to hurt them where it hurts the most.

Just three days and they will all perish!

Chapter 2


Chapter Two

[Princess switching]

Mirabelle's Pov

The stable was shining perfectly clean as I breathed through my nostril almost growing faint with work and wiped the beaded sweat that formed on my forehead. This is a result of working for far too long as the sun scorched in on me from my vigorous hard work for the day.

I pushed back the strand of my long metallic blonde curly hair and tucked it behind my ears and faced the pail of water as my reflection stared back at me.

My honey brown eyes had a trace of weariness and my high cheekbones were with a blush of red from rubbing at them.

My pink lips were slightly chapped from lack of balm.

“The princess demands your presence.” A guard crept in on me, making me jolt and mistakenly hitting the wooden bucket containing water and scrub.

“Oh, mother!”

The guard did a lazy rolling of his eyes before walking


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