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Kimberley: The Hybrid Bane

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My name is Kimberly Marshall, and I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. My life has been on a rollercoaster ride, since Michael, the LOML passed away. Pressed with the responsibility of taking care of our little boy, Demian, I had to do stupid things to keep providing as a mom. Demian was all that I had left. He was my world, my life, and my reason for survival. I accepted a job with this weird family called "the Rastro family," they were overwhelmingly rich. I believed I had found the solution to poverty for good, I never knew I was up for my own destruction. When my emotions and lust held me down, Zuko whispered love and romance in my ears, while I lay gasping for breath, as those fantastic feelings consumed me from within. But, was that love??? And when the sun finally set, darkness fell upon our earth, leaving pain and misery whatever it touched. As the harbinger of death crawled out of the shadows, to hunt me for my mistakes, I found my demons lurking around the corner, wreaking pain on me. A pain I shall never recover from. THE DIE IS CAST…!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

PROLOGUE"You're done, Kimberly! Your services are no longer needed in this factory. Please, kindly leave in peace. I'll hate to call the security on you!" John yelled at me."But sir! Can I get the chance to explain myself? Please." I begged further. John was a kindhearted man, he had taken a lot of my absence from work. I guess he was just fed up."No…no…no, not this time Kimberly. I'm done with your excuses. Look, I know you're a good mom, and I know it ain't easy for you to raise your boy alone since his father died." I rolled my eyes. I hated it when people reminded me of Johnson's death."I understand Kim, but you have to know that this factory can't help you. Not anymore… I'm just a captain here, I don't want to lose my job while trying to help you… Please, try and understand." I bit my lower lips, suppressing the pain and anger growing within me. John had a family too, he was right, he can't lose his job trying to help me. I saw this coming, but there was nothing I could do about it. Taking care of my little Demian was my priority, as he would always come first in my life.I nodded my head in agreement and walked out of the factory. It was a sunny day, and the sun was blazing hot from the sky.I was walking home when I saw a flyer on the ground. "A house help is needed in the Rastro building," boldly written on it. The Rastros were a wealthy family in New Orleans. I nearly screamed my heart out, I had the feeling that the job was mine. I quickly texted the number on the flyer, before heading home. I was still on my way home when I received a text. "Hello, dear Kimberly Marshall. Congratulations, you got the job. Your duty begins tomorrow, 8:30 a.m. in the Rastro family building. Don't be late!"Shock seized me. How come? How did I get the job without an interview? I knew something was not right, but I accepted it anyway. We're talking about a $5000 monthly payment. But, at what cost?>>>>>>>> Chapter 1**6 Months Later**"I have to go! This was never supposed to happen, what have I done?!" Zuko ran out of the party, leaving his siblings behind, as they chased after him. His heart beating fast, with fear and tension, all over his face. "Wait!" Benita, his younger sister, called. "Where exactly are you going to look for her? I don't think she's at home right now. The moon is full already, we may be too late." "I have to try! This is all my fault, I put her into this. She never asked for it." Zuko said with a broken voice. "Help me find her. If you won't, then don't try to stop me." He continued.In the blink of an eye, he dashed away like the speed of light, leaving his siblings standing right in the middle of the road.Benita turned to Mark, their eldest brother. "What do we do? You know we can't let her live right? No one can know our secrets and stay alive," She said."Yeah, I know that. But have you also considered that Zuko will never forgive us if we hurt her?" Mark replied. Benita sighed and combed her hair with her palms."You know what, Let's find her before he does. We can think about what to do with her later." Mark instructed, and they left the scene.The Rastro family was a powerful Hybrid family. A family of Vampire-Werewolves. 5 siblings made up the family, Mark, Scott, Clara, Zuko, and Benita. In order of their birth.*****Zuko came to a stop on a bridge, an unusual silence hung in the air. The croaking of frogs and chirping of crickets had been buried under the silent nature of the area. "Something is wrong here," he muttered to himself. He darted his eyes around, sensing danger. "Something is going on in the woods… maybe we should check it out." His wolf said, calling him out of his thoughts.Zuko went down the bridge, and into the dark woods. The darkness in the atmosphere carried a dreadful feeling of fear with it. With each footstep, Zuko's fear of the unknown grew stronger.Just immediately his phone rang loudly, startling him. He took in a deep breath and glanced at the screen, a call from Benita."Can you just f*ck*ng leave me alone? I'm in the middle of something crazy here." He yelled at her over the phone."Calm your nerves bro, I'm not calling to stop you. Listen I know you love Kimberly, but you made a mistake when you did this to her. You know that right?" Benita said from the other side.Zuko bit his lips in silence. Feelings of guilt crept upon his face, he combed his hair and took a few paces."What exactly are you trying to tell me, Ben?!" He inquired in a suspicious voice."Zuko, listen…" "Just spit it out already!!!" He yelled over the phone. "You need to kill Kimberly yourself!!! Listen, I know it's difficult for you. But believe me, you don't want her to live knowing who we really are. She will be the end of us." Benita explained further. "How dare you! How dare you ask me to kill the woman I love?! Enough of this conversation…..!"A strange scent caught Zuko's attention, cutting him short. He dropped the phone from his ear and turned towards the deep darkness."Zuko, are you there!!!! What's going on?!" Benita cried from the other end."That smell, it can't be good," Zuko muttered on the phone. Tension and Confusion crept all over his face."What smell? Zuko what smell are you talking about?!" Benita cried out."Blood," Zuko said in a low tone, his voice barely above a whisper."Zuko, get out of there now. You need to leave there now!!!" Benita screamed, but her cries fell on deaf ears. Determined to find out what was happening, he ended the call on her and advanced towards the dark woods…

Chapter 2

~Kimberley's POV I sat beside a tree, folded in my own imagination and disbelief. 3 corpses lay before me. I had just killed 3 people, I could perceive the stench of their blood all over me. Fear gripped me, I never imagined a day would come, when I'd murder people. It had been almost 6 months since I started working for the Rastros. One month after my duty, I fell in love with Zuko. I was happy when I found out the feelings were mutual. He made me forget my worries, he became my joy and happiness.But how would I explain to him that I murdered people? I'm sure he would hate me. Hot tears rolled down my eyes, as I stared at the dead bodies before me. Earlier today, Zuko had asked me to join the family at the party, but I was feeling too tired, so I decided to stay back.When darkness came, the moon rose to its height. A sharp pain coursed through me. It didn't stop, I saw my bones twist and break


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