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Werewolves; Vampires; Elves; Dragons; Fairies; Demons. In a land of myth, magic and times of power struggle. "You cannot be serious father! I am going to be the next head of this pack. How can you possibly justify an arranged marriage with a firstborn?!" "Hear me, I will stop at nothing to rid this kingdom of Armard! He will regret ever letting me live after slaughtering my parents." Two people, fueled by separate angers, bound by the same fate; tied by the same destiny. Seraphina, a fiery and strong headed princess, dreads the idea of being sent off to an arranged marriage, especially to a potential danger to her pack; the nephew of the king, prince Micage. As Sera and Micage come to terms and agree to help each other achieve their goals, they find comfort in each other. Their loyalty will be tested; their love be tested. Past portals and unknown lands, from the heavenly skies to the deepest seas. All the while trying to find out the true nature of his parent's death, and whether or not his mother is still alive.

CHAPTER 1-Arranged Marriage?

Sera stood at the edge of the cliff, staring at the red moon on the horizon. In the stories of old, people said that a red moon signified a change of the times, and that good or bad things could not be easily predicted.

The whispers of conversation from the other pack members rumbled beneath her, and as she stared down, she caught sight of her friend, Iris, who was looking at her with an expression Sera had seen plenty of times.

“Your father is calling for you, Sera.” Iris said immediately she got down from the cliff.

“By the sound of your voice, Iris, I don’t think it’s good news.” Sera spoke passively and walked in the direction of the small castle.

“He did not say, nor did I ask.”

“The current king continues to expand his territories, preying on small independent packs while completely taking over sovereign packs who do not follow the monarchy, It stands to reason that whatever he has to tell me may not be good news.”

“Take it easy on yourself, Sera. I’m not very knowledgeable about this running a pack thing, but I believe the moon goddess is on our side. So don’t give up.” Iris said, probably trying to cheer her up.

In truth, Sera did believe Iris was a good person—a little too good, but she didn’t believe all that sob about the moon goddess. The traditions of the werewolves have been the same for centuries and throughout the lands. Yet, the same goddess watched as people suffered and died at the hands of a maniacal supreme ruler.

The grounds given to families of the branch royalty were large, and even though the castle wasn’t gigantic, the estate was beautiful, befitting members of royalty. Sera approached the council chambers where her father spent most of his days, and she would too, once succession rights were complete.

Sera expected a council meeting, but she did not hear any sounds as she approached the council room. She did, however, catch the heavy scents of her father, stepmother, and stepsister. She opened the doors confidently and strode in.

Her father and younger stepsister, Hyacinth, were sited, and two guards stood at the far corner of the council room. She was surprised to not see her spiteful stepmother, even though her scent lingered in the room. She and that woman would never see eye-to-eye.

“You called, father?” She said as she placed herself at her father’s right hand. Even though he always doted on little Hyacinth, some rules are never meant to be broken, daddy’s favorite girl or not.

“I know this will be a little unexpected, daughter, but we will have to discuss the issues of your new marriage arrangements.”

Sera knew that, with the passage of time, her father had become terrible at jesting. So, to her, it stood to reason that it was just one of his many bad ones.

“You must be joking, dad, I don’t even have a potential mate, talk more of marriage. Wherever you are going with this conversation, I don’t like it.” She said coldly.

“A letter just came from the imperial court. It is no longer a secret that the king might reach our doorsteps in a few months or years, and the monarchy is the worst it has been in centuries. But still, our lands and our neighbors are safe, and I want to keep that way.”

“Father…” Sera dragged. The members of the pack were very familiar with her ways of saying she was getting impatient.

“The king has sent some sort of truce with us. He knows the kind of man I can be, and we were somewhat acquainted in our youth. But that is a tale for another day.”

“Father, please just get to the point.” Sera said harshly. If her harsh words affected her father, he did not show it.

“The king has asked for the hand of one of my daughters to wed his nephew, the prince, and we are to fulfil that role.”

A lot of information flowed into Sera’s head when her father completed those words. The king’s nephew, Micage, had never been seen at public events in the capital since the advent of the current king 13 years ago. He had been rumored to be a figurehead who later gave reign to his uncle, as well as being a weak failure. The anger of the people over the years had led to all types of rumors, most of which were unfavorable.

It was customary that when arranged marriages between two packs were to take place, any child apart from the firstborn would be considered. The firstborn, whether male or female, had an equal right of succession.

“Father, I fail to understand why you are discussing this role with me. Even the traditions know that any child apart from the firstborn is to be arranged for marriage outside their pack. I am to be the next head of this pack!”

“I refuse to be married to a man rumored to be a weak figurehead, prince or not. And I already have a mate.” Her stepsister remarked, not meeting anyone’s eyes.

“Your sister is too young for the role, Sera. As the older one, you are more suitable for this role.” Her father said, eyes closed.

“She’s 21 years old! You cannot be serious, father.!” Sera cried out, standing aggressively, almost knocking down her chair.

“Sit down, Seraphina.” The raw power emanating from the command of an Alpha male was very potent. Sera, with all her might, could not resist its force and gradually sat back down.

“Sera, you will substitute your sister in this union. Your sister is still a child at heart, and it would be an honor as a firstborn to be married to his highness.”

‘More like sacrificial pawn. He probably can’t bear the thought of his dear little girl married to the enemy.’

A pang appeared in her chest, but she dismissed it immediately. She hated showing any weaknesses.

“Hyacinth, excuse us.” Her father commanded.

“Yes father.” With a small, most likely victorious smile, she walked out of the council room. Florian got up from this seat and walked towards the large council room windows. He dismissed his guards as well.

“I’m sorry, Sera. I know you think I have failed you. But there’s no one else I can trust to infiltrate the capital better than you. I know I should send your sister, but she’s not as capable as you; or as strong as you. In her heart, she probably thinks I only want to substitute you because I dote on her. But she would likely get herself killed before she can establish herself.” Her father said.

‘Wouldn’t that be a site?’ She thought to herself.

“I wish I could explain better, but just know that there’s no one more capable than you for this, Sera.”

Sera got up from her seat after a few seconds. Neither she nor her father exchanged any words throughout that time.

“Make no mistake, father, I will not embark on this ‘union’ because of you or my stupid younger sister. But I truly love this pack, and as someone who has been trained all my life to be its leader, I’ll stop at nothing to protect it.”

And with that, she walked out.

“I’m sorry, Sera. But you’ll come to understand one day how sorry I am for everything.” Sera ran her hands through her fiery, bright red hair as she leaned on the council room doors.

Occasionally, she hated their abilities to hear over distances. At least, if she hadn’t heard those words, she could go on with a tiny fragment of resentment. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help the feeling swelling inside her that she had to protect that mattered to her.

CHAPTER 2- Meetings

Footsteps echoed through the halls as the masked man made his way through the large doors. On the other side, a gigantic council room. Three men each stood at either side of the throne, and on his throne, sat his uncle. The throne itself was like a large couch, and on either side of the king lay two half-naked she-wolves who were more than happy to oblige him.

The king lacked nothing but wanted everything. A tyrant like none the capital had seen in decades. From within the castle walls, the loud howls of numerous wolves could be heard. In a wolf’s life, a howl could mean anything. A cry for a lover; rejoicing a child who had come back from battle; acknowledging a leader. But this was certainly the cry of the loss of a loved one. The masked man listened intensively, never once allowing the men in front of him to see him falter.

 “You called for me, uncle.” The man said in a postured greeting. The king was very particular about etiquette.

 “Rise my nephew. How are yo


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