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I'm not Her!

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Wardaa
  • Chapters: 141
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.3K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 17


"I'm Alika, not Tabitha!" she exclaimed as four burly men dragged her into the car. The intention of wanting to enjoy vacation time in a country that has never been visited, Alika was unlucky. While enjoying her favorite spicy ramen at one of the minimarkets, suddenly several people in black uniforms came and called her by another name. Who would have thought that she would be taken to a luxurious mansion filled with expensive items, not too scary places as she had in mind? Even more unexpectedly, there was a handsome man named Edward who suddenly hugged and kissed her while saying that he missed her. Alika didn't know him, but Edward said he was her fiancé. Alika was dizzy, especially since she was suddenly a bird in a cage. Until finally she saw a photo of a beautiful girl who looked a lot like her. Not to mention the true identity of Edward and everyone around her. So, what will happen to Alika after this? How will she live her life with the same face as someone else?

Chapter 1

At a convenience store in the middle of the city, a girl wearing white jeans and a pink Sabrina blouse was enjoying her favorite meal. The spicy ramen tasted so good, it made the girl named Alika close her eyes several times. Ah if only ramen was a healthy food, how happy life would be.

"Which blessing are you denying?" Alika muttered as she looked at the vehicles passing in front of her. She looked down again, stirred her ramen, and just as she was about to eat it again, two people suddenly grabbed her hands so tightly that her chopsticks slipped out.

Alika felt very upset. She looked up, staring at the two people standing next to her in turn. "What are you guys doing? Let go of my hands! Don't you know any manners to interrupt someone else's meal?"

Seeing the two men holding her hand still without any intention of releasing their grip, Alika couldn't help but cluck. She tugged at her hand and exclaimed, "Let go of my hand! What are you deaf to? Hey, let go!"

"Sorry, Miss Tabitha, you have to go home," said one of the men who had just arrived with his friend.

There were now four burly men wearing the same clothes standing around the table Alika was at. Her annoyance turned into panic. Especially when her body was led to a black car parked on the side of the road. She turned her head to the right and left while trying to keep her legs from moving. "Wait, wait! Who are you and where are you taking me? This... this looks like you have the wrong person."

"Miss Tabitha, please cooperate," said one of the men holding her right hand.

Alika shook her head frantically and said, "I'm not Tabitha, you have the wrong person. I don't know you at all. Let me go! This is called kidnapping. Aren't you afraid of dealing with the police?"

But the men didn't listen to her at all. The two men holding Alika glanced at each other and the next second, they lifted Alika until she was like a dangling monkey.

Alika was getting more and more panicked, she moved her legs with a face that wanted to cry. "Help! Let me go! I don't know you guys. You've caught the wrong person. I don't have much money, my family isn't rich either. There's no way I can be held for ransom. Then... then I'm a little crazy. Can't be used at all. It won't do you any good to arrest me, really. Trust me!"

As if deaf, the four men did not listen to anything Alika said. The two men who had been at the back immediately moved forward to open the car door. Alika was wide-eyed, crying hysterically as she turned her head right and left.

"Help, help! There's a kidnapping, please! Huaaa mommy, help!" Alika shouted at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately, it was very quiet around the minimarket. Alika even remembered that inside the convenience store when she bought the ramen earlier, there was no one else but her and the three employees. "You'll get bad luck if you take me. I'm not joking. You have to listen to me."

"Miss, please don't rebel anymore if you don't want your body to hurt more," said the man who opened the door. His hand was stretched over Alika's head, anticipating an unwanted collision.

Alika was seated in the car at an angle. She immediately corrected her position and jumped out just before the door closed. Her body turned around with her hands raised in front of her as the four men moved to re-arrest her. "Wait, wait, wait! You guys can take me, but at least let me finish my food first. I can't waste food because it was bought with money. Okay? Give me a moment, I won't run away."

Seeing the four people in front of her who still didn't believe her and started to step forward, Alika spontaneously retreated and exclaimed, "I'm not lying! You guys can accompany me to eat. I'm not going to run away, really! I just don't want to waste the food I bought. Not to mention that there are things I left behind."

The four men looked at each other for a moment then looked at Alika and nodded.

"Okay, we'll give you some time," said one of them.

Alika's eyes lit up as soon as she heard his words. Without saying anything else, she quickly turned around and ran to her table.

As she slowly ate her chewed food, Alika racked her brain to think of a way to escape from the four strangers. She silently glanced to her left and right, looking at the statue-like humans, and grimaced softly. Instead of feeling like the son of a conglomerate for being so closely guarded, she felt like a prisoner.

It was an uncomfortable feeling. Alika wanted to get out of here.

"Miss, please finish your food faster," chirped one of the men on the left, jolting the daydreaming Alika.

Alika turned her head with an artificially annoyed face. "How can I eat quickly while you guys are standing here? It's better if you wait in the car. I feel awkward."

"Sorry, you can't, Miss," replied the man on the right.

Alika snorted in annoyance. She put down her ramen cup then picked up her sling bag and put it on. The same went for her backpack. After she finished, she stood up and said, "I'm going to buy a drink."

Upon hearing that, the four burly men immediately moved and followed her.

Alika, who felt movement behind her, stopped her steps and turned her head. Instantly her temper peaked. Her mouth opened to say her harshest words, but everything got stuck in her throat. As a result, she swallowed it back and asked in a soft, artificial voice. "Why are you following me? I just wanted to buy a drink. There are no other doors in there other than this one. So you can wait here quietly because I won't run away."

"As per the master's orders, we are not allowed to let you go even for a second. Please don't make things difficult for us, Miss," said the man on the far left and then looked at his friends and moved his eyes in code.

Before Alika could react, one of the men suddenly picked her up like a sack of rice and carried her away.

"Aaaa!" screamed Alika in surprise as her body floated. She closed her eyes as the road swayed, making her feel dizzy. "Put me down, I'm dizzy! Hey, did you hear that? I'm dizzy! Huweek!"

"Miss, you'll get even more dizzy if you keep talking," chided the man walking beside the man carrying Alika. "It's better to keep quiet so you don't get dizzy and we can carry out our duties properly."

"But this position makes my head feel spinning. Please put me down and let me walk by myself," Alika said softly. She covered her mouth as the nausea returned. Please, she had just eaten ramen and now with no idea of herself, this person was carrying her improperly. Her stomach was so compressed that it felt like she could throw up at any moment!

Ah, what bad luck! She came here to enjoy a vacation, why did she end up being kidnapped? It seemed like this was karma because she didn't want to invite her best friend.

Perhaps for fear of a repeat of the previous incident, this time when Alika was seated in the car, the man carrying her sat next to her. She was about to run away again but the car door was already closed, followed by two men who got in the front seat and another one on her side. The car slowly moved, leaving the minimarket area.

"Hey, don't you realize how big your bodies are? I'm claustrophobic to the point of feeling dizzy," Alika said with an annoyed look on her face. But to be honest, inside she was already screaming in fear.

Being flanked by two burly men in a car that kept going nowhere was not a pleasant experience.

"Miss, take it easy, we'll be there in a minute," said the man sitting to her left.

"Can we negotiate? I can give you emm... emm-" Alika wondered what she could give them. But with only her clothes, cell phone, camera, and money, she had a dilemma. For the sake of her freedom, she gritted her teeth and looked at the men on her right and left in turn and said, "Money. I'll give you all my money, but you have to let me go. How's that? Isn't this fair enough? After all, I'm of no use at all, like I said earlier. How about it? Do you agree?"

"No," both replied simultaneously.

Alika gaped in disbelief. "Why?"

"The money from our salaries is more than enough, so we don't want Miss' money at all," replied the man sitting on the left with his eyes straight ahead.

"And we've been looking for her for over a week. Now that we've found her, we can't just let her go. We still love life," continued the man on the right.

Alika was even more dumbfounded by their answers. After realizing it, she muttered, "But I'm not the person you're looking for."

"You lied to the wrong person, Miss. Even the cat in the mansion knows that you're the lady you've been looking for," said the man sitting beside the steering wheel while glancing at Alika.

Alika was initially surprised that he could hear her mumbling, but she quickly came to her senses and shouted, "I'm not lying! You've got the wrong person! You'll see, your boss will be furious that you caught the wrong person. However, before that happens, you better let me go now. I promise, I'll keep my mouth shut and won't tell anyone what happened today."

"Isn't it better to lose me than to lose your job?" asked Alika, who did not give up on provoking him to get out of this bad situation.

"We'd rather lose our jobs than lose you," said the four men in unison, making Alika jump in surprise.

Holding her heaving chest, she looked at them in turn. It was as if she didn't understand their thoughts of preferring her over a job that could make them a lot of money.

Alika didn't know that if he lost his job, he could still find another one. At least their lives are still attached. But it's different if they lose Alika who they consider as their Nonanya. Let alone life, even the body will not be intact.

It didn't feel like the car Alika was riding in had arrived at its destination. The girl was taken out forcibly by carrying her like before. All because Alika didn't want to move and held on to the seat in front of her tightly.

"Is it really Miss?" asked the man wearing the same uniform as the four men with Alika.

Alika, who heard someone else's voice, looked up. Her eyes moved, staring at the scene around her that was very different from what she had imagined. She couldn't help but open her mouth wide.

This mansion is amazing! Not only was it huge, it was also very luxurious. Alika couldn't estimate how much money went into building it.

Thinking about it, Alika wondered, this guy is so rich but why did he kidnap her? Do they want to sell her to increase their wealth? Oh no! She had to get down and get out of there.

"Right, this is Miss. Then I'll go first," replied the man carrying Alika as he began to walk towards the main door.

Alika immediately rebelled. She moved her legs and arms while shouting, "Let me go! Get off me! Hey, I want to get off! Help! Somebody help me!"

"You can't treat me like this," whispered Alika who was already feeling tired because none of the many people here wanted to help her. Her body drooped, her arms and legs dangling in resignation. "D*mn, my luck."

The man continued to walk into the grand mansion towards the elevator and pressed three. Once he arrived, he stepped back into the room that was his lady's.

"Master will be here soon, so you be good here," the man said as he sat Alika on the edge of a large bed covered in blue sheets.

Before Alika could react, the man had already left and did not forget to close the door.

Only then did Alika run to the door and try to open it, but she couldn't. Not giving up hope, she tried hitting it with both hands. "Is there anyone outside? Whoever hears my voice, please open the door!"

Brak! Brak!

"Please open the door! Are you deaf? I don't want to be here, I want out! Please!" screamed Alika who then coughed because she was too strong to make a sound.

"Uhuk! Uhuk uhuk! It's been like this, but they still don't listen," Alika said, holding her neck while staring at the palm of her left hand. "Even my hand is red from hitting this d*mn door."

She didn't know what it was made of, but it was clear that if she hit it any longer, her hand would fall out of place!

Feeling better about her throat, Alika began to look around the room. She was instantly amazed at how luxurious and beautiful the room was. Alika immediately patted her cheeks. This was not the time to admire a room that was not hers. She had to find a way to get out of here and her gaze fell on the long curtain in front of her.

Alika took a small run towards it. Her hands moved quickly to reveal the blue curtain and her smile instantly grew. As expected, behind this curtain was the balcony.

Alika looked at the door for a moment and then moved to slide the balcony door. Her feet took definite steps towards the divider. The smile that had been rising immediately faded at the height of the place she was now standing on.

"If I jump, wouldn't it be the same?" Alika swallowed harshly with her hands tightly gripping the metal barrier.

This was like getting out of a crocodile's den and into a tiger's cage.

Instead of being liberated, she would suffer even more. Thankfully, she could still breathe despite her critical condition, but what if she went straight to the sky?

As Alika struggled with her thoughts, the door to the room opened. A tall, handsome man wearing a black suit and white shirt stepped in. He closed the door again and leaned against it with his arms crossed.

"Why are you silent?"

Alika gasped and spontaneously turned her head. Her eyes widened at the handsome figure staring at her with his sharp gaze. Just as she was about to ask, she panicked as the man began to step closer. "Wait... wait, don't come any closer! Stay there! I told you, don't come any closer!"

Chapter 2

But the man named Edward didn't listen at all. He kept walking until he finally stopped right in front of Alika who was shrinking her body. Alika occasionally looked back to make sure she wouldn't fall.

"Eh!" Alika's eyes spontaneously closed when the man in front of her raised his hand. She thought that he was going to push or strangle her. But after a while, there was still no movement. Alika slowly opened her eyes and looked at the man's hand that was holding her bag. Then she turned her gaze to the man in front of her with a look of fear in her eyes. "You... what do you want?"

"Let go of your bag," Edward answered honestly. He then pulled Alika close and removed her bag with ease.

Seeing that, Alika panicked and tried to take it back. "That bag is mine! You can't take it."

"I know. That's why I helped you put it away," Edward replied, stepping into the room and placing Alika&#


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