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  • Author: Wardaa
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.7K
  • 6.3

"I'm Alika, not Tabitha!" she exclaimed as four burly men dragged her into the car. The intention of wanting to enjoy vacation time in a country that has never been visited, Alika was unlucky. While enjoying her favorite spicy ramen at one of the minimarkets, suddenly several people in black uniforms came and called her by another name. Who would have thought that she would be taken to a luxurious mansion filled with expensive items, not too scary places as she had in mind? Even more unexpectedly, there was a handsome man named Edward who suddenly hugged and kissed her while saying that he missed her. Alika didn't know him, but Edward said he was her fiancé. Alika was dizzy, especially since she was suddenly a bird in a cage. Until finally she saw a photo of a beautiful girl who looked a lot like her. Not to mention the true identity of Edward and everyone around her. So, what will happen to Alika after this? How will she live her life with the same face as someone else?


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