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His Sinful Desire

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“ One scratch, one head. “ His words terrified the whole civilization of the Cabrine city. As his sharp eyes flickered with darkness, everyone held their breaths. The figure in front of them was no other than Diamond Fletcher – the sin of pride from the seven deadly sins. Having the vampires lineage with the alpha's blood, he was one of the ruler in the biggest city of the realm. Nevertheless, he was also a five-star general in the human world. “ The young madam is in your room young master. She was in her deep slumber when the potion took effect. “ One of his allies said, trembling and trying himself not to stutter. Without a word, the sin of pride walked away with his head high. The eagerness to see her after three years of disappearance made him crave for her scent. His desire to own her and s*ck her blood filled his sorrow and anger. When he reached his room and locked the door, the coldness in his eyes vanished in the mist. He stepped closer to the bed and saw her lying unconscious. Her hair was messy as well as her dress. It was slightly ripped that made his eyes pinned to her slender legs under the thin fabric. When he brushed his knuckles over her cheeks, he closed his eyes for five seconds to feel how soft her skin was. It was delicate. It was seductive, yet, it was also delicious. “ Finally, our hide and seek just ended. “ He bended his body as he whispered near her flushed ears. Biting it slightly before licking her neck, he only wanted to ‘do' her. To punish her! ‘ You’re mine. Every inch of you is mine. Just mine. Mine alone! ‘

Chapter 1

Scream. Blood. Laughter’s.

These three things can be seen and heard in one place. Neither the goddesses nor the dragons would not dare to interrupt his process. It was said that after the death of his lover named Aphrodite, his heart turned cold. He was always been cold, but got colder when the person whom he cared the most passed away.

No one knew what was the reason behind her sudden farewell, but knowing that the sin of pride has his eyes for her turned the other world upside down. Then his underworld bastille was created.

“Bring me to the room as scheduled.“ When a deep yet creepy voice was heard, ten men with black suits emerged from the forest of Lindilac. They automatically bended their knees before saluting to the person who ruled the entire Cabrine city. The biggest city in their current world.

“I’ll be honored to guide you young master Dye.“ The tallest man from the men with black suits spoke before bowing his head again. He didn’t utter a word to say, nor glance at the person who’s currently leading the way.

Instead, he took out a cigarette from his pocket and put the tip of it in his mouth. As the smoke slowly prevailed, the shadow of a castle deep in the woods began to occupy their eyes.

The light and elegant color outside a luxurious and hidden castle in the forest of Lindilac could make others curious of what was inside. The physical decorations as well as the presence of itself could drag everyone’s attention.

“The gatekeeper is waiting for you young master.” The tallest man spoke before lining up with those nine men.

They were only escorting him to be sure that no one will ambush the sinner. As the person who’s in charge of almost everything, a lot of creatures from different cities wanted to burn him alive, but no one succeeded.

Who would ever defeat an heir of the most powerful Alpha? Only an insane person would dream such crazy thoughts.

When he nodded, ten men quickly vanished in the mist. Their scent and even the footsteps can never be found. They’re all from a well-trained camp of each classifications. The tallest member was from the city of Idestil and was considered as the dragon's loyal butler.

However, king Alfonso from the Idestil city had given him the authority to rule his own butler after his tenth birthday. Thus, the tallest man had served him for hundreds of years already. Though he rarely socialize, but he knew what they were doing for the past years of their lives.

“Young master Dye, the girl from the city of Caprus matched the blood type that you're looking for.“ A man with his black hoody jacket spoke. The shadow from the tip of his clothing hid his face that is older than anybody else in Lindilac forest. Not to mention that he’s about to die later than next year.

Hearing his message, Dye stretched his lips and the blank expression from earlier turned to a sweetest nightmare that everyone would love to see. He looked at the man in front of him who’s body was slightly bended due to his old age.

“Mr. Rold, was it the code that you gave me days ago?“ His tune was deep and manly but the danger can be felt from his voice. It was not surprising for Harold anymore, which was the gatekeeper.

Serving for three fourth of his life was more shocking. Dye then explored his sharp eyes outside the said castle and smirked.

“Young master, sure it was. She’s from the city of Caprus and was sent personally by her father to offer you her blood.“ The man stated. His name was Harold and was the gatekeeper in Dye's hidden castle for eighty years.

He was entrusted to settle and to be responsible for his young master's precious jailhouse in the underworld.

The thing is, Mr. Rold is already old and been struggling to deal with his physical pain. Which means that they need a new and young gatekeeper in the future.

“Thank you for the good news.“ Dye, the sin of pride said before walking away without even waiting for the man's reply. He’s walking towards the castle’s huge door after walking passed the gigantic gate. The hallway was filled with dead leaves and ancient statue that may lead to fear if someone who's new come by.

There was no sun at all, and the branches of trees hid the moon's light away. However, in their current world, they have two moons and their sky was closer than the typical human world. Their realm was more extra ordinary but also the most dangerous.

As soon as his foot stepped inside, the horrific screams from everywhere welcomed his ears that made him felt satisfied.

Yes it was! It was a music to his ears.

“Young master! Welcome back.“ Around five men surrounded him while they’re all wearing a white coat that looks like a lab gown. They bowed their heads and stared at the man with his terrifying presence.

“How may we help you master?“

“39681…” Once when they heard him said a code, the man who greeted him earlier took out a well advance gadget that could produce a hologram. He seek something into it before pressing a red button.

“Lead the young master to his room and someone, get the lady from Caprus for him!“ The man exclaimed with sweats covering his forehead.

“Roger that!”

The men with white coats spread as if there was a virus chasing them. Two of them led Dye's way while the other two of them rushed towards the lady’s room with 39681’s code.

The sin of pride would occasionally come to his jailhouse once a week and for every month, he would get someone with a certain rare blood type. No one knew what he would do to them, but one thing was clear.

‘Once you enter inside his room, you’ll end up literally bloodless!’

Chapter 2

“Don’t come near me! I’m begging you please!“ When the scream of a young lady was heard, the rest began to tremble inside their personal cages. Fear occupied them and the sobs from different person’s echoed outside the hallway.

It may be a luxurious castle like fantasy's in the woods, but inside was a greatest nightmare for everyone who was trapped and was in cage for years and months. The three storey building was designed like a royal castle from outside, but once you enter, you’ll see the opposite of your expectations.

The fancy colors changed onto a dim grey paint with scratches from an unknown creature. The interesting designs transformed into candle lights from each of its corners. But the most terrible thing was that, the inside was divided into various of cages as if they were prisoners.

On each floor, there will be at least five people who’s going to maintain their life and would always check everyone’s health. There are also at least thirty cages in the f


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