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His Second Chance Luna

His Second Chance Luna

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Ayo who is of beta blood has her family slaughtered, is taken prisoner by the Alpha of the full moon pack and made a slave, and Omega. The lowest of the lows in the pack. She works hard to get posted in the Alpha house just for one reason. Revenge. It's all that she can think about. All that she knows. She works on a plan to kill the Alpha without exposing her deep dark secret, or she would definitely be killed. Alpha Cross, the self proclaimed Alpha King of the Werewolves. A power hungry and crazy ruler who wants to be the sole Alpha of all dimensions. Wanting to be more powerful and ruthless than his father before him. He is cursed by a bleeding mother whom he had just killed her child, to become rabid and lose control of his wolf underneath the full moon, a time when werewolves are at their strongest. In his first episode, he kills his Luna by accident and is from then on termed "The Alpha Who Killed His Mate". A wolf only gets one mate, right? Imagine his shock and surprise when he runs into a lowly slave girl who despises him and utters the word "MATE". And she is the only way to break his curse.

Chapter 1


Being an Omega in an Alcacian werewolf pack was more gruesome than anyone in any part of the world would dare to imagine. The Omega status is the lowest rank that anyone can have in a werewolf pack. We were mostly prisoners brought from conquered packs or captured rogues.

I was from the Moonlight Pack. I used to have parents, older siblings, a boyfriend, a life. My father was the beta. We were perfectly happy when we were alone deep in our own dimension which was created for us by Yemoja, the moon goddess and the creator of werewolves. We lived in peace but that wasn't something the Alpha King liked.

The Alpha King was the most ruthless and coldest alpha in the dimension. People said he went mad for blood as a result of killing his Luna years ago. Some said he had been like that before he killed her. There was one constant thing though, he killed his mate.

Alpha Cross, the self proclaimed Alpha king raided lands and packs in other tribes who had their own dimensions and when he saw that he couldn't raid those tribes again, he started raiding packs in our own tribe. The most recent one, was ours.

Two years ago he swept into our lands with his wolves like wildfire and killed everything in sight. He personally came into the pack house where we lived and brutally slaughtered my parents and my brothers. I was lucky that I wasn't in the house at the time. I came back just in time to see. I was then captured by his wolves and taken to become a slave in his pack. If only I had a wolf, maybe, just maybe I could've fought back. Or escaped. But being helpless, I just had to surrender or die.

I didn't have time to grieve for my family. The only thing on my mind was revenge. I just had to hide myself and my lack of a wolf because if I was found out, I would be killed without trial and judgement. It would be assumed that I am human and therefore, an abomination. Even though I wasn't human. I had all the weaknesses of a werewolf, like silver and wolfsbane. I just didn't have a wolf. I was definitely going to get my revenge.

Alpha Cross was going to die one day, and it was I who would kill him.

I woke up from a very stressful slumber and went about my normal routine. It was still dark as usual. I couldn't remember the last time I slept in or even slept on a bed in two years. It was always from one servants' quarters to another every three months. Serving these stuck up socialites with their noses in the air.

I was currently serving in the Gamma's house and it's been so far so good just because we weren't even noticed by the family. They acted like we didn't exist which gave me the opportunity to lay low. I only had one person that I chatted with sometimes, although I unfortunately didn't consider her a friend. She would expose me the slightest chance she got.

I brushed my teeth, getting ready to go down for our daily briefings with the housekeeper. We were never assigned to a permanent station. We were all given different duties everyday because they didn't want us to get too comfortable.

As I did my routine, Dejare my companion came and startled me.

"Ayo! Guess what?" She chirped.

I held my chest, frowning "Deja, I've told you to stop scaring me. What is it this time?" I asked. I was frustrated by her sometimes.

She smiled "We are being reassigned to different households." She said happily. I wondered what was making her so happy.

"What's the big deal?. It happens all the time and I don't really care." I said and went back to brushing my teeth.

"Well, cranky, I heard that the Alpha's house is finally taking new workers."

I froze at the revelation. I was sure I looked like a deer in headlights. I slowly turned to her.

"Are you certain of this?" I asked her and she nodded.

My mood got lifted at that point. I had been hoping for two years to finally get assigned to the Alpha's house so that I could get close enough to him to exact my revenge. I had been a good sport, doing my chores and never got scolded so I was certain that they would pick me and Deja. As much as I was wary of her, it would be nice to have someone I knew in that hell hole with me.

"Oh why are you now silent?" She asked.

I spat my toothpaste out and rinsed my mouth. "I've always wanted to work there, I heard they give allowances. It would be good to earn something for all the suffering we go through. No matter how little."

"True. Anyway we aren't sure if we'll be picked." She sighed.

"I know we will. We've been the best workers this year and we haven't even been scolded once." I encouraged her. I was very sure that we would be on our way to Alpha Cross' residence soon.

"Alright. Let's not get scolded for being late." Deja said and we both headed down the stairs in the slave building.

When we got to the meeting room that was supposed to be a living room but there was no furniture, the rest of our fellow slaves were there already but the Head House keeper was no where in sight which was good. She was not to get there before us. It also did us a lot of good because if we were late and got scolded, we would be scrapped from being assigned to the Alpha's house.

We both sat down on the mats that were placed on the ground and waited for the Head House Keeper to come in an address us.

In a matter of minutes, she appeared. I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer to Yemoja he moon goddess to allow me be picked and start the process of bringing all the evil to an end. Alpha Cross was doing too much and needed to be stopped.

The stern looking woman whom I knew not her name, stood in front of us and started speaking.

"Welcome to the reassignment meeting. As most of you are aware, you are to be reassigned after three months of working in a particular household. Only a few of you have worked in a particular place for that long. Would the following people rise; Dejare, Elma, Sophia, Natasha and Ayo"

I stood up with confidence that I would be picked to go to the Alpha's house. The rest of the girls we were called up against had been constantly punished and so were definitely not the right fit for the assignment which left the two of us. I did a happy dance in my head.

"Natasha; Pack House, Elma; Pack House; Sophia; Beta House; Dejare; Alpha House, and Ayo; Alpha House. After this meeting, you are to immediately pack all of your belongings and move straight to the houses you have been assigned to. For the rest of you, the resident house keeper will assign you to your posts for today. This meeting is adjourned." She said.

Immediately she left, Dejare and I squealed in excitement.

"We're going to the Alpha House, We're going to the Alpha House.." We sang in happiness and pranced around hand in hand. It was exhilarating.

I was filled with anticipation for what the Alpha house had in store for me. I was also determined to get my parents the justice they deserved. Alpha Cross was definitely going to pay for all he did to my family and my pack, even if I had to die trying, Yemoja would have his soul if I had anything to say about it.

Deja and I had a light celebration. I didn't mid the scornful looks from the other girls as they dispersed. I was sure that some boys were also assigned to the Alpha House with us.

"Hey, let's go to the Boys' side and see if Ini got sent to the Alpha house too" I said and Deja agreed and we went off.

Ini was brought in with us two years ago, his pack was very close to mine and was conquered on the same with mine. He was their Beta's son as well who lost his family in battle. When we met each other, we instantly clicked and I had a small crush on him as he was a very fine wolf, but we weren't mates. I probably was never going to have a mate because of my lack of a wolf. I didn't just want to hold Ini back from finding his own mate and building a connection with her without me adding to the confusion.

We got to the Boys' quarters and saw Ini sitting alone in front of the building.

"Hey Ini, what's going on?" I asked worriedly.

He looked at us. Ini was looking very sad and unkempt. His beard was scruffy and his hair was uncombed. If there was one thing about Ini that I loved, it was that he always looked neat because he swore never to look like a slave.

"Ini.." Deja said, equally worried.

"I was assigned to the Alpha House." He said and I almost rolled my eyes. I looked at Deja who also shook her head in confusion as well.

"How is that a bad thing?" Deja asked him.

"Yeah Ini enlighten us" I added.

Ini looked down "the Alpha killed my parents and murdered our pack members. And now I have to go serve him? The very person that took my life from me? I was gearing up for the handover ceremony. I was supposed to be Beta." He said quietly. I sat beside him and patted his back. He was really pissed.

Sometimes I actually wished that I could join forces with Ini to take down the Alpha King, but I was scared. I knew he had all the vim now but i didn’t know if he had as much passion as I had to see Alpha Cross dead. He could one day snitch on me and I couldn’t have that. I didn’t trust him. So I would go it alone.

Chapter 2


The Alpha House was the biggest of all the houses in our pack. The journey there was long and rigorous because there were no means of transportation for us Omegas. The elites had cars for transport while we Omegas had our legs.

We were never allowed to travel using our wolves for some reason. We also couldn't mind link because we were not from the same packs. Only people in the same packs could successfully mind link.

Deja, Ini and I carried our baggage filled with mostly worn out clothes and hand me down shoes from elites who threw them away, and travelled up the hill to the Alpha house. Where all the evil that the Full Moon Pack perpetuated was orchestrated. It was the home to the Alpha and the Alpha's direct family members.

I had taken some time to ask the ones who have been serving in the Full Moon pack longer than I have, questions about the Alpha's family.

Cross was the ruthless self proclaimed Alpha King who's fathe


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