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His Mate His Sex Slave

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" Strip " He commanded loathly. His voice cold as ice! Daciana's amber eyes stared at him in mortal terror. Terrified, scared and petrified. " I hate repeating myself female, undress yourself " he added icily. Daciana forced back the tears that threatened to fall. She has never seen a raw hatred for her in any wolf's eyes than she is seeing in Alpha Connor's eyes. Fear slid through her, her hand trembled as she undress herself. Her eyes sting with tears . He walked closer to her and ripped her top into pieces exposing her firm breasts leaving her fully naked. Lust, desire and hatred filled his eyes. " Get on the bed, lie on your back, spread your legs wide and face up " Her legs warbled on the floor taking herself to the bed. No amount of tears will stop him from hurting her. Again, she did as instructed preparing her mind for what is to come. She heard riffles of clothes tearing and soon, she felt him between her legs. She stiffened at his touch! His touch were as cold as his eyes. His manhood rub her legs as if looking for something. She could hear him growl, his big muscular body blanketed hers. His laboured breath burned her neck. Finally, he found the hole he was looking for and with no warning, he thrust into her aggressively. For the first time in a long time, Alpha Connor half shift into his rouge. He allowed his beast take over completely. He is not promising not to hurt her. He excessively pinned her down, his rouge snarled, his thrusts into her became harder just the way his eyes morphed into different dark colours. She is his mate yet, his hatred for her is raw and deep. The Alpha king's tower was silent, only the painful screams of a female and the loud snarl of the Alpha was heard in the tower.

Chapter 1

August 2016...." Are you still hesitant about it?" The Omega asked the already furious wolf clearly smirking in satisfaction and ridicule. The young wolf growled, it's claws slapping the floor roaring in pure exasperation. With it's fangs elongated, it wish to kill the whole people in the room. It's cougar wag it tail fully enraged but the wolf was too weak from the touch of silvers he was surrounded with. Silvers are deadly weapons to the wolves, it is one of their weaknesses. It kills and weaken them faster than any other weapon. The fastest way to kill wolves is by using silver.The wolf howled painfully, a petite figure laid lifelessly on the floor, it was the wolf's only brother. Trying to transform into human, it half shift, a part of his body became human and the other was in wolf form. " Are you not tired of this torture? You've lost every of your family members and you still won't give up the Alpha position? Save yourself from dying a painful death young pup " The other man spoke, they are all Omegas, the Omegas the young wolf's father trained and took care of. His father loved this omegas more than he loved his children. All the Omegas turned against him, killed him and his entire family leaving just the wolf. Knowing fully well none of them can emerge the Alpha with this little wolf alive since he is being difficult to kill, convincing him will do a great job. To them, they are infallible, they can never be wrong in any decision they make. Finally, he transformed into a full human. His eyes morphs into oxblood dripping from anger. He is very young yet so big, muscular and fearsome. The young boy took a glance at his brother, his eyes darkened the more and this time around turning into pitch black. His brother was too young to experience this kind of death. He closed his eyes, he tightened his hand, too tight that his knuckles turned white. Then, his eyes snapped opened looking more scary than he was earlier. He took dangerous steps out of the circle created for him with silvers ignoring the pain he was feeling at the moment. Though the scars they inflicted on him will naturally heal up, that very time, blood gushed out from his body. He was beaten mercilessly earlier. " What are you doing?" The men asked with their eyes widened, surprised how he was able to get out of the silvers in just a swift of time. The smirk in their eyes earlier metamorphosed into deep horror. No matter what, they knows he is stronger than them. What they don't know is that he is not just a wolf, he is a rare animal, the only wolf that is also a rouge. " Shoot, he shouldn't come any closer " one of them said. Not so long, different arrows was being thrown at him. The arrows contains poison that can take one's life if hit by it. But as smart as he is, he caught each and everyone of them throwing them right back to the direction there came from. His cougar wanted him to do more, he is becoming spiteful of the scene happening. ' kill ' that's the only word it keeps saying. " No " they shouted noticing that most of them were on the floor either dead or struggling to live. It became a petrifying thing for them seeing the young boy display so much power. He walked closer to them, his eyes bloodshot. He is the most fiercest creature. His breathe gets heavier with each step he takes. Grabbing one of the Omegas and towering his body on him. The night keeps drawing in, there's a chill in the air. The sounds of bones breaking and the cries of the Omegas was heard loudly. The Omegas pulse ramped up. Terrified, some of them waltzed away scrapping through the door. He was fast enough to grab some of them, when they reached the floor, they died instantly. At that very moment, he shut out his rogue entirely, it will be so dangerous being in a beast form. His rogue is more powerful than his cougar, it destroys, kills and show no mercy. Seeing that no one was going to fight him, he took a run for it but not before shifting to his wolf form. His furs spread widely while hitting his chest and roaring. He knew those Omegas will stop at nothing to kill him. He ran away from the pack to a far distant desert. He won't be gone forever, he will return some day. His return will be deadly and cold blooded. Purely for revenge! *************January 2022...The wind blow continuously, chirping sounds was heard around the small vicinity of the Omegas. They were all looking so terrified and spooky. Fear imprinted in their minds. The rumour going around can't be ordinary truthiness. Some wolves were running helter skelter seeking for more information and clarification while some were petrified. They were all in for it.... They might all die... especially the female wolves (omegas) At least, their alpha king doesn't punish the male, he kills them instantly after setting his eyes on them. The female goes through torture before death. A single mention of their alpha king gets them revolting and today was no different. To Omegas, alpha simply means death. Whenever they hear of his name, it brings fear and create unpropitious feelings in their hearts. Since time immemorial, their alpha king never liked the Omegas. Why? No one has ever solved the puzzle. The news they got is spine shilling and eerie. A great danger was looming around.... Okie ran breathlessly to where Daciana was clearing the land of her Master. Just like every other day, she has been working since morning. Being an Omega in the Ocean pack haven't been easy for any of them. They were born to be slaves. Their master hits them anytime and whenever they wishes. That's their alpha's command, they can't do anything about it. It is more of the Omega's fate. Daciana stood up at the time she sighted Okie. " Why are you running? You look appalled, did anything happen?" Daciana asked with her innocent amber eyes dancing around Okie. " There's a problem Ana, it's creeping me out " Okie cried out. " What happened? " Daciana asked again, it's always no good anytime Okie looks weary and scared. " The Alpha king " she paused. " The Alpha king after so many years is coming to the Omegas giving space on the full moon " Daciana stilled on hearing that, her female wolf rose alertly. The sentence daunts in her ears repeatedly. Everyone knows what Alpha Connor's visit means. It means pain, grievance, blood shed and death of several Omegas. And on a full moon? She has witnessed it once when she was very young and the Alpha was newly appointed. Alpha Connor's brutal killings, lust and desire. She witnessed it all. For complete two months, Daciana was terrified about the incident her younger self witnessed. He kills like it means nothing to him. After that year, she has never seen him, he never came but everyone fears him. So why now after so many years and on a full moon? Daciana slumped down as she thought about it. It means one thing! Alpha Connor will be here to satisfy his sexual desire, to kill, and to torture the female Omegas of his choice. None of the chosen ones will survive it. He kills them.Taking sexual pleasures from them wouldn't kill but Alpha Connor let out his beast each time he is with an Omega. When he is in a beast form! He takes blood, he becomes hungry for blood. Bloods of the female Omegas.

Chapter 2

Alpha Connor sat on his king chair, his blue eyes focused on nothing. he is very masculine, handsome, scary yet, he commands attention with his confidence and magnetism. He looks domineering with a scowl on his face. Alpha Connor's giant ego made him look like the king he is. He is fierce and very aggressive when need be. He might loathe the Omegas so much but that doesn't stop him from being a good leader, he is the type of king every pack wishes to have and envy. What he went through in the hands of the Omegas can never surpass his hatred for them. Revenge! That's the only thing the Alpha king wants from the Omegas. Nothing can ever stop him from being wrathful towards them. They are all the same, full of lies and deceit. The full moon is tomorrow and he can't wait to satisfy his hunger. He is long over due for sex. His cougar wagged it's tail excitedly. Excited that they will feed from the Omegas that


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