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His Last Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ibiso
  • Chapters: 131
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 440
  • 7.5
  • 💬 8


Noella attempted to break through as she grew up amidst evil Betas. It was difficult to live with relatives after witnessing how brutally the Alpha of BlackMoon beheaded her parents. Noella endured abuse and was treated like a maid, but one thought never left her mind: retaliation. She was fortunate enough to serve the Alpha in bed while still a Beta and to be one of the Omegas, but that one night changed her life forever. Will Noella be able to accomplish what she sets out to do given that she not only became his go-to bed warmer but also his closest s*x partner?

Chapter 1: Noella

"Stupid orphan!"

"Get out of my sight".

When will this pain stop? Either I'm being humiliated by my fellow peers, my family, or beaten. After the painful departure of my parents, my relatives started showing me their true colors. I was abandoned to live in the cold cabin and was starving. Anytime I'm done with domestic chores expecting to eat something nice, I'll be starved and pushed to the grassland to be laughed at or cursed. I sometimes wonder if my parents saw my life turn out this way after their deaths. The loud laughing voices filled with mockery and obnoxious humiliations filled the atmosphere. My friends—no, the ladies and men I called my friends were doing these to me.

I was dressed in a long white gown that is now very dirty; even the color black doesn't suit the gown because it would have been better if it were black. The dirty mud, rotten eggs, and perished vegetables changed the color of the dress I was wearing. I was sitting in the stagnant, smelly water while receiving insults.

For goodness sake, I'm a Beta! I shouldn't be molested and treated like an Omega. What did I do to deserve this treatment?

Tears rolled profusely on my wet, dirty face, and their voices increased; they had no remorse. There's no one I can report to, and no one will ever want to hear what I have to say—not even the wicked Alpha that killed my parents without any second thought will listen to me.

My parents fought alongside the past Alpha to make this pack what it is today, but his achievements didn't save him; he died shamefully. What saved me that day was that I went to have a bath in the Far East stream; otherwise, I would have been dead by now.

I staggered as I stood from the ground taking up my now broken bucket; I dragged my feet on the ground as I strolled back to my cabin. I was feeling aches all over my body; the rod my aunt used in beating me last night left injuries all over my body. I had no one to lean on or express my feelings to, and what I needed this minute was rest.

All these curses, pain, and hell on earth—I feel it's worth it for as long as I can avenge my parents' and myself one day.

I'll make sure to kill everyone that has caused me pain, and as for the Alpha, he should get ready to face me in the future.

"Noella! Come back here! Have you prepared our lunch?" The arrogant and cold voice of my aunt's child, Sara, called me out. I wanted to act as if I didn't hear her, but I couldn't, not when she and her siblings were now standing like soldiers behind me. I slowly turned.

"Can I have some rest and do that later?" I asked politely in a sad tone.

"No! I'm famished," the last son, Galvin, snorted in annoyance.

Please, I'm in pain; can I do...?" Before I could speak, tears started rolling from my eyes again, and I was curtly cut off.

"Those crocodile tears of yours won't work. Now go make us our lunch," said the first daughter, Laura, who crossed her arms gallantly with her angry eyes piercing into mine.

"Sure. I'll," I said in a shaking voice, and they left.

I can't stand them. They were one of the domineering Betas in the Black Moon Pack, and if I don't act cautiously, I will get myself beaten for what I never did.

With a deep sigh, I walked back to the main mansion kitchen with my dress, sweeping the dirty ground. This wasn't how I was two years ago.

In pain and fatigue, I prepared lunch for the Abel Family. My eyes drowsily blink, but I tried not to show it or else I'd be strictly scolded. For the past two days, I haven't been able to rest my head. Either I'm on an errand, being beaten, or serving their friends. What humiliation?!

I served hot, delicious delicacies on the table and stood far away from them, ready for their service or any errand or assistance needed; I did it like a controlled robot.

"Goodness, please bless me with strength and courage one day, so I can stand against maltreatment." I thought sadly, watching them have their meal in happiness without caring to ask if I had eaten or not.

"Get out of here; you smell bad. Don't spoil our air!" my aunt scowled defiantly.

That has been the word I've been waiting for, so I could grab some rest before another errand strikes. I turned to leave the dining room.

"I don't want to see you anywhere near the Beta meeting hall," my uncle said angrily in a vivid tone. I turned to him in astonishment.

"This is not right. I'm a Beta, and based on my father's rank, I need to be there. I have already missed quite a lot of meetings. I need to be there, uncle," I said in a high-pitched, polite tone. He's intentionally depriving me of my rights.

"Have you gone nuts?" The obnoxious, loud voice of my aunt called me out of my madness; her voice alone sounded like a rapture bell and always gave me chills.

"But -- but---" I stammered frantically, unable to say another word.

"I heard some rich Alphas are choosing A-Day maids; maybe we should send her there to reflect on her rude behavior," Laura suggested in annoyance, holding a mischievous grin. She always has evil intentions towards me cooking in her congested brain.

Wasn't she wicked to send me over to one of the Alphas as a maid? Everyone knows how brutally the Alpha treats their maid! Isn't this super evil? I was boiling inside of me, but my facial expression was mild, saying a whole different thing.

"A-Day maid? Interesting," my aunt said, rubbing her knuckles softly with a devious smile on her face.

Chapter 2: Noella

There are three Alphas’ that I know of but haven’t seen. The Alpha of BlueMoon Pack, the Alpha of RedMoon Pack, and the Alpha of BlackMoon—the one I have nemesis with is the Alpha of BlackMoon; he is the leading Alpha even within other packs. His strength, speed, and ego surpass those of everyone in other packs; he is highly respected and unapproachable. At the sound of his name, every wolf hides, but he's a huge model in the world of women. They greatly admired him from afar.

I was pushed by my relatives to join the Omegas. They really belittled me, and for some reason, my pride was hurt. Some of the Omegas that saw me in the queue were shocked and surprised; some gossiped and mocked me; shame was written all over my face.

"I know what I want. I have to push forward. This is another chance; though I don't know which Alpha's hand I will fall into, I won't give up now." I chin up after mustering up courage and listen to the Beta captain as he


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