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His Daring Secret

His Daring Secret

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An ambitious intern...a perfectionist and hunk executive...a dark secret...and a whole lot name calling. Deborah Green is brilliant, diligent, and on track to earn her MBA; the only stumbling block in her path is her boss, Sebastian Alvarado. He is demanding, frank, inconsiderate, and totally enticing. A Handsome Beast, at least for Deb. After spending time in France, Sebastian has moved back to Chicago to play an integral role in his family's massive media empire. He had no idea that the foreign assistant helping him out was the stunning, naive and provocative, yet completely irritating creature he now has to deal with on a daily basis. He's never been into office romance, despite the rumors. But Deb is so alluring that he is prepared to break the rules, if necessary. Everywhere in the workplace. Sebastian and Deborah's hunger for one another has reached a boiling point, and they must now decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for satisfaction. But what if she becomes entangled with the need to conceal one terrible secret —- a secret that could alter the course of her entire life? Given the stakes, she must keep it a secret or she's totally done.


I had never been scared throughout my life, but running is not an option. 

If I didn't just think it was part of my job, I wouldn't be in that secluded, dark and creepy place.

There will never be a sensible person who would spend millions of his wealth to build a house in the middle of that forest.

Wearing my leather jacket and skinny jeans partnered with boots which was getting heavier because of the mud, I was walking down the road which I thought has not been passed by any vehicle for several years. 

When I was threading the muddy road, there was a sudden lightning followed by a loud thunder which startled me.

I felt like I was the unluckiest person that time when I slipped on that bullshit muddy road that I have never been imagined to be existed.

"Damn this place. Damn, poor Deb, you're the unluckiest person today," I murmured.

I was close to giving up when I saw a haunted looking mansion at the end of the muddy road.

If I had not felt sorry for my new car, I would not have left it outside this wet and muddy hell. 

"So this was it," I said as I put my both hands on my waist and took a deep breath.

A sign of almost giving up.

"He lives here? How could he live in such place?" I kept on talking and asking myself as I continued to walk closer.

The huge house was gray in color, or was it black that faded through time.

I stood in front of the house, marveling the whole architecture.

A chateau in the middle of nowhere, great!

I wonder if a man like him would be able to settle in this type of place. I was really tangled with that thought.

Just to make sure, I grabbed my phone from my sling bag. I needed to call him even if it irks me to do it.

But as I've said, I was the unluckiest person that day so my phone has no use. No service! What the hell is this place?

I sighed in defeat and decided to knock on the mahogany door.

As I knocked on the door, I called his name. Gosh, his name is even more arrogant than him. 

"CEO Bastian, I am here," I called.

"Hello. Anybody home?"

I knocked a few times but no one answered. I pursed my lips and twisted the door knob, pushing the door open.

I was shocked. Totally. 

Two huge wolves circling around the man I hated the most. Their angry eyes shifted towards me, making me froze on the spot.

But to be scared is not the thing to be dealt with in that moment of time. These are wolves. And they are not just wolves, they are angry wolves which in an instant would kill both of us.

I wanted to run towards him because he looked like he's been fighting against these wolves before I came. His jeans were ripped exposing his hairy legs and thighs. His shirt was torn and it seemed that these two beasts were determined to make his, still arrogant, body become their supper.

And now, mine too. 

They appeared to be like talking to each other when the brown wolf looked into the other one with black fur.

Damn, they were planning something. 

Planning to what? Kill me? Eat me alive? 

Sebastian dashed towards me, as fast as he could and waylaid his body. I saw his nape, now bleeding and blood stained the collar of his shirt and his back is soaked with blood.

I wanted to touch it but he turned around to face me. It is only now that I saw his eyes with this kind of emotion. Worry and fear was evident in his eyes.

"Run, don't look back."

His authoritative and orotund voice made me felt safe. It was as if he will face those beasts to save me. 

Why do I feel like he's different. It doesnt matter. What's important is that we survive this.

"Run," he repeated while holding both of my shoulders with his hard hands. 

Quietly, I took a step back and slipped out of the house. I ran as fast as I could but these road isn't really cooperative. Damn this road.

Muddy road, is not really advisable when you're running away from two hungry wolves.


I stood beside a tree and tried to calm myself. But that was for a second. When I looked back, I saw the wolves slowly walking towards me. 

"I can't die here," I shook away the tears clouding my vision.

"I won't let them kill me!" I willed myself to go on and move forward but my knees gave up. 

Falling to the muddy ground, I pushed myself up and crawled, not minding the mud I cursed at earlier.

"I'm too young to die!"

And so I tried even though I knew it was futile.

There's nothing I could do but to run as I chant my prayers, hoping against hope a miracle happens and I survive the inevitable.

"Oh God."

But the way out seems to be close yet so far. I kept on running but I can't even imagine how far will I still be running to save my life.

And when I looked back, there were three wolves chasing me. The two others are now with a gray one running after me and before them.

"Now they are three. Have mercy on me, Jesus Christ," I continued to say my prayers while still running. 

I am totally tired but I can't just stop and let myself be the viand of these wild creatures.

The gray wolf came to me as if he's letting me ride him is the last thing I remembered before darkness came over me.

I still can't understand why but because everything went fast, everything on my eyes turned black.

Until the next day, as I opened my eyes, memories came back into my mind and realized that I was saved by a wolf.

But where am I? I am not in my own room.

And suddenly, I heard three knocks on the door and a familiar voice called my name outside.

An orotund voice for which I believe is from a man I never expected to see.

And then I realized, was everything that happened a nightmare? 

It was... almost real.

Chapter 1


My father always said the way to learn the job you want is to spend every second watching someone do it.

"To get the job at the top, you've got to start at the

bottom," he told me.

"Become the person the CEO can't live without. Be their right-hand man. Learn their world, and they'll snatch you up the second you finish your degree."

I had become irreplaceable. And I'd definitely be-

come the Right Hand. It just so happened that in this

case, I was the right hand that most days wanted to slap the damn face.

My boss, Mr. Sebastian Alvarado. Handsome Beast.

My stomach clenched tightly at the thought of him:

tall, gorgeous, and entirely evil. He was the most self-

righteous, pompous prick I'd ever met. I'd hear all of

the other women in the office gossip about his esca-

pades and wonder if a nice face was all it took. But my father also said.



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