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His Crazy Maid

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His Crazy maid is an adult novel. A slice of life is given when the doctor,Larry insisted on getting $100,000,000 from the daughter of a patient diagnosed of a disease known as appendix before commencing the surgery. And, according to him,they have to operate on her before the next hour and Annie pleas fell on his deaf ear. Finally,he decided to help her and that's only if she could be his maid to pay off her debts. Annie was caught up. She's always vowed that no matter what the situation might be,she isn't gonna take up a maid work. She was caught up. Either taking the job she has long hated or putting her mother's life on the line. After several contemplations,she finally decided to settle down with his offer which is Being His Maid for a month to pay off her debts and that's when the drama begins. But,the real drama begins when Larry and Annie traveled down to America and where Annie got trapped with Larry's twin while thinking it's Larry. ** The story is an episodic plot. It started with Annie rushing her mom inside the hall. The settings is in Russia and hospital. The settings later shifted to America in a particular time in the story. Annie's thoughts were evolved around the fact that she was just gonna be his maid for a month and then she leaves. Just a month,she reassured herself after taking up Larry's offer to be his maid. Annie wanting a kiss from Larry signifies her coming desires for him... even though she said she was just gonna be a maid for a month,she was slowly falling in love with him without actually knowing. Barely weeks left for Annie to wrap up her servitude, Larry suddenly tells her she's going with him to America. At first,she declined but Larry told her she has no say as she's still indebted to him. They both went to America to see his father. It was in front of his father's house that Annie was when he followed a guy that looks like Larry that's also coming out from the house which landed her into troubles as the guy thinks she's a spy and wanted to kill her. And,also,on getting out, Larry was kidnapped,his kidnappers thought he was the man they were looking for him. Both of them were separated. Garry,the man that looked like Larry thought Annie was a spy. The ones that kidnapped Larry thoughts he's Garry. Things finally worked out when Skyler - Garry's colleague in the army who has told Larry about Garry being in trouble before came and tookAnnie to where Larry was and Garry also was captured. The one that captured them turns out to be their uncle!. He sold Annie off to some men going to Iraq by ship and told both Larry and Garry that he couldn't release both of them and so he's decided to release one of them. Larry and Garry planned it out and decided to switch with Larry pretending to be Garry and Garry pretending to be Larry so as to save Annie before the ship moves.

Chapter 1. Help!


"Out of the way, please,out of the way. Nurse!!..."She yelled as she ran after the man that carried her mother inside the hospital.

The nurses quickly brought the stretcher and the man placed her mother on it and the nurses took over from him as they wheeled her inside the ward.

"What happened to her?."a nurse asked as they got inside.

"She..she suddenly collapsed. Please,help me,treat her."she sobbed.

"Hey,go get doctor Sam."the nurse said to the other and she ran out.

The nurse placed her both hands over each other and over her mother's chest and started pressing her chest trying to resuscitate her.

"Oh, me."she sobbed.

"Take her outta here."the nurse said to the man who has helped in carrying her mother to the hospital and he nodded.

He walked towards her and grabbed her hand but she yanked it away from it.

"Leave me,you expect me to leave my mom in this position?,no way!."

The man sighed and grabbed her hand again that she couldn't get out of his grasp despite several wriggles.

He took her outside.

The supposed doctor Sam ran in and asked the nurse about the situation.

Annie John sobbed quietly from the window.

It hurts.

It hurt so much to see her mother like that,in that condition.

It has always been like this.

A nurse barged out and she stopped her.

"Please,how is she?."Annie asked worriedly.

"We are still on the resuscitating."she replied and turned to walk away but Annie grabbed her hand.

"Is she responding?,huh?._

The nurse sighed.

"I need to get doctor Larry. You can speak with him when he comes."the nurse replied and dashed off.

Doctor Larry?.

"Who is doctor Larry?"she wanted to ask but the nurse was out of sight.

She took a step forward contemplating on following her but her inner mind rejected the idea.

She slid to the wall and ran her hands inside her hair and screamed.

Immediately,the light all went off and a soft dirge sounded inside the room also.


Different lights - red, blue,green, pink, purple and white which comes up once in a while rotated in the club.

Larry carried another glass of brandy and gulped it down in a Go.

He watched his friends as they danced and drank with the girls and rolled his eyes.

Just then, his phone started ringing on the table in front of him.

He grabbed it and seeing the number,he scoffed and drop the call.

He wants an alone and quite time this evening but it all seems to be interrupted with different calls.

He has barely placed the phone on the table when it started ringing again.

He grunted.

One of his friends smiled at him.

"From work, right?."he asked and Larry nodded with an eye roll.

"Duty calls, doctor Larry,duty calls."he said and faced the girl with him.

He decided to pick up the calls.

"Hello?,hey!,hello????"the nurse shouted over the phone.

The music is so loud that her voice sounded barely like a whisper.

"We need you at the hospital,I repeat,we need you at the hospital!!!."

He cuts the call.

D*mn Sam. He thought.

He stood up,took his car keys and pulled through the crowd.

"Hey,not even a goodbye?."one of his friends yelled after him.

Larry shook his head and slipped through the exit of the club.


Chapter 2 Thirty minutes?

The light flicker on and off as Larry walked through the lobby with some other nurses.

He adjusted his coat and grunted.

"I thought I put Sam in charge so why do I have to be disturbed yet again."he said.

The light flickered back on but,it soon went off.

"And what the hell did the electrical is doing up there."he added with a light scoff.

They entered the ward, passing by Annie who had her face buried in her legs.

Sam looked back at Larry and heaved a sigh.

"Thank God you're here."he mumbled.

"I don't know you're this incompetent, Sam. Anyways, what's wrong with her?."Larry asked as he moved closer to Annie's mother.

"You should stop being rude, Larry."Sam sighed.

He was tired of his childish attitude.

"I already run a test on her and according to it,she has appendix."he explained.

"Oh,well then. Go prepare for a surgery.&q


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