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His Chosen Luna

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"I am HIS CHOSEN LUNA, or perhaps better described as HIS OWN marionette." Everyone was aware that Ayla was Alpha Liam's Chosen Luna, but just because she lives with the most powerful and affluent werewolf in the pack doesn't mean she has a place to call home or a lover who will cherish and protect her forever. It was too late for her to realize that the ruthless man she was trapped with only wanted power and pleasure. But fate always has a trick up their sleeves, something that could eventually make or break her as His Chosen Luna.


Ayla's POV

It is customary for women in the entire pack to become ready at the age of eighteen in an effort to impress the strongest werewolf in the pack and ultimately become his Luna.

Even Selena, who they expect to be his destined partner, has been spotted by Alpha Liam's sight.

She's the lady with the snow-white skin and the deep-sea blue eyes who can captivate anyone with a single glance. And at the same time, she's the woman I admire for being so kind to everyone.

"My Luna..."

However, when I heard those words coming from the Alpha, I was astounded.

I turned back at him and literally, my heart stopped for a second.

"Did I hear that right?"

Stars explode in my vision, but I decided to ignore my thoughts.

"Did you call me your Luna?"

My whole body shivers as I asked those questions to confirm his words.

He must be mistaken, I was just about to step out of the party to get some fresh air and stop my wolf from growing frantic inside my head. She was restless since this morning and wouldn’t let me know the reason why.

Then all of a sudden, a man donning a nice pair of leather shoes stopped in front of me and called me his Luna.

"Would you like me to say it again?" he asked with eyes pinned on mine.

I almost lost my composure because of what he did.

"Alpha..." my voice became unstable from the fear of dealing with the strongest werewolf in the pack. "Are you really talking to me?"

He nodded without a hint of hesitation.

"Yes, My Luna. You are the one that I am speaking with right now."

I know it was disrespectful, but I unbelievably stared at him.oo

"Do you need anything from me?"

He keeps on calling me 'My Luna.' Is that how this Alpha play tricks on his mate pick ceremony to stop the she-wolves from fantasizing over him?

"Yes…" he said with a sincere smile. "I need you."

I just shook my head, even my legs took a few step backwards in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me."

I know something's not right.

Why would he, the most powerful wolf in our kin call me his Luna? Is this a sort of a scheme to get rid of me instead of the she-wolves?

He answered with a convincing tone. "I’m dead serious. I need you to be a part of my life and from this day onwards, I want you to be my Luna."

I felt the hall grew silent as my whole body stiffens. Everyone in the pack had their eyes focused on us too.

I looked up at the man in front of me and boy, he was certainly a man of a woman’s dream.

"Tell me your name," he said in a deep baritone voice.

I made an effort to keep my eyes away from his, but he grasped my chin and dragged me closer to him, as if the “simple” outfit I was wearing didn't concern him at all.

"My name is Ayla Smith, Alpha Liam."

My eyes saw how his perfectly-formed lips turned into a jaw-dropping smile.

"You have a beautiful name," he said sweetly. "And so, you are."

"Thank you?" I answered him in an asking manner.

Honestly? I don't know how to react when people say good things about me. I'm not fond of getting praises, only insults and judgements.

"Should you also give me a compliment?"

A lump was suddenly formed in my throat, still I forcefully swallowed it down because I know I am obliged to answer the Alpha whether his making fun of me or not.

"Do you want me to describe how handsome you are?"

Here comes his smile again.

"I guess so?" he said playfully.

"You are astounding." K

"Really?" he asked with amusement on his eyes.

"So stunning that I find if hard to breathe."

I immediately looked away, but he managed to hold my gaze again.

"You mean, I am breathtaking?"

"Yes, Alpha. And I think I don't have the right to stand in front of you right now."

That's true, and I just couldn't believe that I am talking with the real Alpha Liam. Minutes have passed but it's still taking me a moment to believe that he's much too talkative and wicked, opposite to what I've heard about him.

"Why do you say so?"

"Because you are the Alpha and I am just…me."

His eyes fall on me, and his smile gave me chills as if my body's telling me that this man wouldn't bring anything good to me.

"Your scent says it all, my Luna."

There was something in his eyes that has drawn me into him and I almost fell to my knees.

Without this firm hold, I could have fell to the ground because I was unable to control the trembling of my hands and knees.

He led me to the center stage, my mind was still in a trance.

"Did you feel it?"

I looked at him with full innocence, as if I am a child asking his older brother out of nowhere. "Feel what?"

"The mate pulled."

"I’m not sure…" I drew a deep breath as I said those words to him.

Honestly, I felt something unusual from his presence but it was too hard for me to tell if it's the what they so called "mate pull." Maybe because I've already experience too much pain and agony more than any other sweet and gentle feelings that existed on this world.

Seconds passed between us, he spoke again. "Next time, Ayla, I need a more specific response."

"Y-Yes, Alpha Liam…" I swallowed down the bile rising in my throat.

He leaned into me, like he's going to use the closeness to take my breath away.

"Your hands are shaking as you speak. Are you afraid of me?"

He tried to reach for my arm but I instantly took a step backward.

"No, I’m not, Alpha," I answered while trying to hide my uneasiness by holding my wrist.


I was about to fake a smile at him but he suddenly, grab me by the arm and pulled me close to him.

"Did you wish for this fateful encounter to happen?"

I simply shook my head. "I prayed to the Moon Goddess to guide my path tonight but I didn't ask her about this."

"You mean the mate’s pick?"

"Yes..." I answered him with a gloomy expression.

As an Alpha, he should have considered his pack's initial reaction when he first took a step near me. Or maybe, he's just acting clueless for a reason.

"I don’t deserve to have a mate," I said with a blank expression, hoping he could feel the weight of my words and my desire for him to stop this act.

"I'm just a nobody."

Instead of giving me a discouraged look, he just gave me a quick sneeze while shaking his head. "That’s awful."

Still, I tried to convince the hell out of him. "I’m telling you the truth, Alpha."

How I prayed to the Moon Goddess to lead me and keep me away from the Alpha as soon as I arrived at this event, wishing that she would help me get closer to the man I really admire.

Beta Damian has a mate, but I can't help but fantasize that he would adore me, cherish me, and protect me—not only as a family member, but as his lover.

Ever since I was found by Beta Damian, I was warmly welcomed into his family and made to feel very much at home. They protected me from abuse, provided food for me to eat, and treated me like a typical wolf from the pack.

But, it must be true that everything has to end, that includes my dreams and fantasies, I supposed.

"You are the daughter of the rogue, who’s currently serving the Beta. Am I right?"

I secretly smiled at his question. I knew it, he did know everything about the woman he tried to approach.

I believed he knew that even though my parents were formerly thought of as rogues, I am an Alpha by blood just like him.

"How did you know?"

"Secret?" He smiled as he spoke, enjoying our conversation like we're not doing it in front of his pack.

I amusedly asked him. "Can you read people's minds?"

The Alpha shook his head and stared at me intently. "The voices behind us are loud and cruel. I can hear everything, including their insults and judgments."

I smiled. "It's just a part of my life, Alpha, to be looked down upon and mocked. Only Beta Damian gave me a chance to live. They provided me with a safe haven, food, and protection."

Alpha Liam crossed his arms. "But because you are my chosen one, your life will eventually change."

"I am contented with the life I've got, Alpha. I just want to live a happy and peaceful life." I sighed, wishing he was able to catch-up with what I mean.

I thought he was going to be amuse but I suddenly felt irritation with his gaze.

"To reject it means losing your will to live, my dear Luna."

I tried to smile, but it was bitter. "You mean death?"

"Yes, it is."

I know he's waiting for my reaction.

Will he please to see fear or will he be discourage if I show a little bit of excitement?

"Are you planning to kill me?"

Sorry, Alpha Liam. I had no room for your games in my life. From what happened to my family, I could only choose between a decent death or survival.

"I'm giving you the sweetest option to avoid that, my Luna."

His voice awoke me from an unattainable dream to a whisper that fate was telling me to start playing as his marionette.

I made an effort to calm myself down as soon as I heard his words. "You are my Luna, my chosen one, Ayla," he repeated in a rich voice that rang in my ears again and again.

"Y-You know I’m not worthy of this selection, Alpha…" I gasped.

"Do you doubt my judgment?"

I immediately shook my head and gave him a better answer. "No, it's not like that. I just want you to select your fated mate."

"Whether it's fated or not, I've decided to choose you out of everyone else."


Ayla's POV

"Tell me why you're holding back," Alpha Liam said in a monotonous voice. I heard the implications in his words, but refuse to acknowledge it. "Are you still worried about the Betas?"

Gazing upon his expression, I know I have no right to remain silent. All I have to do is to be truthful with my words.

"Yes, Alpha."

With a deep sigh, he leaned forward and stared at me intently. He gave me a convincing look like he would really insist to everyone that we both felt a certain type of attraction a while ago.

"I am the Alpha of this pack, so if you want, I could give him a new servant."

Seriously? He's willing to hire a new helper for the Beta?

"You are so kind, Alpha..." I guess giving him another compliment wasn't so hard at all. "So nice that it seems too good to be true."

An unfamiliar expression softened his chiseled jaw as his shiny black hair flopped enticingly over his forehead.

"I thi


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