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High Moon High School

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Follow Cierra through the tests of a frail human in a wolf world..... scrap that, this kick-*ss human has it in the bag! Bring on the wolves. New girl Cierra makes a big impression with the popular kids on her first day at High Moon High School. When Titan takes a shine to her, will it blossom or will there be a spanner or two in the works? When Cierra meets the leaders of her new group of friends she learns quickly that she would rather live like them than without them. When all of her friends are involved in a rogue attack and the twins are left comatose, will she have what it takes to step up? To show everyone what she is made of, the council included? Can Cierra Cardle become what everyone needs and not crumble through the trials? May they rule in peace.


Well, I think to myself as I study my look for the day in the mirror.

This'll do I guess.

I grab my bag and sling it on to my arm.

Today is my 5th first day at high school so nothing new to me anymore. Same sh*t different school no doubt, snotty popular girls, *ss hat jocks and everything in between.

I leave the house locking the front door behind me not bothering to tell my mum I'm leaving, It's not like she would care anyway.

My parents are the reason we move around so much, my dad runs into trouble everywhere he goes and my mum just goes along with it all picking up whatever job she can along the way.

Dad likes to call himself a writer, he basically sits in the pub all day drinking because apparently it gives him inspiration. Jonathan Cardle? Nope didn't think you would have heard of him considering he's never actually published a story.

When he's not holding up the bar, or 'writing' he helps pull pints to earn enough to pay the rent though that usually just goes back into the pub and the bailiffs either from the town we reside in or the town before finally start calling and we have to up and leave again.

I climb into my car, the love of my life Feefee my little silver KA, glad this time I won't be going back home.

My parents decided to send me to a boarding school this time around which my grandparents will be paying for.

Mum says it'll get me out of her hair and out of the way and if they move they can just leave me here instead of bothering about lugging me around.... I know it makes me feel super loved too.... Not!

I make my way a few miles to my new school.

I pull up in the parking lot outside High moon high school, sh*t the place looks like I'll be studying defence against the dark arts not maths. It's huge! I giggle inwardly at my own joke, I am pretty funny though.

I make my way to the main entrance the wind blowing my little white skater skirt around my legs, I look hot today, yes I said it I'm not about to cower and pretend I don't know i'm pretty, I do. I paired my little white skirt with a white tee, a lemon v neck sweater, some white knee high socks and some lemon canvas pumps. I have long blonde loose curls that stop just above my bum and big baby blue eyes. I am feeling super cute.

I'm not missing the glares and glances I'm getting from the other students as I walk by. I shrug them off and continue my confident looking walk right up to the huge main entrance.

I enter through the big wooden doors at the front of the school and take a look around. This place is bigger than any school I've seen.

A middle aged looking lady stands right in the centre of a huge staircase right in the middle of the foyer.

"Hi, I'm new here. Could you point me in the direction of the main office please?" I ask her.

Now I'm standing closer to her. She's quite tall. I only stand at 5ft and find everyone always seems tall in comparison but she just seems tall for a lady.


"Hello, I'm Mrs. Matthews head of High moon high school, I'm assuming you are Cierra Cardle?"

"Yes that's me, my letter says to meet you at the main office sorry but I'm not sure of the way."

"That's quite OK Miss Cardle, we can make our way there now where your escort will be meeting us."

Mrs. Matthews seems nice, she's very formal but she has a soft voice and the ocean blue colour of her eyes is calming. I hope my escort is as nice as Mrs Matthews appears to be. I usually get dumped with the geekiest of geeks to show me around on my first day and immediately become a target of the popular girls.

Mrs. Matthews leads me off to the side of the huge staircase and through a set of doors, down a corridor and leads me to a big desk which I think must be underneath the stairs from the way that we walked. As we approach the desk I see a slim ginger girl standing there, her curly hair flowing down her back stopping right in the middle, as she turns to look at us approaching, her green eyes go wide and a huge smile spreads across her face. She stands at about 5ft 6in so a good bit taller than me and has the natural look with freckles spread across her cheeks and button nose. She is really naturally beautiful. Her emerald velour dress really makes her eyes stand out and paired with a pair of white plimsolls she looks à la mode.

"Hey, I'm Rach I'm head girl for our year group." She says in a singsong like voice. The girl throws herself at me and pulls me into a hug and I swear if she doesn't let go soon I'll pass out jeez this girl is strong.

Mrs. Matthews clears her throat urging Rach to release me from her vice like hold and step back.

"Sorry I got a little excited it's not often we get new starters and well let me just say you are the talk of the place and when everyone sees you you'll blow their minds you are gorgeous girl, we are for sure going to be such good friends."

"Rachel, now you have finished crushing my new student, maybe you could go fetch Miss Cardles things with her and show her to her room and then show her where everything is and answer any questions that may come up...... carefully.

You have both been excused from classes just for today so you have today and the weekend to settle in and find your feet before you start classes on Monday. Understand?" Mrs. Matthews says handing over some papers an eyebrow raised at Rach.

I wonder what she meant when she said answer my questions carefully, the pause in her words didn't go unnoticed. I look between the both of them as a minute passes while they look at each other as though they're having some kind of silent conversation. Next thing I know Rach links her arm through mine and pulls me away rambling about anything and anything, she says people will be in classes for the next 30 to 40 minutes so we have time to head to my car get my things and get to my room before the corridors become overrun with inquisitive teens that want to be my best friend.... her words not mine.

We arrive at fee fee and I pop the trunk and pull out my pink rose suitcase.


The boys' dorm?

Is that all you have?" Rach asks me her perfect brows furrowing and I'm not sure if the look on her face is concern, disgust or pity.

"Actually no these are just some bits of mine, my grandparents had my room done before I got here, they didn't want to send anything to my parents house. Long story for another time." I reply and give her a smile.

We walk towards my dorm when Rach stops and says "Two minutes, I just need to check something. This is the dorm it says on your paperwork but this is the boys dorm."

She pulls out her phone and makes a call. I'm too busy admiring the building from inside to hear what she's saying and to whom but no doubt she will sort whatever it is that needs sorting.

"Um Hello! Earth to Cierra." Rach says pulling me back to the now. I didn't even realise I had zoned out.

" Oh, sorry. Everything OK?" I ask her.

"Yes, I said I just spoke to Mrs. Matthews and she said she has spoken to your grandparent


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