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Hidden Secrets: The Alpha's triplets kidnapping

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In Wolfburg, a supernatural town, Stella Hunter is devastated when her mate, the alpha Orion Archer, rejects her, believing she is not suitable to be the pack's Luna and chooses Selene, her best friend, in her place. Besides facing the pain of betrayal twofold, Stella discovers that she is pregnant with the alpha's triplets, something she never planned for. However, after 6 years, her children are kidnapped, leaving Stella with only one option: to seek help from the man who hurt her the most, the father of her children. Will Stella give her old relationship another chance, or will she choose a new love?


In Wolfburg, Stella Hunter had a foreboding feeling that something bad was about to happen. Since a young age, she had to deal with loneliness, being an orphan who lost her parents in the infamous battle of the centuries. The only thing she had left was Orion, her companion, and the friendship of her dear friend Selene. They were like the three musketeers, always together, facing the daily battles, but this loyalty had obstacles. Lately, the trio's relationship had been strained. Something had changed. Stella started to be left behind. In hunts organized by the alpha, she was never chosen, but it was always Selene who participated in all of them. The thought of not being capable enough to face important challenges plagued her mind. One day, filled with uncertainties, she called her friend to talk and find out what was going on.  Then Selene arrived.

- "You, more than anyone, know our story, how much I love Orion and want to be with him," said Stella, her eyes brimming with tears. "Do you know why he's leaving me? It's like he doesn't love me anymore."

"You're mistaken. It's not like that, my friend," she raises her left hand, tucking a strand of Stella's hair behind her ear. "We're not as close as you think, but it's obvious that he loves you. How could he not? You're beautiful, charismatic, captivating. He's just tired. There are too many worries on his mind."

With a smile on her face and a lingering embrace, of them concluded their conversation. In Stella's mind, her concerns had already been alleviated. After all, her wolf still loved her. However, in Selene's thoughts, the terror in her friend's life was just beginning. She would achieve what she desired; soon she would be Luna in charge, taking possession of what she deserved.

Nightfall arrived, and a surprise awaited Orion. His partner had prepared something special for both of them. With red rose petals scattered on the ground and the bed, soft music playing, and a provocative outfit, they experienced something that hadn't happened in a long time—the mutual complicity. Feeling the warmth in her chest, Stella began to caress the wolf's fur, wanting to somehow make him feel the love that roared within her she-wolf.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Shh. Don't say anything," She took Alpha's right hand and placed it on her chest. With her eyes closed, she felt his warm touch, which she hadn't experienced in a long time, and it made all her feelings for him turn into tears in her eyes. "Do you feel that?" She said as her heart pounded violently. "It's all I have. A heart full of love beating strongly for you," Orion looked without expressing any emotions, but something troubled him in his chest. She opened her eyes. What was there was more than a girl begging for attention. It was a she-wolf who desperately wanted to express her feelings for her mate, and with all the emotion, Stella gave her what she wanted. "Make me yours."

So there, on that bed, they united as one, not letting any external thoughts interfere. The moment belonged solely to them. With all the connection and companionship they had nurtured over the years. Stella's feeling was the same, it never changed. She just wanted more moments like that and maybe a little attention. But for Orion, behind that hot night of passion, there were secrets and undisclosed sentences. That would make her hate him, but it wasn't the time to think about that.

Having to deal with yet another loss shattered her dreams. She couldn't believe that, weeks after a passionate night, he could utter words that would completely devastate her life. Rejected. The worst was yet to come, little did she know that all of this was the result of conspiracies orchestrated by her seemingly harmless best friend. Despite her brute strength as a she-wolf, Selene concealed a hidden love for Orion. Every time she saw them together, a feeling of hatred grew in her heart. Stella wasn't supposed to be with him, she wasn't deserving. She lacked the strength and capability to be the Luna and lead alongside Orion, so scheming with all her wickedness was a historic move. Whenever she was alone with him, she took the opportunity to poison his mind, bit by bit, seducing him, and encouraging him to reject Stella. That idea became a reality as he observed her companion, always sulking in the corner, seemingly innocent. That wasn't what the people wanted, nor did he, but rather a strong and courageous she-wolf who would be competent enough to successfully manage the pack. In one of those moments, Orion, being close to Selene, saw in her the perfect she-wolf for him, in addition to being captivated by her sweet lips. And then everything changed. Decided, he informed his companion. She had been rejected.

"I can't continue with someone who isn't up to my level," Orion said, looking sternly. "Don't you see that you'll never possess enough strength and capability to stand by my side? You're too gentle and loving, Stella, you're not suited for my plans."

"Could you at least tell me what happened to get us to this point?" With shaking hands, Stella clutches her chest, trying to calm her inner wolf that desperately wants to break free and echo her pain. "We were fine until yesterday, what changed?"

"Look at yourself," he furrows his brows. "You can't even handle my rejection, how could you command an entire pack with a firm hand?"

"If only you would teach me everything I need to know."

"That's enough!" With his harsh voice, Orion throws a single object that was in front of him, coincidentally a picture frame of them. "Clean all this up as quickly as possible and get out of my sight."

Her voice was sharp, as if a knife had been thrust towards her chest. With deep pain, Stella crouched down and began removing the small shards of glass. Tears fell onto the photo. She just wished time would pass, maybe the next day he would change his mind. As she left, she witnessed a strange scene: Selene was very close to her beloved, at a somewhat compromising distance. With her hand on his waist, Orion seemed comfortable, as if that scene had happened before. Selene felt someone watching them, and she directed her gaze. The victorious smile she gave buried all the hopes Stella had.

Running, she went to her aunt's house, who had gone on a trip. The residence was completely empty, and there she could cry in peace, without being the target of mockery from other wolves. She lay on the bed and let the tears flow, pouring out all the hurt. Could it all really end like this? With that thought, she fell asleep.

The day came when her aunt returned. When she saw Stella, she expected a long hug from her niece, but that's not what she received. She saw her anguished, leaning over the window, while looking at something outside.

"What happened to you, dear?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," she stepped back, her behavior was strange.

"I don't believe this," Aurora became suspicious. She walked up to her, placed her hand on her niece's belly, which was more swollen than usual. She examined her skin, the glow was different, the look transformed. "You're pregnant, Stella." The elder had powers, she was certain of what she was saying.

"What?" Furrowing her brows, she pondered the possibility. Later, the idea became more prominent when she remembered feeling changes in her body, even behavioral changes like digging the earth to create a safe place. She covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes welled up again. Pregnant, she was pregnant.

"He will be thrilled to hear the news, dear. Don't cry. Finally, he will have an heir. It's all an Alpha desires. Someone of his blood to be his successor."

"No," Stella looked at her aunt desperately. "He rejected me. If he finds out, he will take my baby, and I'll never see him again," For a few moments, she thought of a strategy. With confidence, she ran out, carrying a small suitcase with the few belongings she kept at her aunt's house.

"My dear, don't do this, it can be too dangerous," Aurora said, already aware of what her niece was going to do. "Think it through a little more."

"I've already thought, Aunt. Nobody will take my child from me," Taking a deep breath, she affirmed her intentions. "They will never hear from me or my child again. I don't want anything to do with him anymore," Crying, overwhelmed by anguish, she uttered her final words. "I'm going to run away."

The kidnapping of the triplets

Life in New York wasn't easy. Searching for a job while taking care of triplets was one of the obstacles. However, after six years and a long journey in search of something better, Stella landed a job at the Dark House bar in the city center. It involved long hours on her feet, serving tables and cleaning the counter, but nothing discouraged her. On the contrary, knowing that those dollars would help with the children's education was what motivated her. Even though she was tired, the sparkle in her eyes ignited every time she arrived home and her three mischievous little wolves smiled amidst the mess they made.

"How many times have I told you not to scare Lili?" she would say while picking up the white, fluffy kitten as soft as a furry rug. "You guys are so naughty, you know she gets scared."

"Mommy, Lili is very weak, she gets scared by everything," said Atlas, the strongest author of the trio.

"Yes, it's really bo


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