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Her possessive mate

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As a king in the kingdom of Slandor, Daniel had only one aim, to protect his people. It all went down when he met his mate, the one who shook his heart, the one who made him the most vulnerable man on earth. Unable to resist the connection he had for his mate, he does everything in his power to protect her after forcefully claiming her as his mate. Liliana is the naive, sweet but strong human who became a werewolf's mate even after the trauma she suffered from their kind. In the struggle to escape from the clutches of her mate, she finds herself falling in love with him. After successfully creating a bond with her mate, chaos erupted in the palace causing a separation between both lovers. Six years later, Daniel finds Liliana but she has no memory of who he is. Will Daniel fight to get his mate back or give up on her?  "I was shot!!!" she exclaimed and checked the arm where she got shot yesterday. That's right before she went unconscious she saw a man by her side. Who was he??  She started trying to put all the facts in place. She was about to leave the room when someone entered. She looked at the man in front of her. He was the definition of perfection, his firm and broad shoulders hanging on his perfect body along with his black hair that shined under the absence of light.  His tall unbreakable body looked enticing. Bringing her gaze up to his face, she was awed by what she saw.  He had chiseled features, a straight nose, and firm cheekbones.  His golden-colored eyes matched with the color of her hair and were bringing out a dangerous aura. Daniel who entered the room saw Liliana already in front of the door. Assuming she wanted to leave, he brushed the thought off. Meeting her gaze, he smirked when he noticed where her gaze went. It was expected, it is only right his mate found him attractive.  Liliana snapped out of her thoughts when she saw him shaking his head.  She couldn't believe how shamelessly she was gawking at him. She couldn't just deny it, he was equal to a god if one existed.  'You have Jeremy remember' she thought, rebuking herself. Shaking off her thoughts, she asked, "who are you?" "Seems like you are okay now, how is your wound?" Ignoring her question, he asked. She touched her arm and winced a little but she was able to bear the pain. "I am fine, thank you," she replied.

Chapter 1

Two men wearing black cloaks were walking along the silent streets in the capital of the kingdom of Crondah.

"Why do I feel like this is a trap," A man out of the two men spoke up.

"It is obviously a trap, I wonder what the hell they want" the other man answered with an angry look, he was with this cold aura that could destroy at any time.

The fact that he had to go to where he was heading was making him mad, he could not wait to get there and end the rage fueling up in him.

Strands of his black hair could be seen on his face coming out of the cloak he wore.

"We would find out soon" the first man replied to him and they kept on walking until they got to a forest.

He glanced at the other guy with the cold aura and knew he was getting angry with every passing minute.

When they got to a certain point in the forest they both met two other men, they were in normal clothes and they looked rough.

One was short and the other was much taller.

"Considering the fact that you are already cowards this meetup is quite expected" one of the men wearing a black cloak spoke up.

Daniel spoke up with an annoyed tone and a look that held no emotions even though he was angry at the moment.

"Were you expecting a party?" The short one amidst the two men facing Daniel and Timothy asked with his brow up and scoffed.

"I am sure rogues can't afford to host a party" Daniel replied, referring to the men in front of him, they were rogues.

"Because we were banished doesn't mean our wealth was also banished" the taller one replied this time around not bothered by the reply Daniel gave them.

"Let's just hear them out first, why start up a fight?" Timothy who was beside Daniel told him, not happy with the way the conversation was going.

Though he also didn't support coming to meet the rogues but he wanted to know what they wanted to say.

Daniel chuckled and asked while bringing out a cigarette "so what's this little meetup for??"

"We are here to offer a truce," the taller one answered Daniel.

Daniel brought up the cigarette to his mouth and lit it up, he took a drag and puffed it out.

He waited for ten seconds before he answered " and what type of truce could that be?" He asked him and took another drag.

"It is a non-negotiable truce," the shorter one replied, irritated with the way Daniel was treating them.

Daniel gave him a look of 'What the hell were they saying' he hasn't even heard what the truce is about and they are already calling it non-negotiable.

They were getting delusional.

"A non-negotiable truce?? What are the terms?" Timothy asked.

He knew for a fact that setting up a meeting wasn't for a minor discussion.

He wondered what the 'non-negotiable truce ' consisted of. It didn't seem ordinary.

Daniel just stood there like what was happening was not something bothering or interesting.

"We want our freedom which means we get to come back to Slandor" the short one amidst them replied and stared at Daniel trying to see any reaction that agrees with their terms.

"Just that!!" Timothy asked in disbelief because he knew a 'non-negotiable truce shouldn't be that simple' or was he being just sensitive?

Until one of the rogues said "And we are proposing a marriage between the alpha king and one of our daughters" he threw the bomb that made Daniel's eyes fill itself with anger.

"Fair enough!" Timothy muttered.

He dropped the cigarette and trampled on it with his feet to light it off.

He chuckled still with that cold look and said "I can't believe rogues have fantasies now."

The tall-looking rogue sighed with a face that said of course he wouldn't agree this was a waste of time.

"What happens if we want to negotiate those terms," Timothy asked, not letting himself get intimidated by their terms.

"Then it is war!!" The shorter one yelled out, already tired of those talks and wanting to fight, he was the aggressive-looking type between the both of them.

Daniel smirked at him and was happy the war was the consequence of not accepting the truce, he was never going to accept any terms with them.

The taller one whose name was Kristen glared at him and said "Calm down Aemond " he returned his gaze to both Daniel and Timothy.

"You heard the man," Daniel said and looked at aemond then continued "I am not interested in those fantasies of yours, I will gladly pick war."

He laughed and brought out a gun from behind his back and pointed it at them.

"Why don't we fight fairly, that thing is for the weak humans, or don't tell me the Alpha king is weak" Aemond provoked Daniel, giving a mischievous laugh.

"As you wish" This guy had been asking for it since they arrived and Daniel was ready to go for it.

Giving his gun to Timothy, he removed his cloak and moved closer to the rogues.

Aemond turned into a brown wolf and growled at Daniel, Kristen did so too by turning into a gray wolf.

Daniel was p*ss*d off by the strong act they just displayed right now.

They dared to ask for a non-negotiable truce even when they were the ones at a disadvantage.

Apart from the fact that they were killing the crondah humans which actually made Daniel accept to meet them.

Now they were acting like they were the ones with power.

Daniel hissed and turned into a very big black wolf with red - colored eyes and growled louder.


Timothy took some steps back giving them the required space needed.

The two rogues surrounded Daniel with the Aemond wolf attacking Daniel first.

He attacked him by his hind leg which made Daniel use his claw to scratch him and gave him a kick that made him stumble backward really hard.

The second wolf, Kristen, jumped at Daniel but before he could use his elongated sharp canine teeth to bite him, Daniel dodged his attack and swiftly went behind the wolf giving him a blow.

The blow was fatal and it cracked up his backbone, he fell to the ground and turned into his human form.

Daniel was about to turn into his human form too when Aemond, who just recovered from the kick, stabbed Daniel by his waist in his human form.

"Arghhh" Daniel squeaked in pain and fell to the ground.

Aemond ran towards Kristen and carried him while they escaped.

Timothy came to Daniel's side but Daniel told him to run after them.

"I will be fine go!!!! Daniel yelled at Timothy.

Glancing at him one more time not sure whether to leave him, he eventually ran after the rogues.

Daniel checked his wound and saw it was over bleeding, he cursed outwardly.

"Wolf's bane F*ck!!!"

He stood up and groaned then went after Timothy and the two rogues.

Timothy caught up with the rogues and then jumped on both of the rogues.

Aemond and Kristen were separated from the impact of the jump Timothy used on them.

Kristen who was already losing his strength from the blow Daniel's wolf gave him fell unconscious immediately he landed on the floor.

Aemond found himself hitting his back on a tree.

Aemond stood up after groaning a little and pointed the same knife he used in stabbing Daniel at Timothy.

Timothy stood exactly five steps away from him and waited for aemond to take a step.

Laughing maniacally, he said " Shouldn't you go and save your alpha, the stab could be a fatal one for your weak alpha," he said, trying to lure Timothy in so he could stab him.

"Speaking of weak, is it not the other way round," Timothy said with a smirk on his face and a look of disgust toward Aemond.

It got Aemond angry "save those words for the physician, Wolfbane was thoroughly rubbed on this knife" through gritted teeth he disclosed.

"What??" Timothy was a little bit surprised, he knew there was a trap somewhere knowing fully well that a fight might ensue and the rogues were not fools.

"Your alpha has probably lost a lot of blood by now," Aemond kept on provoking him but Timothy was not such a fool.

'Why won't he just attack me' Aemond thought and was getting frustrated from having to prolong the case because he knew he was at a disadvantage and needed a loophole especially now that changing into his wolf form was not an option.

He was getting weak and his wolf was the one who suffered the injury, changing and exhausting his wolf might kill him.

Timothy chuckled and said "provoking me won't work, I will do you the favor of fighting in our human forms, I guess by now your wolf won't be able to handle any other kick" Aemond got infuriated and strode towards Timothy.

When he reached Timothy's side, he swung the knife towards his stomach.

Timothy grabbed his hand and gave him a blow in his stomach, Aemond stuttered back and the knife fell out of his hand.

Timothy picked up the knife and went to aemond's side bending down to look at his face

"If you were this weak why try to provoke me?" he asked.

Aemond glared at him while holding his stomach, he wanted to talk but he could not.

Timothy chuckled and asked "should we try this knife on you" he brought the knife to aemond's neck and aemond swallowed hard.

Before Timothy could use the knife on him, Aemond saw Daniel approaching them and said while looking at the direction in which Daniel was coming from.

"Seems like your alpha survived the wolf's bane after all" Timothy stopped and followed where aemond's gaze went only to find Daniel coming towards them but not in fit steps.

When Timothy turned his head in Daniel's direction Aemond used the opportunity to grab the gun behind Timothy's left hip and used his left hand to give Timothy a blow on his face.

Timothy who was looking at Daniel didn't see the blow coming and fell backward.

Aemond stood up and went to where Kristen was lying unconscious.

"F*ck!" Timothy cursed out and stood up

Daniel was already by his side.

"Are you okay?" He asked Daniel and gazed at where the stabbed wound was.

"Yes, he must not get away alive!" Daniel groaned in pain, the wound kept on bleeding out.

He was planning to end their lives once and for all but that f*ck*r just ruined his plan and he was definitely looking forward to tearing the rogue apart.

Daniel didn't mind his wound, he strode towards where Aemond and Kristen were.

Just before he could reach them Aemond stopped him " If you move an inch, I will blow this f*ck*ng bullets into your brain!!!"

He yelled out with an unrhymed heart beat "you really want to kill the alpha king, trust me the whole rogues will not get to see tomorrow morning!!!" Timothy, who was already beside Daniel, yelled out at Aemond.

"I can't kill an alpha king huh?? " He smirked which made Timothy look at him with a questioning look as to what he was about to do.

Aemond thought 'if I can't kill an alpha king I can definitely kill one of his people' he smiled at Daniel and raised his hand to shoot.

Before Timothy could talk a gunshot was heard.


Chapter 2

"Ahhh" A lady at the back of Timothy and Daniel screamed out in pain from the gunshot Aemond shot at her.

Daniel and Timothy turned their heads back to see who screamed.

They saw a lady with dark brown-colored hair on the floor and in pain, werewolves sights are the keenest.

Aemond laughed victoriously.

When Timothy said he couldn't kill Daniel that was when he saw a scapegoat heading in their direction.

'A human' Aemond thought and knew it was the right target because it was one of the alpha's king's people.

"You fucking bastard" Daniel yelled out in anger, he sped towards where Aemond and Kristen were standing.

Aemond, who was laughing like an insane person, didn't realize when Daniel came to his back.

Daniel brought out his claws and dipped them into Aemond's neck causing Aemond to drop Kristen who he was carrying.

"Arghhhhh, kill me but don't forget one of your


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